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Success Rate of Spirits Modifying their Negative Tendencies

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an institute, Almas Irmas, “Fraternal Souls” in English, which assists spirits which have spent time in their own purgatory. Almas Irmas specializes helping spirits with criminal and obsessive history concerning their sexual behavior. At any one time, the institute will have between five and six thousand souls in residence.[2013, p. 289]

Just to be clear, the Spirit world is not a prude, they advocate equality for all humans, whether heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or transgender. What you must not do, is hurt people with your sexual behavior. The interesting point to consider; I have read about this attitude from the 1850’s, when The Spirits Book was published to 1963, when Sex and Destiny was first published. Well before our present day mode of thinking.

Therefore, the spirits attending the institute, must have performed deeds they were extremely ashamed of and diligently desired to change their conduct.

Here are their success rates (in %’s)

  • 18% – Successfully conquered their tendencies.
  • 22% – Grew spiritually, but did not completely change their behavior.
  • 26% – Barely grew spiritually or changed their behavior.
  • 34% – Actually grew worse and incurred more spiritual debts, which must be repaid.

An illustration of the difficultly of coping with physical life and modifying your underlying instincts, even after years of training in the spirit world.

Chico Xavier – The Most Important Man in the 20th Century

160px-Chico_Xavier_1968Many people do not know about Chico Xavier, full name of Francisco C. Xavier. He revived the pursuit of the Spiritist doctrine by the world, after organized religion did their best to squash it. Through Chico, the Spirit Realm has fully revealed what life is actually like after death and precisely how the process of multiple lives functions. You may not hear his name on every street corner, but later in the 21st century you will.  Read More

Why Childhood is an Important Part of Reincarnation

If we do reincarnate, then how it is done? Do we remember who we were, what we did? Why must we endure childhood? How do we keep “ourselves” through the first stage of our life? The process is fully explained by Spiritism.

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FEB Publisher – Spiritism Books in English

Feb PublisherIf you like your books in the old fashion format (I certainly do), you can order books about Spiritism from this website, or you can find the same books at Amazon.

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The Perfect Process to Weed out Imperfection

(The Spirit’s Realm Brilliant Method to make us Productive Spirits)

bureaucratWhat is the process to turn our raw souls into production spirits? How are we molded, scolded, and cajoled into conformance, while retaining our personal identity? Well, God waits patiently for his natural laws to perform their magic. We are actually strapped in a ride that never stops and provides twists and turns, and enough g-force to transform our spirit into an intelligent and productive member of God’s children. Read more

Artist Leon Bonnat Inspired by a Picture in a Spiritual Community

The Messengers

The Messengers

In the book, The Messengers, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, and inspired by the Spirit Andre Luiz, there is a passage where Andre enters a building and spots a large canvas which depicts the martyrdom of Saint Denis. Saint Denis was an apostle to the Franc world (modern-day area of France), who had been sacrificed during the early years of Christianity.(The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

Andre Luiz was astounded, he had seen a painting that looked exactly like the one in the building, back on earth. It was created by the famous French painter Leon Bonnat. Andre is told this is a reproduction, then he replies, “As I understand, the original is on display at the Pantheon in Paris.” (The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

martyrdom-of-st-denisAndre is then told the real story;

“No, my friend. You’re mistaken. Not all the wonderful expressions of art are original creations of incarnate artists. It’s true there are marvelous works of art originated by incarnate humans; however, in the case of this painting, the story is quite different. The painting was idealized and

Self-Portrait of Leon Bonnat

Self-Portrait of Leon Bonnat

created by a Christian artist in a spiritual community closely connected with France. At the end of the last century, the talented painter of Bayonne, Leon Bonnat visited that spiritual community in the spirit realm during his sleep, on a night when he was particularly inspired. He had what any incarnate individual would call a wonderful dream. From the first moment he saw the painting in his dream visit, he was determined to reproduce it. He then produced a copy, which, although it pales when compared to the original, became famous all over the world.”(The Messengers, 2005, p. 77).

Andre’s friend explains to him that creative geniuses on earth are inspired by the Spirit realm. He tells Andre, “Nobody creates without seeing, hearing, fully sensing. The artists of superior mentality do see, hear and sense the high expressions which reflect the path which leads to God.”(The Messengers, 2005, p. 78).

We are communicated to by spirits. They are many times the inspirations that drive us to achieve our BookCover-Reincarnationlofty goals. As long as what we desire is meant to improve our life and the lives of others around us. Learn how our lives are planned and we are assisted by our guardian spirits in the life which we have planned, read the book: The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. You will find out that we have, with the help of our spiritual superiors, actually create the outline of our life and that we succeed or not depending on the choices we make and the attitudes  we demonstrate as we  encounter one obstacle after another in the course of our life.



Remember to read about our Spiritist interpretation of NDE Stories

nde-1There are many NDE (near death experiences) stories around the internet. I thought it may be useful for people if I took some of the more interesting recollections and provided what they mean seen through the context of the Spiritist Doctrine. Please note, these are my interpretations, and other Spiritists may have different or even better explanations. Explore the Section.

A Succession of Lives III – Amadeu Ferrari

Memoirs of a SuicideIn the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a group of recovering suicides are being brought forward in the lecture area to travel through their past lives to determine how they arrived at the life where they committed suicide. Each person, one by one, is seated in a contraption at the front of the class. There is a type of screen, but it is more like a hologram, where the memories of the person in the chair become real to the entire audience.

The first person to experience the interrogation is Amadeu Ferrari. He had cancer, and to pay for his treatments he embezzled money from the bank where he worked. His cancer was attacking his tongue and throat.His previous life appeared on the screen;

“Amadeu appeared to us, depicted by his own mind, in the year 1840 as a trafficker of black slaves from Angola to Brazil… He was from Portugal, which explained our affinity for him. By means of a series of voyages, he enriched himself with the abominable trade, not sparing anyslaveship efforts in his vile ambition of returning to Portugal as a millionaire. He inflicted indescribable torment on the wretches as he rounded them up in their free homeland to make slaves of them and handed them over to other ignoble accomplices sharing the same deranged ambitions! In the truculence of inhumane conduct, he excelled in the mistreatment of his captives, ordering them to be flogged for the most insignificant wrong, or even for no wrong at all…. Once, on one of his plantations, he raped a black slave who was little more than a child. Her poor father was an elderly slave sixty-years of age. In a moment of supreme suffering before the body of his child, who had chosen death to hide her shame, he had condemned Amadeu’s vile act, accusing him of his daughter’s suicide. In retaliation, Amadeu ordered cruel farm hands to burn the old slave’s tongue with a red-hot iron until he collapsed in convulsions of agony.” [Yvonne A. Pereira, Memoirs of a Suicide, p. 506].

portugualhouseFast forward, to Portugal, where Amadeu dies a rich man. He finds himself in the jungle surrounded by his old mistreated slaves. He spends years there tormented by all around him. Until one night, the old slave, Felicio, whom he had burned out his tongue, came up to him and said, “Come, master, get up… let’s leave this place.” [p. 509] Felicio had forgiven him and came to free him from those who had not learned how to let go of the desire for revenge.

The instructor explains to the audience, that many of the slaves, came from past lives as oppressor. Felicio, in his capacity working for the Roman Emperor Hadrian, committed many crimes and therefore paid his penance as a slave.

At the end of the interrogation, the instructor revealed a surprise for Amadeu;

“At a signal from Epaminodas (the instructor), a side door had silently opened and Felicio appeared, serene and grave, and walked towards his former master… Now in possession of his entire past, Amadeu looked at him in terror… Slowly and imperceptibly, Felicio transformed himself using the power of his will – which easily changes the configuration of the astral body – and let himself be seen in his role as Romulo Ferrari, Amadeu’s father!” [pp. 512-513]

The  machinations of the Spirit world are a wonder to behold. When you read about the relationships that have been set up in the spirit world for us incarnates, it makes you think, who exactly is my mother and father, brothers and sisters, and other relations. We are all intertwined in the business of forgiveness, learning and salvation, that we should look around and try to determine, who are we having trouble with right now, and what extra effort should I make to be at peace with that person.


There is a Reason that Jesus said to Make Peace with your Enemies

humility“Be reconciled as quickly as possible with your adversary, while you are with him on the way so that he does not hand you over to the judge, and so that the judge does not hand you over to the Minister of Justice, so that you may not be imprisoned. Verily, I say to you that you will not leave there as long as you have not paid the last farthing.” (Mt. 5:25-26)

Is Jesus saying that just in this world make a deal before you go before the judge? And if he was why would he tell you that you had to pay the last farthing (cent)? He is saying that the enemies you make in this life will pursue you to the next, so you better clean up your mistakes while you can.

The Gospel According to Spiritism, tells us;

vengance“In their hatred, vengeful spirits often pursue beyond the grave those against whom they harbor rancor; thus the proverb that states; ‘The beast dead, the venom is dead’ is erroneous when applied to human beings. An evil awaits the one against whom it wishes evil to be imprisoned in the body and less free in order to more easily torment it, striking it in  its interests of dearest affections, In this fact, one can see the cause of most case of obsession, especially those that display a certain gravity such as subjugation and possession. Obsessed and possessed persons are therefore almost always victims of a prior revenge which they probably caused by their own conduct.” [Gospel According to Spiritism, Chap X, No. 6, p. 171]

Hence, let us learn rapidly to forgive and not to encourage vengeance. Lest the chaos and hatred we start could haunt us for many lifetimes and severely retard out progress. This is also why Jesus said, so many times in so many ways, that we should forgive.

Now you know that forgiveness not only allows our physical bodies to remain calm, since we free ourselves of negative thoughts and our stress levels decrease, but forgiveness also opens a clear path for us to plan out our next life. With less hindrances and possibilities of vengeful spirits throwing obstacles at us, we can, in a more clear-headed manner absorb and fulfill the 7Tenets-small3Dtasks assigned to us.

Live life as it should be by discovering the 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, so you may recognize the signs presented to you by the spirit world and profit from their loving guidance.


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