Dreams and how the Spirit World Assists Us

dreams-mirrorDreams can play an important part in our lives. According to Spiritism, when we sleep we are able to roam in our spirit form to talk with other spirits. These can be other incarnates who are also sleeping, or spirits currently free of a physical body.

Often, the spirit world attempts to help us through our trials by taking our spirits while asleep and giving us information and feelings about pertinent episodes in our life.

I was struck by the amount of support the spirit world gave a woman I corresponded with who had experienced the tragic loss of her baby boy. She was very distraught and couldn’t understand why her precious son was taken from her.

She found my Spiritist blog and was looking for answers. She could not reconcile the loss of her baby boy with her beliefs. We texted back and forth. I learned that her son had died at a very early age and that she had two other children. As we were discussing Spiritism, I suddenly had the feeling to ask her if her son had any serious birth defects.

I asked that question, because in many instances in Spiritist literature, souls who have had traumatic previous lives, meaning a death by suicide or other causes require special help to recover. A spirit can damage their perispirit (that which connects their spirit to their physical body) so severely that they require a short rebirth to correct it. A limited stay in a physical body will allow them to recover and then incarnate again in a healthy manner.

She was taken back by my question and asked me why did I ask it. I told her about the need to repair a perispirit. She told me that her son had been born with a heart defect, but it was undetected at first. When they found out about it, he had an operation. He seemed to be recovering, but he died suddenly. She felt great regret that she didn’t find the flaw sooner.

I told her, it was my belief that her little soul most probably required an abbreviated stay and then he may come back to her later. Since, I had read about this occurring before. As an example, a man who killed himself with poison, because he was in love with a woman, who spurned him and went with another man. The spirit world, trying to reconcile past entanglements, sent him as her son in another life. He was born very sickly and only lived a few years. She was heartbroken. Happily, a year after his death, she had another son, who was in actuality, the same soul, but this time he was very healthy.

When she heard this, she told me of a dream she had. She was on a beach and she met a teenage boy, about seventeen years old. She knew it was her lost son. She felt that it was a vision to let her know he was fine and would still have a future. I told her, that she should seriously consider that the dream was arranged by the spirit world to give her hope and to not allow herself to fall into depression.

Then, she told me her father-in-law dreamt that he had talked to her recently passed son. Her father-in-law said the boy talked to him and told him the universe was all about love. The father-in-law asked what could they have done to keep him on earth, and he replied that it was all part of a plan. The boy told him, all would be fine.

I told the woman, this was another sign from the spirit world to give you comfort. That you are very lucky to have such support and care surrounding you. Still, she was uncertain, if these dreams meant anything.

Then she told me her mother had a dream in which her son would be reborn to her. I was amazed, I had never heard of such a constellation of dreams all for the purpose to supply love and comfort for a deeply sorrowful mother. Again, I expressed my belief that you have been given a wonderful gift, that you must be a very kind and loving person to have so much support from the spirit world.

I told her to keep thinking positive and learn to love all around her. She replied, that she does love all of her family, and I said, “You need to learn to love all humanity with the same intensity as you loved your little son. For that is the message that the spirit world has sent us again and again. And that is what your son told your father-in-law.”

At the end I urged her to remain faithful and that all would be right, that she was part of a plan to help her, her family, and her son.

Reading this one could ask, how could she doubt with so many signs? But of course, in our culture, dreams and feelings aren’t proof. I perfectly understand her wish to know with certainty. At some time in the future of our planet, we shall know with absolute proof that the spirit world is real. For now, on our current earth, which is a planet of atonement, where are travel through many lives to pay for our past debts and to learn, we are like students, learning to be civilized. The spirit realm is actively teaching us. Planning trials and classes for us to sit through. Like good teachers everywhere, they aren’t going to give us the answers, we must decipher them for ourselves. We need to gather what evidence we detect and build our faith upon a foundation of reasoning. Will we be able to communicate our findings to others with absolute certainty? No, but within ourselves, as we observe 7Tenets-Front-smallthe phenomena around us, we know there is more than just our short and often brutal existence.

Learn more about living in a planet of atonement and how the spirit world has sent us here to learn, by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will see why even at the darkest times, there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel.



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