Faith is Measurable in the Spirit Realm

reincarnation5In the tenth level of Heaven, the spirit Zabdiel created a live dove from his will power alone … as an object lesson to young children. He revealed the potential power we possess as we ascend as a spirit. All is possible if we work for it.

Zabdiel recounted how he went to inspect certain houses and villages in the tenth level of heaven at the request of his superior, when he spoke to the Rev. G. Vale Owen on December 19, 1913.

First Zabdiel defines what he means by the use of the word “faith”:

“’According to your faith be it unto you.’ This stands a promise of power today as when He first said it; and it may be claimed with full assurance of fulfillment. Only that faith must be present, and then the present enablement will be manifest, in ways diverse but with n uncertainty of cause and effect.

Now, this is not alone to you, but to us here in these sphere progressed and progressive. It is the acquiring of faith in exercise that we study to compass and, that gotten, we are powerful to help others, and ourselves to enjoy. For it is delight and pleasure to give, more than to receive, as He said.

But do not mistake the nature of faith in the using of it. In the earth life it is of indefinite quality as mostly understood – something between trustfulness and a right understanding of what is truth. But here, where we study all things as to their essence, we know that faith is more than this. It is power capable of scientific analysis, in a measure in correspondence with the progress made by any man.”[1]

Faith in the spirit realm is power, raw power to create, transform, and destroy. Hence only those who have been rigorously trained and tested are allowed to weld such an instrument. This is why we are on earth … to learn how to control our minds, so one day we can manage this Divine Power.

Faith on earth, practiced by humans is like a toy car used as a plaything by a toddler. They know thegivingPasses car goes to and fro, but how it works, how to command it, how to pass the driver’s test, how to pay for insurance; are all concepts beyond their capability. In our way, we know that faith exists. We know that to have faith means to believe in the absence of absolute proof; that is enough for us to learn while we are enrolled in the campus called Earth. Later, in the spirit realm, we shall be introduced to a higher concept.

One could ask, why don’t we know this now? One hears the statement, “Why doesn’t just God show Himself, then we would all believe!” The answer is that we are put here to learn to analyze our surroundings and the phenomena occurring around us so we can logically deduce the presence of God and the spirit world, then have faith of what that means to our life and our beliefs on this planet. We are being tested, to determine our intellectual and emotional ability.

We are being challenged to understand that faith must rest upon a firm foundation. Once we have proven to ourselves the reality of the base; for us to have faith in the logical extensions of the revelation of our certainty. As an example, once we know that another world is guiding us, with love and compassion; then we should interpolate that there are moral absolutes which we should follow. We should not hesitate to follow our conscience to choose the right path, even if that means a lack of a transitory material pleasure.

This is not difficult to learn, since we practice faith every day. When you wake up in the morning and drive to work, you have faith that your car will start, the roads will be passable and that other drivers are following the rules, so you too, can make your way to your destination. You aren’t beset with worries that the bridge will be down or that rogue cars will ram you on your way to the office.

We have that faith because we see how the society we live in operates. We logically expand on what other aspects the rules of society may affect. We modify our behavior to live within the written and unwritten laws of our culture.

In the same manner we need to cultivate our faith in the Supreme Intelligence. To look at events, nature, our emotions and feelings to set in stone the presence of a Higher Being and all of what that means.

Spirit-101-Front-smallOnce we internalize the Doctrine of Spiritism, the requirement to live by the Golden Rule. To love all, to not think ill of anyone, to understand that spirits are here on earth from many levels of maturity and hence are learning the hard lessons of life. Only then, by exercising our faith, and sacrificing worldly pleasures gained by dishonest means can we prove to our guides that we are ready to graduate to the next level. That we are trustworthy to be given more responsibility and advanced training.

Faith as a Lesson to Children

Zabdiel, wishing to illustrate what he meant by the power of faith in the spirit world, tells of the time he went to visit a house in the tenth level of heaven. The house was home to children, who had been stillborn or who had died at birth. Since these precious creatures had little or no experience on earth, they were taken to a higher plane to be raised and cared for, until they would be able to incarnate once again on earth.

He met the guardians and went to see the children in a garden. Zabdiel stood and watched them play. Seeing they were naturally shy, he decided to entice them to come closer:

“One little man drew near me and began to play with my belt, for its brightness pleased him, and he was inquisitive of its metal. So I sat on a little grass bank, and took him on my knee, and asked him if he would choose what pretty thing the belt should bring him. He was doubtful of my meaning at first and, following, of my ability. But I repeated my invitation, and he replied, ‘A dove, please you, sir’. That was very polite of him, and I told him so, and that when the little boy asked in such ways, trusting and believing, then they always get their will, if that will was wise and pleasing to our Father.

This saying, I placed him on his feet before me, and put out my will to the end he desired. And presently the form of a dove was seen in the plate of the metal which fastened the belt, and this grew in distinctness, until at length it expanded beyond the plate, and then I took it, and it was a live dove which stood on my hand and cooed, and looked at me, and then at the boy, as if wondering which was the parent of its being. I gave him to the lad, and he took him to his bosom, and ran to show the others what had come to pass.”[2]

Zabdiel, willed the dove, he conjured a living creature from the ether, the Universal Fluid, which Spirit-of-Truth_200pxmakes up the spiritual and physical universes. He invoked measurable energy to transform particles into a complex organism … a living creature. Only via years and years and life after life of toil and learning on earth and in the spirit world would he have been able to command such a feat.

Next Zabdiel wished to show the rest of the children what it means to desire an object and then have it appear:

“Now, this was no more than to bait to hook more fish. Surely they came, by one and two, until a little crowd of eager faces looked up into mine, not daring so much as to ask, yet longing to be brave enough to do so. Still I waited and said naught, but only smiled them back their smiles; for I was giving them a lesson in the power of faith, and their acquirement of it demanded some initiative on their part.

It was a little maiden who first braved to utter the wishes of herself and companions. She stepped forward and took the border of my tunic in her little dimpled hand and, looking up to me, said rather tremulously, ‘If you please sir –‘and then broke off and colored with confusion. So I hoisted her to my shoulder and told her to ask her will.

She wanted a lamb. I told her that orders were coming in, in some good style, and growing in bulk betimes. A lamb was rather a bigger pet than a dove. Did she believe that I could give her a lamb?

Her reply was very naïve. She said, ‘If you please, sir, the others do.’

I laughed heartily, and called them nearer, and they said, Yes, if I could make a dove with feathers, I could make a lamb with wool on it (but they called it fur).

Then I sat down again and spoke to them. I asked them if they loved our Father, and they said, yes, very much, for He it was Who made all this beautiful land, and showed people how to loveclassroom-elementary them. I told them that those who loved the Father were His true children, and that if they asked Him for anything wise and good, believing He was present in His life and power, they would be able so to make their wills use that power that the thing desired would come to them. So it was not needful that I should make any more animals for them, as they could make them themselves. But, as this was rather a difficult case to begin with, I would help them.

Then, at my bidding, they all thought of the lamb they wished to have, and then willed that it should come to them. But nothing came of it apparently; and I restrained my power within certain limitations, of a purpose. After trying awhile I told them to pause.

Then I explained that they were not powerful enough yet, but when they grew bigger they would be able to do even this, if they continued to develop their faith, in prayer and love, and continued, ‘For you have that power, only it is not yet large enough, except to do small things, And I am going to show you that you have some of that power in you now, so that you will continue to learn your lessons from your good guardians. You have not yet sufficient power to create a living animal, but you have enough to influence one already alive to come to you. Are there any lambs on this estate?’

They said there were none, but there were some on an estate rather a long distance away, where they had gone on a visit a short time before.

‘And you,’ I said, ‘by faith and power have brought one of these lambs to you.’

I pointed behind them, and turning, they saw a little lamb feeding on a path among the trees a little distance away.”[3]

The power to create is within us all, in every spirit, we need only to develop our faith and prove that we would always use our force for good and wise purposes. Our capacity to transform objects is only limited by the level of our spirituality.

Spirits in each level of heaven are trained to master their faith and will. The Rev. G. Vale Owen’s mother, who resided on a lower level of heaven, talked about being a member of a group that elephantattempted to make a lifeless statue through the power of thought. Hence, in the spirit world as in earth, when students matriculate from one grade, they continue on to the next, and then to the next. Each level brings more complexity and information. The speed of the ascent is up to each student.

Zabdiel emphasizes that what he has shown the children is only the beginning for them:

“Now, this may seem more or less causal, according to the bent of him who reads. But it is essentials which matter. And I tell you that the pretty little lesson thus given was the spring of some cosmos, as it might be that of which your planet is a small member. It is thus the Principalities and Powers begin to train for mightier things. What they had seen me do was an act of Creation. What they had themselves done, with some little aid from me, was the beginning of such evolvement, which should lead them on to do what I had done, and then to progress, as we in these spheres do, from power to power greater still, as faith is added to, little by little, as we use it in the service of Him Who gives it us to enjoy.

This is faith, and, unseen by you, or not so clearly seen, your faith it is which, sanctified by prayer and high motive, brings to pass its own fulfillment, Use it, then, but with great care and circumspection and all reverence, for it is one of the great trusts which He has confided to you – and to us in greater treasure – and that is no mean mark of His great love. Whose Name be blessed for the free bounty of His giving.”[4]

Zabdiel is telling us that we shall have the opportunity to possess god-like power. An omnipotence, greater than we could ever imagine. And that all of this is a gift from God – to allow us such bounty, The Problem is the Solutionsuch responsibility.

Understand the trials you encounter are there for a reason. Learn from hard knocks and use them to hasten your spiritual health. Read my book The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You, to determine what debts you are paying and what lessons you must acquire.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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