Why Do Perfect Spirits Come to Earth to Help Us?

Kardec-JesusWho are the higher spirits that come to earth to help our planet progress? Why would they consent to live through pain and suffering to assist so many ungrateful souls? Leon Denis in his book, Life and Destiny, tells us who are these selfless spirits and the reason for their voluntary descent into our environment of pain and atonement.

Leon recounts what these superior spirits withstood on their climb toward perfection;

“To construct an individuality, through thousands of lives, accomplished in hundreds of worlds, and under the direction of our older brothers and our friends in space, to climb the paths to Heaven, to the divine drama, one of the agents of God in the eternal work; to work for the universe as the universe works for us, behold the secret of destiny! So the soul mounts from sphere to sphere, from circle to circle. United to the beings it has loved, it goes on its pilgrimage, seeking divine perfection. Arriving at the supreme region, it is freed from the law of rebirth. Reincarnation is no more an obligation for it, but an act of will, and a work of sacrifice when it has a mission to accomplish. Reaching the supreme height, the spirit says: “I am free! I have broken forever the fetters which has chained me to material worlds; I have acquired science, energy, love. But that which I have acquired I want to share with my brothers, and for that purpose I will go and live among them, and I will offer them the best that is in me. I will take a body of flesh, I will descend again among those who suffer in ignorance, to console, enlighten and aid.” [Leon Denis, Life and Destiny, p. 207]

The thorny path to perfection is long and arduous. We who are here now are just beginning our



education. Imagine what we will learn in the future? The span of humanity and the vast discoveries to be witnessed. We would have the love to return to the abyss and help others? I would think that after we truly learn to rid ourselves of our ego, our desire for material possessions that anyone of us could someday be what Leon Denis says are high spirits that have lowered themselves to aid us, “And then we have Lao-tse, Buddha, Socrates, Christ.” [Leon Denis, Life and Destiny, p. 207]

7Tenets-small3DLearn how to allow yourself to flow with the current of love and kindness from the spirit world in your daily life by understanding the tenets by which we live under the direction of our spirit benefactors. Read my personal account of how the spirit realm has affected my life in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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