Faith – Not Just for Moving Mountains but to Create Them


mountain-moving-faithThe Rev G. Vale Owen wrote a series of four books in the early 1900’s. Unbeknownst to many at the time, he added to the revelations about Spiritism, which commenced in the 1850’s by Allan Kardec. In the compilation of four books, The Life Beyond the Veil, more of the fantastic world that we shall, as spirits, return to was presented to us. One of the most startling aspects of the book is the role of faith. Not faith as we know it, but faith as a real power, the ability to conjure. Far beyond any of our earthly fantasies.

What was Presented by Spiritism

Spiritism burst upon the world in the 1850’s. In a series of questions posed to spirits by Allan Kardec, answers that came from multiple mediums throughout Europe, for Allan Kardec wouldn’t use just one response, but insured the communications were verified by multiple sources, he codified the Doctrine of Spiritism.

bookofTruthSpiritism is the promised Third Revelation by Jesus in the New Testament. We are told that we must pass through multiple lives in a quest to become more loving, charitable, fraternal, and honest souls. That we live in a world which is tailored as a campus for us to learn the qualities that we are required to attain before we are allowed to ascend in the spiritual hierarchy

In essence, we should follow the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would do unto them, in all things. The outward trappings of churches, rituals, rote prayers, dietary restrictions were all superfluous, all that is necessary is goodness of heart.

Needless to say, this provoked an immense backlash from organized religion. The Catholic Church organized book burnings of Allan Kardec’s, The Spirits Book.

Since that time there has been more information presented to us, most spectacularly via the mediumship of Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, who psychographed more than 450 books, all dictated to him by spirits. Angels and other high spirits all with a mission to inform the humans on the planet the correct modes of behavior.

Within all of the Spiritist literature I have read to date, I have never seen one mention of any bigoted ideas. We are told that spirits may incarnate as men or women, in different races, in different cultures, therefore we should be kind and understanding to all. That marriage is between two spirits, not just a male and female. The length of time they are together is up to them and them alone.

Despite the resistance by organized religion, the Supreme Intelligence pushed on and continued to send to us information about our future life as spirits. So that we may learn what is coming and why we are here in our frail physical bodies.

We seem so weak and vulnerable, any adverse chain of events could wipe us off the planet at any time. But we must realize that our perceived weakness is part of the plan to prepare us. Actually, we are immortal souls, unable to die. Only our temporary body has the composition to degrade. Our spirit is indestructible.

We are here on this terra firma campus to mold our minds to be as perfect as our spirit bodies. We are deliberately placed on a sphere with a thousand distractions so that we may educate our minds to ignore and filter out destructive thoughts so that we eventually acquire the ability to focus our concentration in any situation.

Our first step is to find our way toward faith. With faith we keep our attention on a bigger theme, a target superior to our daily worries and anxieties. Faith allows us to build a shield against destructive feelings. Conviction in a higher purpose acts as a ruby does to concentrate light from one of the first lasers.


What is faith? Jesus tells us:

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Movejesus-sermon-on-the-mount from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you” Matthew 17:20

Haven’t we all tried to move objects with our minds. A pencil or a feather, maybe we cheat and blow air to move it. Invariably our experiments result in abject failure. We find out we can’t move anything with our minds. So what the heck was Jesus talking about?

Jesus was foreshadowing our future. Not on earth but as a spirit. Not a low spirit, but a high, educated, pure spirit.

Power of the Spirit World

I first encountered the immense capabilities of the Spirituality when I read the book, On the Way to the Light, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated to him by his spirit mentor Emmanuel. The book is a survey of how the spirit realm has guided our planet from its formation.

On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light

In the book, Emmanuel tells us that a Community of Pure Spirits govern our part of the Universe. They have met in the vicinity of earth only three times, first when the planet was being formed, second when Jesus came to us, and Emmanuel hinted of a third meeting that would be coming soon. On the Way to the Light, was published in 1939, I have heard there was a third meeting in the 1960’s time frame where the future of our sphere was discussed.

Emmanuel gives us the background of the initial meeting:

“The first meeting took place when the terrestrial orb detached from the solar nebula so that the demarcations of our cosmogonic system and the prototypes of life in the fiery matter of the planet could be set in space and time.”[1]

When I first read this passage I interpreted to mean that pure spirits were observers, not active participants in the formation of our solar system. Next Emmanuel recounted how our moon was created:

“In that computation of cosmic values, in which workers from the spirit plane labored under the merciful guidance of the Christ, the formation of earth’s satellite was ordered.

The innermost details of the work plan to be carried out on the earth would require the help of the moon. The moon would be the anchor for the earth’s equilibrium as it orbited around the seat of the system, and it would be the fountainhead of regulating forces for the planet’s stability. Most of all, the newborn orb would need the moon’s polarized light, whose gentle magnetism would play a decisive role in the ongoing drama of the creation and reproduction of all species in the various kingdoms of nature.”[2]

At first glance the passage seem to mean that extremely high level spirits actually assisted in the building of the moon and somehow they pushed the moon into the correct orbit around the earth. Exactly how this marvel of engineering was accomplished, I had no idea.

Subsequently, as I read more books which revealed the capabilities of high spirits I began to see how the mind of a spirit coupled with the twin attributes of faith and knowledge could achieve, what we on earth, would consider to be miracles. Spiritism explains to us there are no such thing as miracles, only phenomena which we can’t explain, but are self-evident to the wiser spirits.


One example of the possibility of the manipulation of matter comes from a passage I read in theIn the Realms book, In the Realms of Mediumship, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a discussion of transporting matter created in the physical plane via spirits. During a mediums meeting spirits in attendance took flowers made from ectoplasmic material and carried them through walls in our plane.

Andre Luiz asks how this could be possible, he is informed, what I think is a very revealing answer:

“There are technicians here who are skilled enough to dematerialize the physical elements and reconstruct them straight away, conscious of the responsibility they’re undertaking.”[3]

Hence, advanced spirits are able to take objects native to our sphere, the physical world, and dematerialize them enough to pass through what we would consider to be a solid formation. Then almost instantly reform the object.

Next, as a peek of the scientific advances that will come, Andre Luiz is told:

“In any construction of the physical realm, the clusters of atoms are not solid fortresses, just as is the case in our own sphere of action. There is empty space in all formations and through it the elements interpenetrate. The day will come when earthly science will be able to reintegrate the units and constitutions of atoms with the same assurance with which they are learning to disintegrate them.”[4]

Hence, a spirit via the powers of their mind, along with an understanding of the Divine Laws, is able to deconstruct a solid object and remake it at their will. A process that in some future date, we shall be able to reproduce with complex instruments, while learned spirits can accomplish the same feat with BookCover-Reincarnationtheir will.

This is why we are on our beautiful planet. We are being groomed to use our powers for the benefit of all. Learn all about the spirit world and how they prepare us, in life after life to one day graduate to be a pure spirit in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


My epiphany struck like a bolt of lightning when I started reading the Reverend G. Vale Owen’s book, The Life Beyond the Veil. In Book Two – The Highlands of Heaven, a spirit who resides in the tenthAngels-christ level of heaven, named Zabdiel. The tenth level implies the sequence of stages above the earth. Each planet has their own circles of hierarchy which span outward from each distinctive sphere.

Zabdiel is sent to see how a family is faring. The husband and wife, who have ascended together, are taking care of children. Spirits, in juvenile form, who didn’t survive long after birth and require nurturing before they are sent back to trial on our world. He surveys the playing children.

“One little man drew near me and began to play with my belt, for its brightness pleased him, and he was inquisitive of its metal. So I sat on a little grass bank, and took him on my knee, and asked him if he would choose what pretty thing the belt should bring him. He was doubtful of my meaning at first and, following, of my ability. But I repeated my invitation, and he replied, “A dove, please you, sir.” That was very polite of him, and I told him so, and that when little boys asked in such ways, trusting and believing, then they always got their will, if that will was pleasing to our Father.

This saying, I placed him on his feet before me, and put out my will to the end he desired. And presently the form of a dove was seen in the plate of the metal which fastened the belt, and this grew in distinctness, until at length it expanded beyond the plate, and then I took it, and it was a live dove which stood on my hand and cooed, and looked at me, and then at the boy, as if wondering which was the parent of its being. I gave him to the lad, and he took him into his bosom, and ran to show the others what had come to pass.”[5]

Zabdiel, who is a high spirit, but not on the level of a spirit like Jesus has the power to the basic building blocks of the Universe (known in Spiritism as Universal Fluid) and create, not just an object, but life. Life out of nothing, fully formed and functioning. Only in our fantasy literature would such a scene occur.

It was then I understood that as a spirit progresses their ability to guide the Divine Forces increases, until they possess, in our estimation, to be God-like powers. Power to not only move mountains, but to construct entire ranges by focusing their will.

Zabdiel explains faith as it is defined in the Other World:

“According to your faith be it unto you.” This stands a promise of power today as when first He said it; and it may be claimed with full assurance of fulfillment. Only that faith must be present, and then the present enablement will be manifest, in ways diverse but with no uncertainty of cause and effect.

Now, this is not alone to you, but to us here in these spheres progress and progressive. It is the acquiring of faith in exercise that we study to compass and, that gotten, we are powerful to help others, and ourselves to enjoy. For it is delight and pleasure to give, more than to receive, as He said.”[6]

Faith is the keystone, but it must be surrounded by all of the attributes of the Golden Rule; Love, Charity, Fraternity, Forgiveness, and Honesty. Without the supporting foundation, faith is not sufficient to unlock the potential within each of us to materialize our desires, since our intentions must be pure and void of any selfishness before we are granted such command.

Zabdiel tells us the difference between faith in our plane and faith in the spirit dimension;

“But do not mistake the nature of faith in the using of it. In the earth life it is of indefinite quality as mostly understood – something between trustfulness and a right understanding of what is truth. But here, where we study all things as to their essence, we know faith is more than this. It is power capable of scientific analysis, in a measure in correspondence with the progress made by any man.”[7]

The circle is complete when we learn to practice total control over our emotions, while in the physical world, and apply our loving will in a professional manner in the spirit realm. Only then, after a multitudes of lives, painfully mastering our character and attitudes, can we graduate to a position of responsibility to be entrusted with such might.

When we were children we would dream of having overwhelming power to perform great events. Those dreams of conjuring something out of nothing are visions of a distant future. We should not let go of our childhood aspirations, we ought to mold them into a strength of purpose to fashion our Explore-Small-front-coverdeepest intentions into energy for good.

Understand more about the spirit world and the part we play in it by reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find out the different levels around our planet and how we are guided by the spirit world to be successful.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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