YouTube – 8 Things You Should Know About Spirits

8 Things You Should Know About Spirits. Spirits are all around us. When people pass over to the other side, they don’t change into angels or demons, they are who they were. Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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Sleep – Frees the Soul from the Body

out-of-bodyIn the book Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies of 1858, published in 2015, by the United States Spiritist Council, there is a dissertation from an unknown spirit about sleep.

It supplies a complete survey of what sleep means to souls at different levels and why our dormant state is vital for us. Read More.

We are Dynamic Spirits – always Evolving

Spirit attributes are not fixed. Spirits are not born with a certain set of intelligence, coordination, appearance, or personality. There is no set of DNA mandating the limitations of a spirit.

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Premonition of a Death – How is the living is notified when a loved one dies

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412We have all heard stories where a person wakes up and announces that a close relative has just died. Then in the morning they find out it is true. Read More.

Episode 2- Power of Spirits – Learn About Your Future – YouTube video

Episode 2 – Power of Spirits – Learn What You Will be Capable of When You Return to the Spirit Realm. Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Are All Spirits Equally Intelligent?

icelandWe know that not all humans are truly equal. Some are born with a larger capacity to use their full intelligence and some, no matter how hard they try will never approach the intelligence of another. Whether a person chooses to development themselves intellectually is up to their free-will, but nevertheless each person has their own upper limit.

The question is, do all spirits have an equal capacity for intelligence or are some spirits created with an intellectual advantage? Allan Kardec, asked the question in his The Spirits Book:

127. Are all spirits created equal in point of intellectual capacity?

“They are all created equal, but not knowing from whence they come; for their free-will must have its fling. They progress more or less rapidly in intelligence as in morality.”

Therefore, we all start out the same, as a spirit there is no inherent limit, in relation to other spirits, in our intellectual ability. Our development of our abilities, like our spiritual quotient, is up to us.

Intelligence and morality do not necessarily increase together.  We have all seen very intelligent individuals who are morally flawed and we have witnessed the reverse, a nice and loving person who is of average or below intelligence. But, a person’s IQ doesn’t necessarily correspond to their intelligence in the spirit world. The trials selected for a person may entail a cap of their reasoning.

Hence, while our physical world is full of limiting factors, all designed to teach us what we so sorely require, in the spirit world we are literally created equal. Whatever difference in level and talent is a matter of the relative age and desire to improve by each soul.

Spiritism extols the virtue of treating all with respect, while at the same time recognizing some will be superior in intelligence, morality, and character than others. On earth there will be spirits from many BookCover-Reincarnationdifferent levels of maturity and it is the obligation of more advanced spirits to kindly assist spirits at a lower maturity level. This is really what noblesse oblige should mean to all of us, the more fortunate guide the welfare of the less so.

Learn more about the levels of spirits and how we are prepared for life on earth by reading The Case For Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

According to the Spirit world, we can Detect only 1/8th of the World Around Us

etheralatomIn the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a spirit comments on the capabilities of incarnates;

“Notwithstanding the progress of scientific investigation, ordinary humans can currently perceive only about one eight of the plane where they spend their existence. Sight and hearing, the two doors that could expand their intellectual research, continue to be greatly restricted.”  Read More.

Ghosts? Third Order Spirits as Categorized by Spiritism

Learn what third order spirits are as defined by Allan Kardec in The Spirits Book.  I have created a YouTube video on my channel explaining what Allan Kardec codified from his communications with many mediums. Click here for the YouTube video and please subscribe if you would like to view more videos about Spiritism.

Why it is Difficult for Spirits to Remember Names and Dates

Mediums who have encountered spirits often are frustrated when they communicate with spirits, who seem to be the person they wish to speak with, but the spirit can’t come up with an exact name or date of an episode that the medium wishes them to recall. Read More.

8 Things to Keep in Mind Concerning Spirits – from Allan Kardec

Spirits_of_December_by_KatjaFaithAllan Kardec wrote about a young medium who was fooled by an inferior spirit. He listed eight salient points to keep in the front of your mind when dealing with the “Other Side”. Allan Kardec knew that spirits come in many levels, hence we should all be weary when dealing with the unknown. Read more.

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