A Prayer Allied to Work

“But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved” – Jesus (Mt. 24:13)

According to the spirit Emmanuel, this quote isn’t trying to tell us to just survive until we die, but to live life with a goal and don’t waver in its pursuit. Emmanuel elaborated on the message in the New Testament:

“When the Master applauded persistence, he was referring to the arduous task of those striving for excellence on the spiritual path.” Read More.

How to Ascend in Your Spiritual Life

reincarnation-awakeningNow that you understand what reincarnation is for (your path to perfection), the question is how do you succeed? What should be the governing philosophy of your life that will not only allow you to survive your trials but emerge victorious? Read More.

Feeling Overwhelmed – Listen to what the Spirit World tells us

HappyDays-screenshotAll of us have felt ready to give up the battle. In the book, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, Chico Xavier writes of a young man who told others in the mediums meeting that he felt overwhelmed. His trials were too difficult, he could not find the inner strength to continue. He believed that he had signed up for an impossible task and could not decipher how he could surmount his problems. Read More.

Three Books on Messages from the Spirit World

Geraldo Goulart has found some older books by spirit authors that are in PDF.  They may be of interest to you.

They are:


J S M Ward – Gone_West – three narratives

Franchezzo – A Farnese – A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

None of them are official Spiritist writings, but I see many similarities and interesting observations. I have no knowledge if these are true or not.


Fear of Being Different – Don’t Let Society Silence Your Spirituality

A minister, of an unspecified religion, passed away. He was assigned a house on the second sphere of heaven. The spirit realm sent a woman to him to discuss why he was unable to speak, what he knew was the truth, to people who needed help with communicating with loved ones who have passed. Instead of assisting those in need he guided them elsewhere, for he was afraid to be exposed to scorn and ridicule from his colleagues.

This is one of many videos on different aspects of Spiritism, which I hope will be helpful for people interested in learning about the spirit realm and its relationship to us on earth. Below are links to my blog and books.

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The Point of View – Across Multiple Lives

There is a passage in The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 2, page 62, which fully describes how we should feel now that we know we are immortal and will travel through life after life.

“The clear and precise idea that one holds of the future life provides an unshakable faith in the future. This faith carries enormous consequences for the moralization of human beings, because it completely changes the point of view from which they consider earthly life. For those who through their thought place themselves in the spirit life, which is limitless, corporeal life is no more than a passage, a brief stay in an ungrateful country. The vicissitudes and tribulations of life are no more than incidents which they bear with patience because they know that they are only of short duration, and that they must be followed by a happier state. Death no longer hasmother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh anything terrifying about it and it is no longer a door to nothingness, but rather the deliverance that opens to the exile the entryway to a dwelling place of happiness and peace. Knowing they are in a temporary , not final situation, they accept the worries of life with more indifference, which results in a composure of spirit that mitigates their afflictions.”

Allan Kardec says it so well; once we fully comprehend the reason we are on earth and the fact it is 7Tenets-small3Dbut one episode in our life, we should calmly accept what comes and learn from it, not excessively worry about our situation. Since all that we are going through now is but a slight moment of time.

To fully understand how we are guided through life by the spirit realm, read my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You shall discover that even in the midst of our most vigorous trials we are not alone.


The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth – What Jesus Really Meant

Jesus-greatLordIn the book, Jesus in the Home, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier and dictated to him by the spirit Neio Lucio, there is a discussion about what is meant by the meek shall inherit the earth.

In Peter’s house, where many chapters of the book take place, the disciples are heatedly debating how could this be. After all, if only evil was strong and aggressive how could good ever emerge victorious? Read More.

Angel Visitors to Earth

guardianangel2The spirit Kathleen told the Rev. G Vale Owen about the complications of high spirits, angels, coming to earth:

“It is no light matter, I do assure you, to receive the command ‘Go forth downward.’ For as we proceed earthward, both the brightness of our environment and of our own persons also grow less and less, and by the time we reach the neighborhood of earth we can but with difficulty see about us.” Read More.

The Difficulty of Pleasing Others

OurDailyBreadIn the book Our Daily Bread, by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is an illustrative chapter (47) about the difficulty of working with our fellow beings to bring Spiritual enlightenment.  I hope you find as much comfort from reading it as I did:


The Difficulty of Pleasing Others

“If I were still pleasing men, I would not be a servant of Christ” – Paul (Gal. 1:10)

Sincere disciples of the Gospel should concern themselves with their own endeavors and with the isolated and peaceful approval of their conscience in the tasks they are called to perform each day, learning to do without the unreasonable opinions of the world.

The masses do not know how to display warmth and admiration except toward those who meet their demands and whims. In the conflicts characteristic of their spiritual progress, faithful disciples of Jesus will be a different type of worker that the masses, in their instinctive impulses, will not be able to understand.

Messengers of the Glad Tidings who show concern about how the world regards them will reveal much inexperience and lack of watchfulness. When they find themselves in material prosperity, in which the Master grants them more precise comfort, neighbors will maliciously inquire as to the cause of their consecutive successes. On the other hand, when they encounter poverty and difficulties, people will attribute these problematic experiences to supposed defections from the sublime ideals they have espoused.

It is indispensable to labor on behalf of others as someone who is aware that the whole work belongsJesus-greatLord to Jesus Christ. The world will eventually understand the great efforts of sincere servants, but perhaps at another time, when its evolutionary ascension enables it to.

On many occasions, popular opinions are a noisy group of children who cannot stand highly inspired teachers on the subject of order and progress, work and achievement.

Therefore, may sincere workers for Christ strive without being concerned with the faulty judgment of others. Jesus knows the good worker, and that is enough. [pp. 107-108]


If you would like to learn more about Spiritism, you can read my short survey Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation. It is in Kindle format or in paperback.

We Shouldn’t be Mindless Bureaucrats Always Following the Exact Process

OurDailyBreadIn the book Our Daily Bread, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, written by the spirit Emmanuel, there is a passage about the use and abuse of processes and the people who follow them.

All of us recognize the usefulness of a written procedure, whereby a method is devised to ensure quality, completeness, or legality. But all to often we find people using the procedure without caring for extenuating circumstances, treating everyone they encounter as the same. When I become the victim of being treated like a number instead of a person, I try to point out that if the process is followed precisely every time, then there would be no need of the services of the person employed, since a software application could very well perform the same function.

I was delighted to read a similar thought in one of the chapters in Our Daily Bread:

“No one can deny the useful side of formalities. If they were completely useless, the Father would not permit their existence in the scheme of things. They are charts that classify individual efforts and schedules that designate adequate time for this or that task. However, to make them inflexible precepts or insurmountable obstacles is a grave harm to overall harmony.

Most people heed them more than they obey God himself; however, the Almighty has established all of life’s organizations to aid in the evolution and perfecting of all his children.” [Our Daily Bread, Chapter 30, pp.73-74]

Emmanuel points out that written processes, standards, operating procedures, whatever they are called within an organization are a needed device, but to pay heed to their dictates more than what is expected of us by Jesus and God is wrong. Love, fraternity, and charity (and the Golden Rule), must always be in the forefront of our actions, even if we are directed in a certain manner by slavish bureaucracy.

Emmanuel closes the chapter with this call to action:

“Formalities can define, catalog, specify and enumerate, but they should not tyrannize our lives. Remember, they have been put on your path in order to be of assistance to you. Respect them for their constructive and just nature, but do not make them a prison cell.” [Our Daily Bread, Chapter 30,  p. 74]

7Tenets-Front-smallWe are asked to use our own judgment in interpreting any process we are expected to follow. We have all encountered this situation. I write of my own experience in bucking the precepts of Human Resources when they refused to accommodate a simple request by a person working for me, in my book 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. I explore how spirits are constantly with us and guiding our path.

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