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This section dives into how should we live to reach our potential while on earth. If we wish to fulfill our destiny as planned and to exceed it, we should understand how the spirit world tells us we should act in this short lifespan on earth.

In the book Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, by J. Herculano Pires and Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a poem dictated to Chico by the spirit Andre Luiz. It is revelatory.

The poem has twenty-four verses which pertain with how we should place ourselves in a mental state to achieve inner peace. Inner peace isn’t a condition to enjoy for a moment or two on the beach after a few drinks – it is a life quest … a multiple life quest.

In the spirit world thought is action. As a spirit, our mind creates the environment in which we live. Hence the more control we have over our own thoughts, the more calm, the more reasoning, the more loving we become … will all contribute to a true paradise awaiting us when we are scheduled to pass back to the real world – the spirit realm.

The poem is essentially a list for advancement and serenity. For those few souls who have attained the complete set of states listed, they, most probably, are no longer required to come back to earth. They have graduated to a higher level planet. A planet without hate, envy, crime, and war. They either are physically incarnated on an advanced planet, living side by side with others as positive and loving as they are, or at a high level in the spirit hierarchy contributing to growing and improving the multiple universes.

What first intrigued me about the poem is when I read what J. Herculano Pires had commented about the poem, he said:

“Those propositions, analyzed individually and as a sequence of events, would result in a book we could label ‘The Technique of Existing.’ Spirits do not communicate with each other in vain. Their messages must be read and meditated upon with attention and profoundness.”[i]

Acting upon his suggestion – the poem is reproduced below and you can buy the book.

Inner Peace – A poem by Andre Luiz

Keep Always

trust in God and in yourself

a serene conscience

time spent on productive matters

a constructive speech

a prayer allied to work

hope in action

an industrious patience

a dispassionate opinion

… the blessing of comprehension

a participation in everyone’s progress

a compassionate attitude

truth enlightened by love

oblivion of evils

happiness in your commitments

unconditional forgiveness of offenses

a devotion to study

a gesture of kindness

an encouraging smile

spontaneity to assist others

simplicity of habits

a spirit of renovation

fostering of tolerance

courage to place yourself second to serving

perseverance in goodness


The poem was published in Chapter VII titled “Happiness” After I read the chapter and noted Pires’ feelings about the list of desired states, I marked the chapter with a piece of paper and wrote; “This may be a good idea.”

Years later, after finishing the trilogy of Spiritism Explained by an English Vicar, I revisited the book mark and examined anew the twenty-four verses.  I thought this would be a wonderful exercise to determine if I could understand what the spirits sent us.

I don’t pretend to have it right or even close, but just thinking about what was meant by the few words on each verse was a worthwhile exercise. I realize I am being pretentious in explaining the desired state defined by each line; for I have not reached any of them. But, hopefully, I can point a light to the road to begin.

My modest goal is to demonstrate what the spirit world expects us to learn while in the earth life and to convey the benefits associated with the mere effort to attain the twenty-four target states.

The very act of starting to modify your thought patterns and resulting actions serves as a catalyst to propel you ever upward and to enable you to begin the arduous journey to break free of the material bonds that shackle us on this planet. With this first step you will be able to prioritize your life and ascertain that which is important and worthwhile and that which is not.

Therefore, I present to you, dear reader, my imperfect interpretation of the poem, Inner Peace. One chapter for each verse.

Each chapter will explore one aspect of attaining inner peace. I shall attempt to describe the end state of what was envisioned in the specific verse and why this state is vital for your spiritual growth.

I will describe how Spiritist literature illustrates the path to attain it. I will give examples from passages in Spiritist books, my own books, my articles from my blog, and from my experiences.

Inner Peace is more than a poem or a list of spiritual conquests – it is what should be the result of full integration into the Spiritist Doctrine. Inner Peace is the result, the summit of attainment possible in our short earth lives. The climb is worth the effort and upon reaching the summit you shall view more mountains to scale and ever increasing rewards to attain in your quest.

[i] Xavier, F. C., Pires, J. H. Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, Spiritist Alliance for Books, p. 38


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