The Spirit World Knows What is and What Will Happen to You

Jesus-greatLordThe spirit realm is always near, even when your guardian angel may be millions of miles away. They are continually informed of your actions, what you said to others, your thoughts, your feelings. Everything about you is exposed. Your future too.

Zabdiel reveals the extent of spiritual surveillance in Book Two of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Highlands of Heaven. He tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen how the different levels of spiritual sphere track and interact with us:

“Moreover, friend, it is a good thing and a helpful to bear in mind our presence at all times; for we are near, and that in ways both many and various. When we are personally near at hand we are able to impress you with helpful thoughts and intuitions, and to order events that your work may be facilitated and your way more clear than otherwise it would appear to you.

When in person we are in our own spheres, we still have means whereby we are informed not alone of what has happened in and around you, but also what is about to happen, if the composition of circumstances pursue its normal course.”[1]

Read the last part of the last sentence once again, let it sink in that the spirit world knows our future: “but also what is about to happen, if the composition of circumstance pursue its normal course.” We are told the future is known, but not one hundred percent accurate at any given time.

Why is that? Because we have been given free-will, we still can make choices that alter the sequence of events. Once events deviate from the planned path, a new future is formulated and that becomes our destiny. Our lives are predetermined, but preset with required course changes to fit the environment and choices we have made.

Different Levels of Predetermination

Spiritist recognize that we are put on earth to travel through a predetermined set of trials. We also have free will in how we chose and react to these trials. While at the same time, the spirit world is busy planning the forward motion of our planet.

The spirit realm has set many souls on the earth to perform vital tasks, missions with a purpose toastrology-chart-clock advance our society. The complexity of planning is beyond our imagination. Try and visualize the number of factors that goes into just one life, not to mention the order of magnitude variables when you add in intersections with other lives.

There is a small hint of the stratification of complexity when it comes to different types of spirit reincarnating.

In the book, In the Greater World, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, the spirit Andre Luiz, encounters his grandfather in a low spiritual plane, in the Lower Zone. He seeks to help his grandfather and realizes that a new life is required to help repair the psychic damage that has been wrought by the grandfather’s past actions.

Andre is told that his grandfather will be reincarnated, and Andre asks if he can count on help from his spirit friends. He is told:

“Of course. Since it will be a reincarnation merely for reparatory activities and no involvement in communal interests, our personal cooperation can be more decisive and immediate. There are many benefactors in this area who provide for a large number of reincarnations in regenerative circles. Let’s see if we can examine our brother’s future situation.”[2]

Andre’s grandfather will be reborn into extreme poverty so he can experience hard work in order to “reeducate his aspirations”.

I believe there are two salient points. The first is the reference to “involvement in communal interests”. This implies that whenever anyone interconnects with an incarnated spirit who has been sent with a purpose, the ramifications of that person’s physical life must be analyzed at a higher or more detailed level.

Second, is that for anyone who is planned to enter society at its fringes or at the unseen working class stage, the planning is less centralized. Probably, the number of factors and events are not as laid out in detail or possibly less precise in execution, since a greater amount of variability is perfectly acceptable. In other words, the confidence interval for successful execution is allowed to be lower.

Room for Error

When accidents occur, then plans must be reformulated, or the damage must be undone in order to maintain the original plan. The spirit world has spun an unbelievably complex web of events, where one act affects another and so on. It is as if each thread in a grand tapestry had its own life and it had to be perfectly fitted with all other threads that touch it, and to those that touch the threads once removed, and so on. The complexity is beyond our capability to manage, but not beyond the Creator of our universe.

There is an example of the spirit world undoing the effect of an accident. It lies with a fascinating near death experience. Michael was a boy who, like boys everywhere, was where he shouldn’t have been. Michael was climbing on a limestone cliff on a frozen day, when part of the boulder he was hanging onto suddenly broke free. He and the large rock both fell, with the boulder landing on top of him. According to Michael’s recollection, the stone weighed 400-500 pounds. He felt that he left his body and seeing himself, he knew he was dead. Next Michael encounters a spirit guide:

“He told me this was an accident and I <could> go back, IF I wanted. I told him by my thoughts there was no way to make that body work. It was squashed flat. He basically told me that he could make it work again. Did I want to go back? I wanted to know my options. What would happen if I chose to go back and what would happen if I didn’t. No sooner did I think these thoughts and BOOM, I was hit with a package of images. It showed in brief what would happen if I didn’t go back. I saw my sister get into alcohol and drugs and her life spin out of control … BECAUSE I wasn’t there. I saw my Dad commit suicide because of my death shortly after my mom divorced him over the matter of my death. I saw my paternal grandfather wither away and die, his heart broken over my death and my dad’s suicide. There were twin blows that destroyed all the joy he had left in life. The effects went on and on, my mom was sad and heart broken the rest of her life and so very lonely … And I saw a parade of faces of people I would never meet and whose lives I would have impacted and whose lives would have impacted mine but now I would never know any of them and they would never know me. The man in the white robe had me with my sister. I’ve always loved my little sister and for her alone I would have chosen to come back but seeing all that pain it would cause everyone else … mom, dad, grandparents, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles … man I HAD to go back.” [3]

Michael’s spirit guide, or guardian angel as many call it, was right there in an instant. People who have had NDE’s recognize that we live close to the spirit world. They are all around us, watching, guiding and trying to lead us to become better souls. But for most of us, the thought that spirits, or worse ghosts, inhabit the same space is a primitive notion and should be discarded, otherwise we would demonstrate to the world our ignorance and naivety. What if, these uncivilized people, who Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061]lived closer to nature and by no choice of their own, possessed little material goods, detected a truth about our sphere and the spirit realm that we have lost? Could we, who must be presented with absolute proof of everything, be missing something important, right before our eyes?

Learn about what the spirit realm was telling other people through their near death and other experiences – read The Spirit World Talks to Us.

An alternative future was shown to Michael. How could this be? Allan Kardec, in his The Spirits Book, describes the power of a high spirit. He likens it to us, here on earth, walking through a trail in a mountain-moving-faithcanyon, not knowing what the next bend will look like. Whereas, the spirit, sitting on the mountain top, sees our path, where it will lead and other paths that may be offered to us. Still, this is easy to say, but how could this be in practice? What type of instantaneous mathematical calculations of probability, combined with moving pictures of those possibilities must be processed to present in life-like simulation a series of future options? Only the presence of a computing apparatus so complex as to make our super computers seem like simple calculators can explain what Michael saw.

Next, Michael was shown what would happen if he chose to return to his physical body:

“Then came a second package of images, those of what would happen IF I went back. I skipped over the obvious. Dad DIDN’T commit suicide. My sister turned out Ok. Mom ended up happy. My grandfather went on to beam with pride over his first grandson to attend a university. My grandfather was a legal immigrant from Italy who never made it past the 4th grade and he treasured education beyond EVERYTHING. He crowed like a proud rooster when his kids graduated from high school and I became the first of his grandkids to attend a prestigious university. But what I focused on in this second package was what I would pay as a price for going back. I knew that I would walk again, that all I had lost would be restored but only temporarily. In my later life, perhaps 10 to 15 years after the accident, I would suffer pain, extreme pain and it would affect me the rest of my life.

I chose to come back. He smiled, as if he KNEW I would pick the harder path because of how I felt for my family and friends. There was a snap and a pop and I was back in my body. It was FILLED with crackling electricity like sounds and feelings. I had no breath, no air and this huge rock was choking off all air. I grabbed the small end of the tear near my nose with my one free left hand (my right arm was pinned under the rock) and rolled the thing off me like it was made of paper mache`.”[4]

Michael’s perispirit, the connection we have from our spirit to our physical bodies, was re-attached to his broken body. From the second option presented, one can see how positive influences have far-reaching and significant effects on other people’s lives. We should never underestimate our power to help. While things may appear to us to be small and unimportant, one never knows how our action could be translated into helping or harming another person’s life and the relations of that person.

Michael was next transported to the hospital, where he experienced his second phase of his NDE:

“The next thing I know I’m back in the operating room where the surgeon is working frantically to save my life and as he works at massaging my heart I found myself drifting away and the further I drifted the darker the room got and the further away his voice sounded, Found myself well above the operating theater where I should have been on a floor above that room or outside looking on a roof, but I wasn’t. Instead I was floating in the entrance to a tunnel or vortex. I was sucked into it and then was when my adventure REALLY began.

I ended up with a life review, and was escorted around “the other side” by a being who was my guardian angel/teacher whom I came to call “professor” but he had an incredible sense of humor. I say “he” with tongue in cheek because “he” was neither a he or a she.”[5]

Michael suffered an accident, a true random event, the Spirituality determine that it could repair theguardian_angel damage done and set the train of future events back on the right track. Therefore, they used their considerable power to heal Michael; to bring him back to the state of health before a large rock fell on top of him.

State of Watchfulness

Michael’s guardian angel came to him almost immediately after the accident. Zabdiel tells us that we are never out of sight:

“Thus preserving contact with you, we maintain and ensure our guardianship that it be continuous and unceasing, and our watchfulness that it shall in nowise fail on your behalf. For here, and through the spheres between us and you, are contrivances by which intelligence is sent on from one sphere to those beyond and, when necessity require it, we enjoin others to carry out some mission to you, or, if the occasion so requires, we come to earth ourselves, as I have done at this time.”[6]

Not only is a spirit able to come to his or her assigned student on our physical plane, but Zabdiel also speaks of other methods of guiding us remotely:

“But further still, and in addition to this, we are able each to come in contact with his own charge direct in certain ways, and to influence events from our own place. Thus you will understand that the whole economy of the Creator, through its manifold spheres of light, is unified in action and correlated. So that no part is but influenced by all those other parts, and what you do on earth not only registered in the heavens, but has effect on our minds and thoughts, and so on our lives.”[7]

Everything is connected, everything flows from thought, while we may think we are unable to receive feelings and ideas from others, we certainly do. Some of us are more affected than others, but deep within our frame of mind alters through the radiant power of others around us, and from afar.

Our actions, our inner most feelings has force as well. For as others send out waves that penetrate us, we do the same. Spirits pick up the signals that pour forth from our mind, and spirits connected to us pay attention to our changing states. Zabdiel alerts us of the importance of controlling ourselves, our thoughts:

“Be, therefore, of very careful mind and will; for your doing in thought and your doings in word and your doings in act are all of great import, not alone to those you see and touch around you, but also to those around you unseen and untouched by you, but who see and touch you constantly and often. Not these alone, but those who go about their business in their own spheres are so affected. It is so in my own, I know, and how much higher I do not hazard to say. But, were you to ask me I would reply that your doings are multiplied by transmission through the spheres of light by seventy times seven; and that no end is found to their journey within the ken of man or angel. For I little doubt, if that at all, they find out at last the very Heart of God.

Be ye, therefore, perfect, because your Father Who is in the Heaven of the Heavens is perfect; and no imperfect thing can find acceptance and approval to enter where He is in His awful Beauty.”[8]

Zabdiel has laid out our mission on earth in no uncertain terms. We must better ourselves and rid our minds of harmful emotions and thoughts. Let no one think this isn’t a tremendously difficult task, for everything around us conspires to stop us from making progress. Like an addict who is surrounded by others of the same addiction, who is constantly reinforced to stay stoned with the crowd, because the mob can’t conceive of any alternate lifestyle. To pull away from the group takes enormous effort and discipline.

Starting with small baby steps is the correct process. The spirit world doesn’t demand a drastic alteration overnight, but a little progress, forward motion in the path to love and light is appreciated. In fact, when the desire of a person, who fervently wishes to improve their spirituality is detected, the spirit realm reaches out and assists. Help is always around the corner. One just has to commence trying.

7Tenets-Front-smallThe first place is to learn what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my book, based upon how Spiritism has affected my life, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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