How Not to Prepare for Life After Death

earth-with-handsAccording to Zabdiel, there are two types of spirits on earth, which includes incarnates and discarnates. One is the type which realizes the earth is a place of learning, a location to mold their character, and then return to the higher spiritual spheres. The other is bound to the earth. Attached to earthly pleasures and materials.

Zabdiel, in his communications to the Reverend G. Vale Owen, talks about the surprise of those who arrive at the spirit world unprepared for their new reality. Zabdiel tells us, “Many are very much surprised to find themselves allotted to a place of which they had heard with their outer ears, but had not further inquired as to its reality.”[1]

When men or women, who never gave the possibility of life continuing forever a second thought, leave their bodies, many do not even realize they have passed on. They believe themselves to be in some strange earthly location, and quite can’t place where it is.

Zabdiel illustrates his point with how he helped a man who had just died:

“I was once sent to receive a man who required some careful dealing with, for he was one who had many rather decided opinions as to these realms, and whose mind had been filled with ideas of what was right and proper as to the life continued here. I met him as his spirit attendants brought him from the earth region, and led him to the grove of trees where I awaited him. He walked between them and seemed dazed somewhat, as if he sought what he could not find.

I motioned the two to set him to stand alone before me, and they retired some little distance behind him. He could not see me plainly at first; but I concentrated my will upon him, and at last he looked at me searchingly.”[2]

Zabdiel had to make himself denser in order for him to be seen. The higher the spirit, the less material and more energy, whereas those in lower spheres are composed of a greater ratio of matter to energy. Hence, spirits from planes above them can’t be detected. Therefore, using his mind to transform his spirit body into a more solid object, Zabdiel became apparent to the newly passed over man.

Next, Zabdiel was able to engage in conversation:

“Then I said to him, ‘Sir, you seek what you cannot find, and I may help you. First tell me, how long have you been to this country of ours?’

‘That,’ he answered, ‘I find difficult to say. I had certainly arranged to go abroad, and thought it was into Africa. I was going. But I do not find this place in any way what I expected.’

‘No, for this is not Africa; and from that country you are a long distance away.’

‘What is the name of this country then? And what tribe of people are these? They are white and very handsome, but I never came on any quite like them, even in my reading.’

‘Well, there you are not quite exact for a scientist such as you are. You have read of these peoplepremonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412 without realizing that they were anything more than puppets without life and natural qualities. These are those you have read as saints and angels. And such am I.’

‘But,’ he began, and then paused. He did not believe me, and feared to offend, not knowing what consequences should ensue; for he was in a strange country, among strange folk, and without escort.

‘Now,’ I told him, ‘you have the biggest task before you you have ever encountered. In all your journeys you have come to no barrier so high and thick as this. For I will be quite plain to you and tell you the truth. You will not believe it. But, believe me, until you do believe it and understand you will not have peace of mind, nor will you be able to make any progress. What you have before you to do is to take the opinions of a lifetime, turn them upside down and inside out, and own yourself no longer a scholar and great scientist, but the veriest babe in knowledge; and that nearly all you thought worthy of any consideration at all as to this country was either unworthy a thinking being, or absolutely wrong. These are hard words; they are such of necessity. But look well on me, and tell me, if you can read me, whether I be honest and friendly or no.’

He looked on me long and very seriously, and said at last, ‘Though I am altogether at sea as to what you mean, and your words seem to me like those of some misguided enthusiast, yet your face is honest enough, and I think you wish me will. Now, what is it you want me to believe?’

‘You have heard of death?’

‘Faced it many a time!’

‘As you are now facing me. And yet you know neither one nor the other. What kind of knowledge call you that which looks on a thing without knowing what it is?’

‘If you will be plain, and tell me something I can understand, I may be able to get the hang of things a little better.’

‘So. Then first of all you are what you would call dead.’ At this he laughed outright and said, ‘Who are you, and what are you trying to do with me? If you are bent on trying to make a fool of me, say so and be done with it, and let me get on my way. Is there any village near at hand where I can get food and shelter while I think over my future course?’

‘You do not require food, for you are not hungry. Nor do you require shelter, for you are not bodily tired. Nor do you observe any sign of night at all.’

At this he paused once again, and then replied, ‘You are quite right; I am not hungry. It is strange, but it is quite true; I am not hungry. And this day, certainly, has been the longest on record. I don’t understand it all.’

And he fell into a reverie again. Then I said, ‘You are what you would call dead, and this is the spirit land. You have left the earth, and this is the life beyond, which you must now live, and come near-deathto understand. Until you grasp this initial truth, further help I cannot give you. I leave you to think it over; and when you wish for me, if you should so wish, I will come to you. These two gentlemen who led you here are spirits attendant. You may question them and they will answer. Only, this remember: You shall not be suffered to ridicule what they say, and laugh at them, as you did but now at my words, Only if you be humble and courteous will I allow you their company. You have in you much that is of worth; and you have also, as many more I have met, much vanity and foolishness of mind. This I will not suffer you to flaunt in the faces of my friends. So be wise in time and remember. For you are now on the borderland between the spheres of light and those of shade, and it lies in you to be led into the one, or to go, of your own free will, into the other. May God help you, and that He will if you will.’ ”[3]

The man was unready for the unexpected termination of his life. He compartmentalized all notions of life beyond what he could see and hear for himself as fairy tales or wishful thinking. He was a product of the current arc of earth’s destiny. He grew up in a culture which categorized all religious sentiment as romantic notions.

Whereas, early in human history, we collectively lived close to the spirit world; for that was all that we had, as human knowledge expanded, we grew away from it. The spirit world knows that this is an expected result of intellectual and technological advances. Mankind would travel from one extreme of the pendulum; complete reliance upon spirituality to the other extreme; recognizing nothing except what can be materially proven.

Our obsession in ridiculing any spiritual phenomena will eventually cease, due to irrefutable facts. The spirit Emmanuel tells us that the very scientist who are ardent non-believers are working, unknowingly, towards proving the existence of a spiritual plane.

Zabdiel told G. Vale Owen that the man was helped by his two companions, but he couldn’t adjust and wandered down into the lesser planes. Only after a considerable length of time, did he call Zabdiel to meet him once again in the grove:

“There I went to meet him, in that same spot in the grove of trees. He was a much more thoughtful man, and gentler, and less ready to scoff. So I looked on him silently, and he lookedvictory on me and knew me, and then bent his head in shame and contrition. He was very sorry that he had laughed at my words.

Then he came forward slowly and knelt before me, and I saw his shoulders shake with sobbing as he bid his face in his hands.

So I blessed him, with my hand upon his head, and spoke words of comfort and left him.”[4]

We, as the human race, will go through the same cycle as the man who didn’t realize he was in heaven. That it was before him all of the time, but he never saw it. Only when he opened his eyes and Explore-Small-front-coverheart did everything reveal itself.

The spirit realm and the many levels of spiritual spheres are further explained in my book Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life is (mostly) Predetermined. The reason for your life is revealed and the workings of the spirit world are introduced in this book. Find out that you have a higher purpose and that you are an immortal soul.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Hey now the Earth is flat and Ceazer was Jesus Christ according to many people.


Thank you wholeheartedly for this article of yours as well as for all the other ones, which are from my point of view amazing, truthful and very educational. Thank you for your dedicated work. With gratitude 🌷


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