Work and Evolution – A Spirit Tell Us We Must Strive to Improve Ourselves

bookofTruthAt the end of the day we all know there is no giving up, there is no abandoning ship, no disappearing from our responsibilities. Emmanuel, the spirit guide to Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier tells us that we need to work in order to evolve. Without growth and change we are stagnate.

“On every occasion that we feel compelled to desert from serving, alleging failures and imperfections, it is convenient to observe the logical lessons from Nature, which finds in work its own path to evolution and improvement.

If the seed gave up its germination because of its confinement in the cloister of clay, it would notcedartree produce the fruit that feeds the human being. After all, the attention it receives from the fruit grower is in direct proportion to how much it produces.

If the rose-bush decided to prevent its own flowers from blooming because of the thorns transfixed along its stems, it would not produce the roses that embellish the world so much. Again, it gathers only as much care from the gardener as it produces in flowers.

If the spring denied the soil its beneficence on the grounds that it would have to run through mud and stones on the riverbed…

If the metal decided to betray its own utility in supporting the boiling crucible…

If the animal persisted indefinitely in its refusal to be tamed, alleging the extreme aggressiveness still persistent in its behavior…

And on it goes… All of us, incarnate and discarnate spirits alike, in evolution here on Earth, are at the moment far from the angelical condition, much in the same way that other elements in nature are still infinitely distant from the human condition.

Indubitably, due to our ability to reason, we have a duty to improve ourselves on a constant basis, but it will not be licit for us to allege defects and insipience in order to flee from collaborating in the construction of goodness for the benefit of all, since we are observed and appraised towards the superior life by the extent we seize the opportunities to assist in our lives.

Therefore, in our work, let us love the dispellent of all shadows that are still attached to us in the domains of the soul. Let us be convinced that in all districts of the universe, perfection is the final aim for all creatures and all things. Nevertheless, for the adequate execution of such perfection, work in an inexorable process.”[i]

Hence, whatever smooth or rocky path has been selected for you in your career, it is the road which leads you to your perfection by the most optimal route. While this concept may seem fantastical to many, it is the plan. You may shake your head in desperation or amusement at the twist and turns you have live through thus far, but, more importantly is for you to never give up and use each hurdle as a platform, instead of an obstacle, to advance your quest to become a pure spirit.

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[[i]] Xavier, Francisco C., Pires, J. Herculano, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, SAB, pp. 196-197

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