Feeling Overwhelmed – Listen to what the Spirit World tells us

HappyDays-screenshotAll of us have felt ready to give up the battle. In the book, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, Chico Xavier writes of a young man who told others in the mediums meeting that he felt overwhelmed. His trials were too difficult, he could not find the inner strength to continue. He believed that he had signed up for an impossible task and could not decipher how he could surmount his problems.

The man was answered by a message from Andre Luiz. Here is what he was told:

“Let us ponder on the list below in the interim:

… you do not experience organic obstacles;

… you do not face inner conflicts;

… you live exempt from temptations;

… you experience an environment of immutable peace;

… you do not have troubling members in the family;

… you do not face obstacles at home;

… you do not encounter disagreements within your social group;

… you do not enter into conflict with demanding friends;

… you have never experienced loneliness;

… you travel the world without a worry;

… you have not handled crises of a personal nature;

… you have never felt the presence of despondency or affliction next to you;

… you do not have to make an effort to keep your friends;

… you do not meet with adversaries in the tasks that life has reserved for you;

… you work without the criticism of others who might issue remarks and expose your spirit to discussions and disharmony at your heart towards needed renovation now and again.

If any item on this list of trials is unfamiliar to you, you are elsewhere from your path to evolution.

These events happen because it is precisely through problems and struggles that we accomplish the victories of the soul here on earth.

Remember that human beings would not actually understand the voice of a luminous high-order spirit alone. Therefore, without listening to the words from individuals who share their experiences with us, and receiving their cooperation, it would not be possible for any of us to make an effort towards our evolution.”[i]

We are being told that our problem is the solution. The distressing events in our life are meant as teaching moments. From each episode there is another nugget to be found. As gold miners swirl around the pan to find small gold flakes amongst the sand and dirt, we too must analyze our trials. We need to separate our emotional responses, discarding our feelings of victimhood and let the 7Tenets-Front-smallactual proceedings guide us to decipher what lesson was presented and how we should improve.

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[[i]] Xavier, Francisco C., Pires, J. Herculano, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, SAB, pp. 87-88

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