Spiritual Contracts – How we are prepared for the next life

HappyDays-screenshotI am reproducing a post made by Mauricio C. Filho on the US Spiritist FaceBook site. The original post is here. The post links to the webpage that contains the translation here.

It dives deeper into what we go through before reincarnating and tells us to carefully examine ourselves for clues for what areas of our lives we need to improve. I found it to be almost directly speaking to me concerning my past failures.


From the Book “Happy Days” (Dias Felizes) – By the Spirit Honório
The responsibilities we have consciously embraced as immortal Spirits are spiritual contracts of great importance and are to be observed during our transitory corporeal existences.

The agreement established between the team of spiritual instructors and the reincarnating Spirit they are responsible for preparing, constitute an existential contract of fundamental significance in the conscience of the individual being instructed. This contract contains all the tasks to be accomplished so that the candidate for spiritual self-development can achieve its objectives and make reparations towards its own conscience and towards all other persons involved in its reincarnatory path.

Those who accept the work of amending their family ties receive specific orientation from groups of Spirits composed of pedagogues, psycho-pedagogues, psychologists and other noble individuals who achieved success in previous lives while going through the same challenges as members of a family. This orientation will allow them to better comprehend and assimilate the possibility they also have of achieving success during the future experience in the physical realm. They will be more likely to practice the teachings, which will continuously echo in the acoustics of their soul and thus encourage them to proceed as previously prepared before their reincarnation.

The same takes place with those about to enter the physical plane indebted in matters related to the dissemination of elevated spiritual knowledge. Whether under the context of Spiritism or any other religion, this responsibility entails the education of men and women regarding the right direction to follow based on the lucid and clarifying message taught by Jesus while on Earth.

For those accepting this spiritual ministry during their reincarnation on Earth, another group of spiritual instructors is added to the first group in order to educate the reincarnating Spirit in organizational matters. The Spirits composing this new group are sage and experienced leaders who have excelled in the art of faithfully advancing the message of Christ. They are wise and dedicated historians who help in clarifying inaccurate human interpretations regarding spiritual development that have taken place on Earth. Other participants are Spirits skilled in the art of clarifying the subject of reincarnation and its objectives. This is the multidisciplinary team assembled to assist future reincarnating Spirits who will have this serious moral responsibility among men and women in the physical plane.

Individuals who have defined spiritual ministry responsibilities, are among many others who in the past, either committed serious mistakes while immersed in the same experiences of religious and spiritual ministry or were among those who corroborated with those mistakes. Those who opted for the latter behavior are fewer in number.

To individuals consciously indebted with the responsibilities of spiritual ministry, the Divine educational investment is specifically connected with the religion in which the reincarnating Spirit has a moral obligation, and in which it will be practicing while on Earth when explaining the profound significance of biblical passages or knowledge from other religious denominations.

The enlightened Spirits organize group meetings and instructive symposiums, as well as private therapeutic sessions, so that the candidate for the future Earthly spiritual ministry task can overcome the strong traumatic conflicts that it may still contain within its soul. These conflicts are the effect of previous mistakes committed or atrocities suffered in the name of religion.

Spirits who participated in the early stages of Christianity, and who walked the glorious path of renunciation and unconditional abnegation, participate in these meetings, which promote moral support of the candidates who will soon be working for the victory of love in the field of spiritual ministry on Earth. Through the speeches and moral conduct, these spiritual benefactors exemplify and demonstrate to Spirits who are about to reincarnate the necessity of living the Gospel of love while steering away from the mistakes of previous reincarnations.

Those who think that the preparation for a new reincarnation is simple, only consisting in the desire of the reincarnating Spirit and the support of spiritual benefactors responsible for that process, still do not really comprehend the reincarnatory process, which involves the active participation of various departments in the spirit world aiming to prepare adequately the errant Spirit in its progress.

Once registered in the reincarnatory program, the Spirit undergoes a routine of study and work that is fundamental to the strengthening of its willpower. The education it receives solidifies to its maximum capability, in its own soul, the need to cultivate noble feelings as it knows that once reincarnated the influence of matter and the Law of Forgetfulness are challenges to be surpassed through much hard work and dedication. All the good actions the reincarnated Spirit practices on Earth are the result of its own choices, which were lucidly accepted before reincarnating.

The memorable teachings given to Allan Kardec by the enlightened Spirits explain how responsible the reincarnating Spirit is as it has co-authored with God its own reincarnation and the tests it must undergo. It is a clear exercise of the Law of Free Will.

The choices of tests to be lived by the Spirit while undergoing the physical experience are the result of a delicate reincarnatory spiritual preparation. The investments made during this process are profound and meticulously organized; so that the Spirit now under a new personality in this existential journey has a greater chance to emerge victorious.

On the other hand, this exact process does not constitute a general rule. There are exceptions such as those of compulsory reincarnations and those cases of Spirits who are less indebted towards humankind. In those cases Spirits do not participate at all, or only partially participate in the planning carried out by sage Spirits.

If the incarnated Spirit takes the time to analyze its own conscience, it will perceive the nuances of the reincarnatory plan inviting it to the execution of the previously embraced duties. It is not necessary to know exact details or earth-shaking information in order to hear in itself the guidance received before returning to the corporeal life. As a matter of fact, knowing exact details about our reincarnatory plan seldom takes place with anyone once immersed in the physical plane.

It is invaluable to the Spirit to find in itself the most intrinsic vices and the most natural and developed qualities. This self-knowledge will ease the process of knowing what it must do for itself in the execution of its spiritual objectives.

Understanding the fragility of the human soul and the tendency we have to corrupt our own spiritual commitments, Jesus instructed us in the question asked by Mark 9:19; “You unbelieving generations – How long should I stay with you?” so the human race could forever understand that when it comes to moral progress, the presence and assistance of Jesus alone is not enough, but rather, that we must also fulfill the responsibilities dictated by our conscience, feeling His message in the deepness of our hearts.

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