A House in the Spirit World – First Levels

City-heavenThe Rev. G. Vale Owen, or G.V.O. to his friends and congregation was visited by the spirit of his deceased mother. In her communications to him, she described where she lived in the spirit world.

The House or a Series of Houses

In the compilation of four books, The Life Beyond the Veil, in Book One – The Lowlands of Heaven. Written by G.V.O. in 1920 during a sequence of sittings receiving messages from his mother, he was able to document where his mother was living.

Vale Owen asked his mother to describe where she lived and worked while in the spirit world:

“It is beautifully appointed within and without. Within are baths and a music room and apparatus to aid us in registering our work. It is a very large place. I called it a house, but it is really a series of houses, each house allocated to a certain class of work, and progressive as a series. We pass from one to another as we learn all we can from any particular house.”[i]

As revealed by the Doctrine of Spiritism, brought to us by Allan Kardec in the 1850’s, when we leave this life, it is not for an eternity of idleness. We continue to work, otherwise our boredom would really be hell.

Owen’s mother talks about an ‘apparatus’ to help in their work. According to Spiritist writings by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, the first level of heaven in the spirit world is fifty to hundred years advanced in technology than we are on earth. Hence, I surmise she is describing a type of computer terminal, since she certainly did not use the word typewriter in her prose. These devices are also mentioned in Chico’s book, dictated by the spirit of Andre Luiz, Nosso Lar, published in 1944. Along with ‘personal communication devices’ aka cell phones.

Next she writes about the outside:

“The grounds are very extensive, and all have a kind of relation to the buildings, a kind of responsiveness. For instance, the tress are true trees and grow much a trees do on earth, but they have a kind of responsiveness to the buildings, and different kinds of trees respond more to one house than to the others, and help the effect and work for which that particular house was raised. So it is with the grouping of tress in the groves, and the streams and falls which are found in different parts of the grounds. All these things have been thought out with marvelous wisdom, and the effect produced is very beautiful.”[ii]

Again the beauty of the grounds and the ability of foliage to glow is also recorded in much of Spiritist literature. Everything in the celestial levels of the spirit realm is a mirror of earth but more perfect, more complete and more in tune with the harmony and vibrations of those around it.

Next, Owen’s mother tells us of the power of the spirits. For we are told, numerous times, that while we live on earth, we must learn to control our emotions and attempt to live in a balance between spirituality and materialism. We must strive to maintain our love for all. The reason for the emphasis on our inner thoughts is the power of the will in the spirit world. Read her explanation of how the houses are built:

“The atmosphere also is naturally affected by vegetation and by buildings, for, let me repeat, those house have not been raised merely mechanically, but are the outcome – growth, if you will – of the action of the will of those high in rank in these realms, and so of very powerful creative wills.”[iii]

Hence, it is not by the processing of raw materials coupled with the labor of workers that a house is constructed. But with the mind of a high spirit, who gathers, by the force of their resolve, using Divine Laws, to accumulate material from the ether of the universe, called Universal Fluid, to form the edifices.

Owen’s mother also goes on to recount how the color of their clothes is governed by the combination of the surrounding atmosphere and each individual’s spiritual quality. Therefore, as people walk around the gardens, their garments change color.

The main theme is that the spirit world is full of life, from floral to fauna all in astonishing harmony, is Explore-Small-front-coverthe perfection that we can only dream of while encased in our physical bodies on earth.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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