Understanding and Caring – An Example from the Spirit Realm

infidelity2In the book, In the Domain of Mediumship, inspired by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, also known as Chico, there is a scene where a woman, Anesia, has asked for help from the Spiritual world. She is worried that her husband has found another woman. During her sleep, when she is out of her body, a team of spirits, led by Aulus, accompanies Anesia to where Jovino has met his girlfriend. Anesia sees the entire scene of Jovino drinking and showing displays of affection with the other woman.

Anesia is furious, cries and leaves the bar where she has witnessed her husband in the company of a rival. The Spiritual Team Leader, Aulus, follows her and says;

“Dear sister, please take hold of yourself. You prayed so that you could receive spiritualinfidelity assistance and we have answered your call. Cheer up! Don’t lose hope.”

“Hope?” replied the poor woman, whose face was bathed in rears. “I am the object of treason.”

The conversation between them continued in a moving expressive tone.

“Treason by whom?” asked Aulus.

“By my husband, who failed in his marriage promises.”

Aulus tells her, “Do you believe that marriage is a simple excursion on Earth? Dear friend, the home is a school where souls reunite to achieve individual regeneration knowing that perfection is ours in the future. In educational establishments there are professors and students. Don’t you know that the best ones should help those marching behind?”

Upon hearing Aulus’ words Anesia interrupted her laments. Yet, after looking at our mentor with intense confidence, she begin sadly; “But Jovino…”

Aulus interrupted her, adding: “Are you forgetting that now is when your husband requires yourDomainOfMediumship understanding and affection? A woman should not always view her companion as the man she loves tenderly, but as a spiritual son, who needs to be guided with understanding and sacrifice. Equally, a husband should not always contemplate his wife as the flower of his dreams, but rather as a daughter of his heart, who ask for tolerance and kindness, so that she can be taken from darkness to light.”

“Anesia, love is not just rosy happiness and the sweet response to sex. It is a light that shines in the heights, inspiring the renunciation and unconditional pardon of those we love. Jovino is like a plant that God conveyed into your hands, and you must be a gardener. The plant will be attacked by parasites or deadly worms; however, there is no reason to fear if the gardener is attentive and vigilant.” [In the Domains of Mediumship, 2004, p.128]

This is why I love books by Andre Luiz, the unexpected lesson, the Spiritist Doctrine applied to the ultimate level. Not just unconditional love, but a constructive love. A love where each of us has the responsibility to guide, not just strangers, but our closest relations, people who have the capacity to BookCover-Reincarnationhurt us deeply. Who said being a Spiritist was easy?

Learn more about how we should improve in each life and what is our goal as we progress toward a higher level, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. Your will discover exactly why we are on earth and how the spirit world (with our help) plan out our trials in life.




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