3 Methods Spirits Communicate with Each Other

Spirits talk, they gesture, they write books – everything we do … except more. They can link mind to mind, not only when they are near, but from afar. And they have various methods to send messages – it all depends on their respective environment and spiritual level.

Arnel tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen, how spirits communicate, in a message sent on December 14, 1920. Arnel was recounting how new spirits to the fourth sphere were acclimatized to the condition on that sphere, when he brought up the subject of teaching languages.

The Rev. G. Vale Owen’s lack of adequate words to describe exactly how spirits speak to each other caused Arnel to supply needed detail in the different processes of interaction:

“We speak to each other here in ways more than one. We speak by word of mouth in the lower spheres. That is how I tell you of it in its outward seeming. In any wise, these words are vibrations as are yours; and so the term will serve. Then we speak by picture flashes. A mental picture is flashed from one brain to another near or distant; it may be seen at times, this flashing, like a sword of light darting from the lips and eyes into the atmosphere around where it loses visibility. When it reaches its destination the picture is set up before the mind of the recipient and, according to the character of the message, it is invisible to a near companion, or he is sensible of its arrival by a luminescence ambient about the person of him to whom the message is sent.

Then we speak also spirit direct with spirit, But this is used between the more developed, and seldom in the lower spheres.

Here are three ways, each distinct in its own operative method. But there are also others; and there also are ways by which these may be blended in composite. Thus let me posit it, is Habdi in the Sphere Two, and I in the Sphere Seven; and I wish to send him a message. Now he, being conditioned to that lower Sphere at that time, his inner self would be latent. In order, therefore, that he should not mistake my exact meaning, I would both project the message itself to him, and also flash it in pictorial form; and he would verify the one by the other, and no error would ensue.”[1]

Everything is connected in the spirit realm, and there are multiple ways to achieve any connection so desired. Arnel himself, illustrates a combination of non-verbal interfaces to achieve an error free transmission. Our present technology has only within the last forty or so years discovered methods to ensure one hundred percent accurate delivery of information packets.

Arnel’s ability to utilize various communication procedures points to the attributes of a spirit. Arnel doesn’t mention possessing a cell phone, or a telephone, or any other external apparatus. Therefore, within his personality, his spirit body, he contains considerable capability to initiate and send and receive conversations to any identifiable spirit across great distances, dimensions, and environments.

In the book Nosso Lar, dictated to Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, by the spirit Andre Luiz, in 1944; Andre Luiz, newly arrived in the spirit realm was experiencing problems and tried to think of a way to contact help:

“During this emergency, I remembered one of Tobias’s lessons when he had told me: ‘Here, in Nosso Lar, not all of us need an airbus for transportation, because the more elevated inhabitants of the colony have the power of volitation at their disposal. Nor do all of us need communication equipment to converse over long distances, because we mutually maintain ourselves on a plane of perfect thought attunement. Those who are attuned in this way may use the process of mental conversation at will, regardless of the distance.’ “[2]

Andre Luiz confirms what was told by Arnel to G. Vale Owen in 1920. Less mature spirits don’t possess the capability to speak mind to mind. In addition, he tells us that this deficient is mitigated by giving a device for communication, which Francisco Xavier’s mother told him in a message from the spirit realm, were called personal communication devices, aka cell phones – this dispatch was received in the 1930s. Hence, there is nothing that we have invented here that wasn’t in place in the spirit realm long before.

The Universal Language is Thought

Fast forward to 2010, the medium Divaldo Franco psychographed a book by the spirit Manoel Philomeno De Miranda. The book, Planetary Transition, tells of the help given to the tsunami survivors of the great underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004.

During one episode, the recently dead are slowly awakening to the fact that physical life was a mere interlude in their immortal existence. A group of ill-intentioned spirits were waiting to take advantage of these groggy souls. A rescue team of advance spirits were on hand and wished to proceed without interference from the gang of spirits, who by their nefarious deeds and ties to earth had not risen to the light.

One of the leaders of the rescue teams stepped forward and talked to the gang. He convinced them to fall back and let the operation proceed without interference. Manoel asked the spirit, who had last incarnated in the United States, how he could communicate with this motley band. He was told:

“I utilized mental waves without verbalization in words. Under the circumstances and the thought that developed the waves, those afflicted brothers heard in their own language because we were vibrating on the same track of thought. On the other hand, the members of our group heard the dialogue in the language with which we communicate with one another. Since our group is composed of spirits from different countries, our communication is mental, without the need for oral expression formulated in the patterns of each language.

The language of the universe is thought, which modulates expressions according to the reception of each listener. The task of interpreting language belongs to the perispirit, which has stored the idiomatic matrices of the countries we have lived in during our many corporeal lives. Even when we meet those from regions where we have never reincarnated, their mind captures and decodes the thought waves. Everything happens automatically and naturally, without effort. Even so, when there is an attunement of ideas, interests or desires, the phenomenon becomes more efficient and quicker.

During my discussion with the leader of the rebel flock, I used formulations of the English language, which were heard in Indonesian, Portuguese and Tagalog, and also by our collaborators, depending on their country of origin.”[3]

We are told that our minds, our spirit brains, universally work along the same principles so we may transmit information directly from one spirit to another. The prerequisite is that we attune ourselves to receive the thoughts radiating from the other spirit. And if we are on a similar level, then communication is rapid and efficient.

The new information that I haven’t read before is that in our perispirit resides the universal translator, keeping every language that we have ever been exposed to. This is logical because the perispirit is the connector between our spirit and our physical body. Everything that we do, while incarnate, is passed onto our spirit. Hence upon return we shall have total recall of every moment we spent on earth.

The spirit mind is full of automatic processes, just the same as our physical brain. Our bodies are kept running by our autonomic nervous system, all vital functions are controlled without any need for expressed thought. The same must occur while we are in spirit form. Communications arrive, are translated, and sent to the mind for deliberate thinking, all without overt action on our part.

Speaking with Aliens – Through Pictures

Arnel also references transmission of thought through images. Again, in the book Planetary Transition, Manoel speaks about a delegation of spirits from another planet, who are on earth to assist us in achieving the next level.

Currently the earth is a planet of atonement, a place where we must travel through difficult trials to fully form our character, to make ourselves ready for the complex tasks that await us. These visitors were from an advance planet, a planet of regeneration, where they no longer live amongst immature spirits, where hate, envy, and war are things of the past.

Manoel conveys how he and other communicated with these souls from another heaven which surrounds an advanced planet:

“The words in my vocabulary are insufficient for repeating their narrations, transmitted through mental project, giving us an imperfect idea of the kingdom that awaits all of us on the sublime march of evolution.”[4]

Lacking a common language, a shared set of concepts, and being from two different levels of planets made direct mind to mind communication difficult. Therefore, the thoughts of these spiritually advanced people were sent via pictures. Images would appear, series of pictures, possibly snippets of movies, like we send to one another via smart phones. These would serve to adequately convey meaning from spirits so dissimilar.

Arnel told us about transmissions via images in 1920 and in 2010, another spirit, Manoel, reinforces the concepts presented to the Rev. G. Vale Owen.

Sermons by Jesus

High spirits may also send images to our, physical minds. This is why we sometimes get flashes of vital information or a picture of a loved one. This power was used by a very high spirit who incarnate on earth – Jesus Christ.

In another book by a Spiritist medium, Memoirs of a Suicide, a spirit is introduced, who in one of his previous lives, was one of the children welcomed by Jesus when, he said, “Let the little children come to me, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs…”

The spirit Anibal is introduced with the following interesting piece of information:

“He says that when the Lord preached his gentle Doctrine of Love, marvelously precise, elucidating images appeared unexpectedly before the eyes of the listeners of goodwill, enlightening them in an unmistakable manner and imprinting never to be forgotten illustrations on the folds of their being! That is why the great Envoy, preaching in unshakeable serenity, could hold the attention of famished multitudes for hours on end, control turbulent mobs, enrapture listeners, and convince hearts that would either prostrate themselves, fearful and dazed, when he passed by, or adhere, faithful and enchanted, to His Doctrine. The impious, however, those whose rebellious minds were in discord with the divine vibrations, perceived nothing.”[5]

The description given added evidence to the capability of sending vivid scenes. Only those who were
attuned to Jesus’ sermon saw the image projected.

Spiritism, the Third Revelation, codified by Allan Kardec in the 1850s, is a Doctrine which is dedicated to bring us knowledge of the spirit world and our place within it. The spirit realm presents this new information so we may begin to understand why we must strive through life so we may toil to improve ourselves to live life in the paradise that is heaven.

What has been told to us is just the beginning. As we progress, our culture, our technology, our spirituality – more shall be revealed. The spirit realm may only transmit visions of heaven and the spirit universe to the level upon which we may comprehend. Thus, as we improve, we shall be fed more to satisfy our hunger to learn about life after death.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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