Are You Wondering Why Your Memories of Your Dreams are Imprecise?

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

In the book Between Heaven and Earth, dictated to Francisco C. Xavier, by the spirit Andre Luiz, a woman, named Antonina, is given a chance to meet her deceased child (Marcos) in the Spirit world. She finds the child is happy with his life in heaven. She feels wonderful about the experience. When her spirit is put back into her body, the team leader (Clarencio), with whom Andre and Hilario are assisting, says,

“Our friend cannot hold on to the memory of what occurred,” stated Clarencio.

“Why not?” asked Hilario.

“Very few spirits are capable of living on earth with the visions of life eternal. They need the environment of inner twilight. A full memory of what occurred would result in a fatal longing.”

But the Minister patiently explained:

“Each stage in life is characterized by special purposes. Honey may be tasty nectar for the child, but it mustn’t be given indiscriminately – too much and it becomes a laxative. While we are in the earthly envelope, we cannot stay in contact with the spirit realm too long or our soul will lose interest in struggling worthily till the end of the body. Antonina will recall our trip but only vaguely, like someone who brings a beautiful but blurry picture to the living arena of her soul. But she will remember her son more vividly, enough for her to feel reassured and convinced that Marcos is waiting for her in the Greater Life. Such certainty will be sweet nourishment for her heart.” [page 79]

The dreams that you remember are probably full of symbolism that represents your hazy memory of what occurred. The important point to keep in mind is that if you woke up happy and refreshed, your dream was a positive experience in the spirit realm. Whereas, if you dreamt of 7Tenets-Front-smallconflict and you awoke agitated, then think carefully about the path you are on, it may be a message to change.

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