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dna2When we were young, we thought of the animals and the entire world as static. While we knew we would grew older, we thought everything else stayed the same. Mountains didn’t move, oceans didn’t recede, and humans would always be human.

This is not how it really works. Our own, still evolving science, tells us of the evolution of the planet, plants, and animals. Nothing is ever at rest, there is an innate dynamism at work. Spurred on by interactions, with other plants, animals, solar systems, and even galaxies.

We believe the waves of change are the result of random and chaotic factors. It is not, modifications, down to the smallest detail, are planned and effected by the spirit world. Not by the sudden command by a demigod, but by the manipulation of the particles of the universe. Whether via slow planetary gravitational forces, spiritual waves of thought or slight changes in DNA, the world is being pushed along.

This is all illustrated in the Reverend Owen’s book, Life Beyond the Veil, which is a collection of four of his books, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, where his mother describes to him models of the earth, she found while traveling with a group of spirits.

They happened into a large hall, with representations of different planets, one of them was earth. A caretaker of the hall asked them if they would like a demonstration, whereupon, the model of the earth moved away from the wall and started to change:

 “As it approach the center of the space it entered the blue mist and immediately on contact began to enlarge until it became a great sphere glowing with its own light and floating in the blueregenerativeWorld space. It was exceedingly beautiful. Slowly, very slowly, it revolved on its axis, evidently in the same way the earth does, and we were able to se the oceans and continents. These were flat patterns, like those on the terrestrial globes used on earth. But as it revolved they began to assume a different aspect.

The mountains and hills began to stand out, and the waters to sway and ripple; and presently we saw minute models of the cities, and even details of the building. And still more detailed grew the model of the earth, till we could see the people themselves, first the crowds and at last individuals. This will be hard for you to understand, that on a globe of some, perhaps, eighty to a hundred feet in diameter we were able to see individual men and animals. But that is part of the science of this institution – the enabling of these details being seen individually.

Still more distinct grew these wonderful scenes, and, as the globe revolved, we saw men hurrying about the cities and working in the fields. We saw the wide spaces of prairie and desert and forest and the animals roaming in them. And as the globe slowly circled we saw the oceans and seas, some placid and others tossing and roaring, and here and there a ship. And all the life of earth passed before our eyes.”[i]

The model isn’t just an extremely complex simulation, but a representation of what was occurring at that exact moment on earth. How can this be accomplished? It is done by the constant transmission of every living being on earth of their exact location, thoughts, and actions. In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, we are told how we radiate detailed information:

“Through the sentiments that characterize their inner life, all individuals emit specific rays and live within the spiritual wave with which they identify themselves.

Such truths cannot remain semi-hidden in our sanctuaries of faith; they will radiate from the temples of science like mathematical equations.”[ii]

Hence we all have a unique identification, the same as a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, Logisticswhich is used to track packages and even help you check out goods from a store. It is a chip with a low level energy transmitter that is attached to each individual good so computer systems will instantly know the location, price, and description of the object.

We are no different. The spirit world tracks and stores our whole life, all of our previous lives, and everyone else who has ever lived. Including all plants and animals. Imagine having a data base of such infinite proportions. One could play back and forward every event that ever occurred in the history of the earth. And that is what happened next:

“Soon, then, the scenes began to change on the revolving sphere, and we were taken back through the thousands of years of the life of the earth and the generations of men and animals and plant life which had been from the present to the ages when men were just emerging from the forest to settle in colonies on the plains.

cavemenNow, I must explain here that history was not followed as historians follow it. These phenomena were not of nations and centuries, but of eons and species. The geologic periods passed before us, and it was intensely interesting to watch what men called the iron age and stone age, the ice age, the floods, and so on. And those of us who understood enough to follow it noticed that these ages were rather arbitrarily names. For the ice age; for example, might correctly describe the state of things in one or two regions of the earth, but there was by no means ice everywhere, as we saw as the sphere revolved. Also we noticed that very frequently on continent was in one age and another continent in another age at the same time. The exhibition ended, however, when the earth was well progress, and, as I have said, the advent of man was already an accomplished fact.”[iii]

The displaying of real life data and being able to rewind, fast forward, or just play at will, allows for general trends, rules, probabilities of events, and many other theories to be either proven or discarded. From this, one could discern the vital variables upon which our life and our society turns.

Hence, the spirit world knows full well where the human race has been and where it is going. And they realize the levers to pull to guide us, individually and collectively, to a target state.

Not only on a macro level, but on a micro level this parade of information can be utilized. The progression of a single cell could be traced up to a complete complex animal. Given the derived rules found from the trip up through the evolutionary journey, modifications may be made to the creatures DNA to determine the effects of the change and to the environment around it. We are told as such by G. Vale Owen’s mother:

“Then it was possible to bring over the living model a change, so that it began to evolve backward – or should I say “involve”? – towards its simpler and primal state as a mammal and so on. The whole structural history of the animal was shown in life-like process. And often when the first period of its separate existence as a separate creature was reached, the process was reversed, and it passed through the different stages of development, this time in their correct order and direction, until it became again as it is today. Also it was possible for any student to take charge and continue the development according to his own idea, and this not of the animal alone, but of the heavenly bodies, and also of nations and peoples, which are dealt with in another hall, however, specially adapted to that study.”[iv]

Students are not directed to study for no purpose. At some higher level, graduates no longer toil in research but engage in field work. The earth and all of its creatures are part of a grand design. While the methods to get from point A to point B may vary, depending upon the success or failures of previous adjustments, the end is never in doubt.

We are given the chance to grow with the planet and to conform to the idealized form of the better human. Our blue ball in the heavenly sky is being transformed and as such we must individually educate ourselves and modify our behavior to become better souls, more loving, charitable, and Explore-Small-front-coverhonest creatures.

If you wish to learn more about the spirit world, please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will learn at what state the earth is currently at and where are we going. You will discover how not only the entire culture and society of the planet will change but also of our transformation.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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