Why are there Catastrophes? If the spirit world loves us, why do so many innocents perish in such tragic circumstances? The answer is, that it is all part of a bigger picture.

Why Do We Have Catastrophes

When people question the existence of God, they (and I in the past) have always asked how could God kill innocent people.

As an example, think of the tsunami in Japan. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake hit northeastern Japan. A large tsunami, wiped the Fukushima Dalichi Nuclear Power Plant, which is still spewing small amounts of radiation today. It is estimated that more than 2,500 people are still missing or have died in the calamity. More than 250,000 people lost their homes.[i]

The answer to this question is in The Spirits Book:

  1. Could not God employ other methods than destructive calamities for effecting the amelioration of mankind?

“Yes; and He employs them every day, for He has given to each of you the means of progressing through the knowledge of good and evil. It is because man profits so little by those other means, that it becomes necessary to chastise his pride, and to make him feel his weakness.”[ii]

Why exactly did the tsunami occur? I am not sure, one could speculate it was about using nuclear energy and investing enough to make it safe in all circumstances, or about not using it at all. Or, it could have been a required rearrangement of the tectonic plates.

I do know that in the book, On the Way to the Light, the spirit Emmanuel, tells us that Vesuvius, the

On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light

volcano which buried the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD occurred as a warning to Rome, foreshadowing the decline of Rome. Christianity was meant to modify the unbridled avarice and cruelty of the Roman elite. When its message was ignored and suppressed, a sign was delivered in unmistakable terms.[iii]

Does this mean we return to bygone days when every event was a message from the gods and human sacrifices were made for appeasement? Not exactly. We do need to be cognizant that our earth, Mother Nature, will send us messages. The spirit realm won’t stop this practice just because the majority of the planet doesn’t believe it. The Spirituality is consistent and knows that at some time in the future we shall realize the interlocks between our conduct and major cataclysmic events.

In Spiritist literature there is a theme of the need to respect the planet and to put back what was taken. We are here to use the gifts presented to us (such as minerals, farm land, etc.), but we should repair what was damaged and clean up after ourselves. We are warned that our behavior toward our sphere is graded and currently the human race isn’t passing.


This still leaves us with the question of why must the good along with the bad be affected by these large events? Allan Kardec asked the same question and here is what he received:

 — But the good man succumbs under the action of these scourges, as does the wicked; is this just?

“During his earthly sojourn, man measures everything by the standard of his bodily life; but, after death, he judges differently, and feels that the life of the body, as we have often told you, is a very small matter. A century in your world is but the length of a flash in eternity, and therefore the sufferings of what you call days, months, or years, are of no importance; let this be a lesson forJohn's_vision_14-607 your future use. Spirits are the real world, pre-existent to, and surviving, everything else; they are the children of God, and the object of all His solicitude; and bodies are only the disguises under which they make their appearances in the corporeal world. In the great calamities that decimate the human race, the sufferers are like an army that, in the course of a campaign, sees its clothing tattered, worn out, or lost. The general is more anxious about his soldiers than about their coats.”[iv]

The paragraph above not only explains the transitory nature of our physical body, but gets to the root regenerativeWorldof the question for our very existence. While life for each of us is composed of long periods of boredom and small instances of excitement, we still see life as precious and we wish to hold onto it for as long as possible.

What the spirit world is telling us is that life is more like that old t-shirt you have stored away in your drawer. It served a purpose once, but if you throw it away, it won’t be missed. In other words, it is completely unimportant.

What is vital is for our souls to continue their path to perfection and the accumulation of lessons, for us and the collective student body on earth at any one moment. The goal of the spirit world is to teach us to be civilized. We must be certain, in all circumstances, that following our conscience is the correct decision, no matter what the material sacrifice. We must be loving and supporting of all humans, not just our family and extended tribe. Putting some of us on the planet for a relatively short time, and having a few of us appear to prematurely expire as a demonstration of the primacy of our Explore-Small-front-covercollective goal of perfection is just one of the teaching tools utilized by the spirit realm.

To fully understand how the spirit realm is guiding us toward the Divine Goal, I suggest you read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. The machinations, either through natural forces or the planting of high spirits within our midst to move entire nations and cultures to the next level is revealed.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Thank you very much for the information shared on this page. Our association is also working to spread the message about the coming catastrophes and how to prepare ourselves. We need to work spiritually if we really want to escape from the forthcoming tribulations.


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