The Future Churches of Christianity

episcopal-churchIn the book Missionaries of the Light, inspired by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, there is a passage commenting on the future uses of Churches.

In the book, Andre Luiz is attending a Spiritist center, located in a home in Rio de Janeiro. Andre’s mentor, Alexandre, comments on using a home as a religious gathering point;

“You mustn’t forget that great lessons by the Master himself were given in family settings. The first visible institution of Christianity was Simon Peter’s humble home in Capernaum. One of our Lord’s first manifestations in the presence of people was the multiplication of family joys at a wedding party in the comfort of the home. Jesus often visited the homes of confessed sinners, switching on new lights in their hearts. The last meeting with the disciples took place in a home setting. The first center for Christian service in Jerusalem was in the simple house of Peter.” [Missionaries of the Light, 2009, p. 87]

In Alexandre’s comments, he is attempting to remind all of us that our faith is important, not where we demonstrated it. The home is a sacred piece of earth, a place where children are raised and family are loved and looked after. It is the actual living as a Spiritist that is vital, not the outward expression of faith.

Next he goes on to tell us what will be the future of Churches, when we drop our need to worship God publicly and learn to practice our worship as our daily mode of living.

“In the future of humankind the material churches of Christianity will become church-schools, church-orphanages and church-hospitals, where the leaders of the faith will not only convey words ofJesusCharity interpretation, but where children will find support and instruction; the youth, the preparation needed for achievements worthy of character and sentiment; the sick, health-giving remedies; the ignorant, learning; the elderly, support and hope. Evangelical Spiritism is the great restorer of the loving and hardworking apostolic churches of the past. Its faithful followers will be valuable helpers in transforming theological ministries into schools of spirituality, and stone cathedrals into welcoming homes of Jesus.” [Missionaries of the Light, 2009, p. 87]

Hence, there shall come a day, when the organized religions will turn their focus on providing services to their community, rather than mainly facilitating religious events. For, while religious ceremony can KindleCovercertainly be comforting to many, the act of charity and fraternity takes precedence.

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