The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth – What Jesus Really Meant

Jesus-in-the-home-bookIn the book, Jesus in the Home, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier and dictated to him by the spirit Neio Lucio, there is a discussion about what is meant by the meek shall inherit the earth.

In Peter’s house, where many chapters of the book take place, the disciples are heatedly debating how could this be. After all, if only evil was strong and aggressive how could good ever emerge victorious?

Jesus let them all calm down and then answered:

“Of course, you are all mistaken. I didn’t praise laziness, which hides behind the mask of humility, nor cowardliness, which dons the appearance of prudence in order to better accommodate itself to human conveniences. Individuals who become attached to such artifices will greatly suffer the spiritual measures that the world uses to reform torturous and indecisive characters. Actually, I was praising the courtesy that we all owe one another. Blessed are the mild mannered who are able to use their constructive energy in a gesture of kindness and a word of understanding! Blessed are the children of balance and kindness who learn how to deny evil without insulting ignorant neighbors who request it without knowing what they are asking for! Blessed are those who repeat the same lesson a thousand times over without boasting about it, so that their neighbor might feel the influence of their action! Blessed are those who know how to deal with the rich and the poor, the wise and the ignorant, the good and evil with the spirit of service and understanding, giving to each one in accordance with their merits and needs, while leaving traces of improvement, spiritual growth, well-being and contentment wherever they go! In truth I say to you that they will inherit the spiritual domain of the earth, because all those who welcome their neighbor within the guidelines of love and respect are owners of the hearts that are perfected in the world!” [pp. 68-69]

This corresponds with what is taught to us about the difference between anger and indignation, where when one must use positive energy to accomplish a goal or to persuade others to get a job done, it is done with loving firmness.

I confess, the phrase the meek shall inherit the earth also confused me. I imagined that it meant just standing there taking whatever undue punishment was delivered to you. But now I see it is all about our approach. Keeping ourselves in check and remaining caring and positive, yet firm is the core of the message. All should be treated with respect and by doing so, the people we work with will be more open to learn from our example.

BookCover-ReincarnationThis is all part of learning throughout our multiple lives. If you would like to learn more about how we need to improve in one life to the next and how we plan out our trials to ensure we absorb the lessons assigned to us, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

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