When the World will Change for the Better – The Signs of a Renewal

Jesus-in-the-home-bookIn the book, Jesus in the home, in Chapter 24 – The Signs of a Renewal, Jesus speaks about what our world will be like when the people of our planet become in tune with the Divine Kingdom. I believe our Christ is providing us a glimpse into what a world of regeneration may be like.

Here is what he says;

“When the Divine Kingdom is at the gates of humankind, the soul of the world will be renewed.

The person who is the most powerful will not be the one who is the most ruthless, but rather the one who loves the most.

Conquerors will not be those who war against foreign enemies to the death in rivers of blood, but rather those who combat the iniquity and ignorance that lies within them until evil is wiped out in the realms of their own nature.

The most eloquent will not be those of the most beautiful speech, but rather those who combine holy words with actions to raise the quality of life wherever they may be.

The noblest will not be those who hold the largest number of titles granting them theportrait-of-jesus transitory control of ephemeral lands on earth, but those who most intensely accrue the acclaims of love and gratitude in the hearts of mothers and children, the sick and the elderly, loyal and honest persons, hard-working and upright persons, and humble and kind ones.

Those who are the most respected will not be dispensers of gold and armed might, but rather those with the purest hearts.

Those who are the holiest will not be the ones who isolate themselves on altars of supreme pride, avoiding contact with those who suffer because they are afraid of becoming dishonored and unclean, but rather those who come down from their aggrandizement, extending fraternal hands to the wretched and suffering, raising their dilacerated souls to the realms of joy and understanding.” [Jesus in the Home, 2009, pp. 93-94]

We are given the gift of fully comprehending what it means to improve our planet. How each of us must change and grow toward full spiritual awakening.

Next, Jesus tells us what life will be like to live in such a paradise.

mother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmh“In that sublime age, people will not leave their homes to war in storms of blood and tears against their neighbor due to their desire for conquest or race hatred, because they will be busy waging war against the darkness of ignorance the open wounds of illness, the anguish of hunger, and moral torture of all hues… When the plow replaces the opulent chariot of victors in public displays of collective grandeur; when the edifying book takes the place of the sword in the minds of the people; when goodness and wisdom preside over human competition so that good individuals may be revered; when personal sacrifice on behalf of all constitutes the true honor of individuality so that peace and love do not lose their place in one’s life – then there will be a New Humanity in the luminous cradle of the Divine Kingdom.” [Jesus in the Home, 2009, p. 94]

This vision is exactly what we as Spiritist are striving for. When you get discouraged, stand back and Explore-Small-front-coverconsider the future that is ahead of us. Yes, it’s a long road, to our physical beings here on earth, but in spirit terms, the future is just around the corner.

Learn, where the planet earth is in this moment and what is the next step and how the spirit world plans to get us to a better planet, by reading the book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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