The Arc of Our Lives is Driven by Two Forces

astrology-chart-clockZabdiel, a spirit leader of a group of spirits, sent to communicate with Rev. G. Vale Owen, talked about how complex objects and processes are derived from basic principles. Zabdiel first begins with how our solar system operates:

 “Out of the simplest wisdom are made the greatest things; and out of the most elementary of geometrical figures arise the most wonderful combinations of perpetual movement. For it is only the purest and simplest things that are competent to be used most freely and without entanglement. And this state of affairs alone gives warrant of perpetuity, whether on earth or in the vast reaches of space through which go these worlds and systems, eternally because perfectly ordered in their course.

Now, it is not too much to say that the appoint paths of all these bodies of the heavenly systems are shaped of two principles: that of the right line, and that of the curve. It is even more true and exact to say that their orbits may be said to be shaped out of one form only, and that the right line itself. All go onward impelled in a right and straight course and yet not one that is known to us but travels in a curve. Astronomers will explain why this is, but I will note one instance by way of example here.

The earth, we will suppose, is set forth on its journey. It travels in a straight line from one point. That is its potential movement. But directly it leaves that point it begins to fall towards the sun, and we find after a while that it is moving in an ellipse. There is no straight line here, but a series of curves worked together in one figure, which is the orbit of the earth.

And yet the pull of the sun was not in the fashion of a curve, but in a right line direct. It was the combination of these two straight lines of energy – the impetus of the earth and the gravitation of the sun – which, being perpetually exerted, bent the orbit of the earth from a straight into an elliptical shape, and one in which many elements of curve entered to build it up complete. I leave out other influences which modify this one again in order to concentrate your mind on this one great principle. I put it in formula, thus: Two straight lines of energy operating on one anther produce a closed curve.”[i]

Hence, the trajectory of an object is determined by the energy within it and the force influencing it. Without influencing force, the object would travel on a straight line forever. It takes a combination of energy to produce the orbit. Zabdiel explains the results:

“Yet each modifying the other, and the greater dominating the lesser without depriving it of its essential power and freedom of movement, these by their joint action – exerted and directed apparently in opposition – produce a figure of greater beauty than the two straight lines, which are as the parents to the child.”[ii]

From this Zabdiel is preparing us to think of our lives. We are an object that carries within itself its own force. We travel on a straight line until another force interrupts our course and causes us to beastrology deflected. Think about what would happen to us if our life was frozen. No change in job, family, friends, and children stayed the same age forever. We would replay a similar day over and over again. No outside stimuli would alter our thinking or character.

Imagine being in a heaven as imagined by many religions. Where life is bliss, an Elysian fields, where there is no want of anything, no stress, and absolute zero conflict. Nothing to ever bother you again. You would continue on a straight line forever in time, never altering course, never growing as a person.

Instead of smooth seas our life is buffeted by high winds and waves. Zabdiel tells us why:

“You see a like opposition of forces in human life, and you say His plan is here imperfect. You think He might have made a better way; and many doubt His wisdom and His love because, seeing but a minute section of the curve of the great orbit of existence, they cannot but conclude that all is falling, falling to destruction; or at least that a straight and a right line would be the better course. And not these combinations which curve the impetus of human life from its direct onward way of evolution – without disaster and without pain.”[iii]

Hence, whereas we see nothing good in many adverse situations of our life, is actually a force pulling us off our easy path and onto a rougher, but more edifying road. Where we see a life cut down stringtheory2_previewprematurely, is actually but a course correction at the proper time. All planned out in advance to make ready the soul for their next earthly episode.

Over the long run of our multiple incarnations, which is in fact a small portion of our eternity, the arc of our lives serve a purpose. Each existence is one more mile marker, signaling a chance for us to grasp the opportunity to advance. Zabdiel informs us how the spirit world, form on high, sees the struggle:

“We here do see not all nor much of the road ahead; yet more than you we see, and so much as enables us to content ourselves and press onward, helping others on the road, content and trusting that all will be well ahead however far we go. For now we do not seek with much labor to reckon on the course we are traveling wrapped round with earth mist which hinders us to see, but we view the way from the clear sunlight atmosphere of these heavenly realms; and I will tell you the orbit of human life, as it works out towards completion, is beautiful too – so beautiful and so lovely withal that we are full often brought to arrest in wondering awe at His Majesty of Love and blended Wisdom, to Whom we bow in lowly adoration not to be expressed in any words of mine, but only in the yearning of my heart.”[iv]

Each hurdle placed in front of us is there for a reason. It may not be apparent to us, in the midst of our The Problem is the Solutiondaily dramas, but suffice to say, that it is one small force that diverts us from a straight path and onto the highway of learning and eventual perfection. Learn why we have our difficulties and how we should react during our trying times by reading my book The Problem is the Solution: 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You.


Brian Foster was a reluctant entry to Spiritism. He grew up with a vague sense of God and a higher power, but only through events he could not explain did he discover that there is indeed a world beyond ours, an “other side” as the Druids called it.

Brian works in Information Technology and has a BSCS degree and an MBA. For many this should make him a rational human being and not one who believes in spirits. On the contrary, it is what he believes to be an accumulation of evidence that has, thankfully, brought him to realize that we are part of a bigger plan.

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