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death-bedI have previously written about the help given to the dying and the souls who have passed over from the physical world to the other side. In the series of books by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, this subject is discussed from many angles. The caring and effort to help people make the transition is considerable.

This subject is also reviewed in the Reverend Owen’s book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, his mother talks about the assistance given to the newly dead:

“Now let us see if we can impress you to write a few words of the conditions which we found when we arrived here – the conditions, that is, of those who pass over here when they first arrive. They are not all of an equal degree of spiritual development, of course, and therefore require different treatment. Many, as you know, do not realize for some time the fact that they are what they would call dead, because they find themselves alive and with a body, and their previous vague notions of the after-death state are not, by any means, lightly thrown away.”[i]

As we have seen in Spiritist literature, among those who have slight spiritual inclination or knowledge are quite rightly confused. Even those who are spiritual and practice one of the religions are often taken aback. Most are taught we become another being or we are sent to heaven right away in the form of an angel. We cast off not only our bodies, but our baser characteristics and are transformed into graceful and noble entities. Imagine the surprise when we find out we are who we are.

Process of Awakening

Vale Owen’s mother takes us through the regular process to wake up the confused soul who has come over to the spirit realm.

“The first thing to do, then, with such as those is to help them to realize the fact that they are no more in the earth life, and, to do this, we employ methods.

One is to ask them whether they remember some friend or relative, and, when they reply thatdeath-rising they do so but that he is dead, we try and enable them to see this particular spirit, who, appearing alive, should convince the doubter that he is really passed over. This is not always the case, for the ingrained fallacies are obstinate, and so we try another method.

We take him to some scene on earth with which he is familiar and show him those whom he has left behind, and the difference in his state and theirs.

If this should fail, then we bring to his recollection the last experiences he underwent before passing, and gradually lead up to them when he fell asleep, and then we try to connect up that moment with his awakening here.

All these endeavors often fail – more often than you would imagine – for character is built up year by year, and the ideas which go to help in this building become very firmly imbedded in his character. Also we have to be very careful not to overtax him, or it would delay his enlightenment. Sometimes, however, in the case of those who are more enlightened, they realize immediately that they are passed into the spirit land, and then our work is easy.”[ii]

The last thing that most of us expect to be when we die is the continuation of what we were before death. Andre Luiz wished to explore exactly how a spiritually aware person felt after their death. In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, psychographed by Chico Xavier, Andre Luiz is given permission to ask questions to Dimas, who had just passed away.

What a Spirit Feels Right After Death

Dimas was an untiring medium, who worked for the good of incarnates and discarnates. Hence, deathbedAndre was part of a spirit team who was sent to help Dimas disconnect from his physical life.  It is worth noting, that one of the main obstacles, was the desire of his family for him to recover and once more be part of their life. The thoughts emanating from Dimas’ wife and children kept him tied to earth. The spirit team had to resort to the camouflage of making Dimas appear to recover, so his family would leave the spirit team a few hours of peace to begin the process to bring Dimas over to the spirit realm.

Upon his death, Dimas was placed in a coffin. Next, the coffin was taken to the cemetery, where the funeral procession included at least twenty discarnates, including the newly departed. At the cemetery, where the coffin containing the remains of Dimas is being buried. Andre asks his director if he can pose some questions to Dimas.  The Director gives his permission to explore more what it feels like to be newly dead.

Andre turns to Dimas, now a spirit and asks:

“Are you still experiencing any physical pain?” I began.

“I still have a clear impression of the body I have just left behind,” he responded politely. “But I have noticed that, in wishing to remain close to my own loved ones and to continue on where I had been for so many years, I relive all the suffering that I endured. However, when I resign myself to accepting the higher designs, I immediately feel lighter and comforted. Despite the short amount of time that I have been awake, I have already been able to make such an observation.”

“And what about the five senses?” I continued.

“They are in perfect working order.”

“Do you feel hunger?”

“I actually can tell that my stomach is empty and I would be glad if I had something to eat, but this physical desire is neither uncomfortable nor torturing.

“And thirst?”

“Yes, although I do not suffer because of it.”[iii]

As usual Andre poses the questions we would all like to know. There are an enormous number of gems of information in each one of Andre’s books. I encourage our readers to discover more about the spirit world by reading the books of Andre Luiz, starting with Nosso Lar, his story of his death and eventual rescue from the Lower Zone (or Umbra) to his time at the celestial city of Nosso Lar.

An Example of a Soul Who Just Passed

Vale Owen’s mother tells us of an actual case she was on. She and group were sent to assist a woman who was on the cusp of passing over. They arrived to see the dying lady surrounded by sad friends. All were extremely sorry to see her leave the earth. The narrative starts:

“She fell asleep, and the cord of life was severed by our watching friends, and then, softly, they awoke her, and she looked up and smiled very sweetly at the kind face of one who leaned over her. She lay there perfectly happy and content until she began to wonder why these strange faces were around her in place of the nurses and friends she had last seen. She inquired where she was, and, when she was told, a look of wonder and of yearning came over her face, and she asked to be allowed to see the friend she had left.

This was granted her, and she looked on them through the Veil and shook her head sadly. ‘If only they could know,” she said, “how free from pain I am now, and comfortable. Can you not tell them?” We tried to do so, but only one of them heard, I think, and he only imperfectly, and soon put it away as a fancy.

We took her from that scene, and, after she had somewhat gained strength, to a children’s school, where her little boy was, and, when she saw him, her joy was too great for words. He had passed over some few years before, and had been placed in this school where he had lived ever since. Then the child became instructor to his mother, and this sight was a pretty one to see. He led her about the school and the grounds and showed her the different places with delight; and so did the mother’s.

We left her awhile, and then, when we returned, we found those two sitting in an arbor, and she was telling him about those she had left behind, and he was telling her of those who had come before, and whom he had met, and of his life in the school, and it was as much as we could do to tear her away, with a promise that she should return soon and often to her boy.”[iv]

To those who have read that the mother was taken from her child, do not worry, she was taken to a place where she could recuperate after her release from the physical life. This process is intended to calm the stresses of coming back into spirit form and to make her ready to restart her true life, as a spirit.

A Recollection of Helping the Newly Dead from a Medium

There are many examples, which are quite like the one above in the books by Chico Xavier. From the 1850s, when Allan Kardec codified Spiritism, to the present, we have been given a clear and consistent picture of what death really is.

Independently of any communications from spirits about helping the dead, I had a series of e-mails with a medium who had retained memories of her previous life. She read my blog and was fascinated how close Spiritism was to her own experiences. Then she read the book Nosso Lar, which talked about spirit guides who assisted the recently passed.

A team of spirit helpers were responsible for rescuing Andre Luiz, the spirit who dictated the book to Chico Xavier, about his death, time in the Lower Zone and subsequent life in the celestial city Nosso Lar.

She wrote me:

“My most recent adventure involved Chico Xavier’s Nosso Lar. As someone who remembers being a helper, it was exciting to see Home identified. I thought I was the only one who knew about/remembered Home. 🙂   I must have worked there for hundreds of years, helping spirits. Then I came back here to learn some new things (for a couple of short lifetimes plus this one). Anyway, I want to vouch for Home as a reality. The details about its structure might vary but it is an amazing place of love.

 And from Home, you can access any place on earth. It’s not uncommon for people who have reached the helper level to enter the dreams of the embodied, which can be done directly from Home, to offer help and advice.”

Once again, a person who hadn’t been aware of Chico’s books or Spiritism, finds verification of their own ideas and memories. She did write to say that unlike Andre’s experience where he spent time in the Lower Zone, not all people experience this frightening episode after death.

“One item that I feel needs a minor correction regards the purgatory-like experience of Andreumbra-scene Luis, prior to his going Home. He experienced a dark, scary landscape, but I want people to know that the arrival zone is different for everyone. It will basically be your own mind-created object. With sudden or unexpected deaths, people often don’t know they have crossed over; they look for familiarity and their own mind creates that for them. The good news is that someone like me (what I used to do, anyway) will meet you where you are, and help you through the process.”

Of course, she is completely correct. In Andre Luiz’s book there are many instances of spirit helpers assisting people right from their deathbeds and other locations. Andre Luiz was in the Lower Zone, or the Umbra, as it is referred to in Portuguese, because he was an unconscious suicide.

In the case of suicides, the spirit who takes her or his own life is generally obligated to remain in the Umbra until such time as their normal death would have occurred. Hence, the spirit world frowns on people leaving the earthly campus before you are dismissed.

In Andre’s case, he didn’t deliberately kill himself, but he allowed his behavior, drinking and syphilis, to cut short his life. Hence, he unconsciously committed suicide. The second lesson is, not only must we finished the classes assigned to us, but we have to take care of the materials we are given (our bodies).

She then conveys more of her recollections:

“I remember many instances of having to adjust my vibration to see what the new arrival was seeing. People often see their place of work, or their home, or the beach … or hell, if they think that is where they were going. I had to help them through that.

 So, for instance, one man wanted to find his office. So I helped him. And while we located his office we talked. At some point, when the time is right, I would always ask, “Do you remember what you were doing just before you met me here?” This conversation would eventually lead them to the realization that they had passed-on to the next life. Then and only then could I lead them to Home, for what amounted to sessions with a social worker examining their lives. It wasn’t judgmental, it was more like, “what went well?” “What could have been better?” etc. And sometimes I felt bad when people were sent back – which would only happen after the counselor and person both agreed that this was for the best.

Another I remember was a very take-charge, upper class kind of man who mostly sneered and barked orders at me, as he tried to find his way to familiar surroundings. I just smiled and helped. And eventually the question… the realization… and then we would go Home.

 It’s always Home.”

Again, what she has written is not only verified by other accounts in Spiritist literature, but these types of friendly after the fact life reviews are a theme in many people’s NDEs (Near Death Experiences).

I wrote her back that the last person she mentions could have been me. Before my rough edges were softened by my discovery of Spiritism (although my wife may have a different view), I could see myself trying to order spirits around to do my bidding, thinking that I had to take charge of every situation.

Next she expounded on her experience in assisting this bombastic gentleman:

“Time doesn’t mean much when you’re Home, but the incident I referred to was probably in the 1800’s maybe? The gentleman was a victim of an accident on a sailing ship, and found himself on shore looking out at the water. He saw me and demanded I summon a carriage to take him into town. He wanted to get in touch with his family and tell them what happened. He was kind of surly in that way that people who expect others to jump when they speak tend to be. So I explained in a loving and compassionate way that his transportation would be along soon, and why don’t we talk while we wait?

So he complained about the lack of service and general incompetence of others, along with my perceived lack of helpfulness. We sat on the hillside and waited. And he talked a bit of his life. I don’t remember the details, though. Eventually as he calmed down (though still frustrated), I asked the question, “Do you remember what you were doing just before you met me here?”

And he told me about being on the ship and how it heeled over and he got knocked into the water, he thought.

“So do you remember how you got here?”

“No, I don’t remember. I swam to shore, would be my guess.”

“That’s interesting, why aren’t you wet?”

“I don’t know, I dried off.”

“Really? When did that happen?”

And so on…. and eventually a light clicked on…. “Did I die?”

“Your feelings are true. Listen to them… You can see this place is not where you were, and you don’t know how you got here, and this will tell you what you want to know.”

“So what happens now?”

“Come…. I will show you.”

I stood up and reached out to him. He stood up and took my hand. As we turned away from the sea, a city he had not seen before seemed to rise up before us.

“We’re going home,” I said. “Come!”

And we walked to Home together, where he was met by a counselor, who took over from there…. Home was simply “there” when he was ready to see it.”

 The talented medium’s account of her work in the spirit world is inspiring and comforting. Knowing that we are surrounded by such benevolence and love should give us all the courage to continue our struggles in our daily lives.

Spiritism is arranging these messages, recollections, and books to notify us of what lies beyond our mere physical existence. The Rev. G. Vale Owen, was selected to send volumes of great detail concerning life in the spirit world to England in the  1920’s, right after the horrible tragedy of World War I, which people thought of as The Great War, “The War to End all Wars”, since no one could conceive of losing so many young men again.

The medium that I conversed with told me her story in 2015, ninety-five years after the publication of Beyond the Veil. Spiritism told us the great secret that when we pass we are still ourselves in the 1850s. In a span of one hundred and sixty-five years, the message has stayed the same.

At the end of the day, we should realize that we are on earth for a purpose. As we go about our pre-planned life, with trials custom-made for our benefit, we are being watched.

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written about the constant guidance and love that we walk in every day in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are not alone. We are not cast off onto a strange planet and an uncertain future without support. WeBookCover-Reincarnation are watched over and subtlety pushed forward to finish our assigned trials.

If you wish to learn more about the cycle of spirit – physical self – spirit again, and what this means to your growth as a spirit, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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