An Obstinate Man Learns to Open His Eyes in the Spirit World

reincarnation5Many of us are stubborn in our beliefs. I know I am, I have a tendency to hold on to a concept past the point where facts have refuted it. People like me have a predilection to have inordinate faith in their own decisions and may seem harsh, even when they try to approach situations with love.

I read a story in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section. It was a communication to the Rev G. Vale Owen from his mother in the spirit world. His mother told him about a spirit, a man, who had recently passed over and was wandering in a lower level of heaven.

The lost soul thought he was alone, but in fact his guardian walked behind him. Following him on his journey, the guardian knew the man possessed good traits and strived toward the light, but he had a certain hardness of heart, which precluded him from fully seeing all of the aspects of heaven.

As the man approached a small celestial colony, one of the spirits came over to him to see if he could be of help to the soul with a perplexed look on his face. As the kind assistant walked toward the lost man, the man’s guardian sent him the facts about who was the wanderer he was approaching.

In the message to G. Vale Owen, the spirit who started a conversation with the lost soul is “A” and the man wandering about is “B”. “A” walked up to “B” with a kind expression and began the conversation:

“A. You seem to be not very familiar with this region. Can I help you in any way?

B. I don’t think so, although it is kind of you to offer to do so.

A. Your difficulty is one which we might deal with here, but not so thoroughly as we would like to do.

B. I am afraid you don’t know what that difficulty is.

A. Well, partly, I think. You are perplexed because you have not met any of your friends here, andinspiration wonder why.

B. That is so, certainly.

A. But they have met you.

B. I have not seen them; and I have been wondering where I could find them. It seems so strange. I always thought that our friends were the first to meet us when we pass over, and I cannot understand it at all.

A. But they did meet you.

B. I didn’t see any one I knew.

A. That is quite correct. They met you and you did not know them – would not know them.

B. I don’t understand.

A. What I mean is this. When you came over here you were immediately taken charge of by your friends. But your heart, good in some respects and even enlightened, was hard and blindly obstinate in others. And this is the reason you did not recognize their presence.

B. What is wrong with me, then? Everybody I meet is kind and happy, and yet I don’t seem to be able to join any party, or to find my own proper place. What is wrong with me?

A. The first thing you must learn is that your opinions may not be correct. I’ll tell you one which is at fault, to begin with. This world is not, as you are trying to imagine it, a place where people are all that is good or all that is evil. They are much as they are on earth. Another thing is this: your wife, who came over here some years ago, is in a higher sphere that the one in which you will be placed when you have at length got the correct perspective of things. She was not mentally your equal in the earth life, and is not so now. But you are on a lower plane than she is on general lines and all things considered. That is the second thing you have to accept, and accept ex animo. You do not accept it, as I can see by your face. You will have to do so before you can advance. When you have done so, then you will probably be enabled to communicate with her. At present that is not possible.”[1]

When the kind spirit “A” told “B” that he must accept the fact that he is on a lower plane than his wife and he must take that deep into his heart (i.e. ex animo), he presented to all of us one of the eternal truths of ascending into heaven. It is not how smart, how clever, how quick you are that counts. It is your capacity for empathy, kindness, service toward others, in other words the amount of love you possess in your heart. True love, love which transcends family ties, race, class, or prejudices of any type.

Angels-christ“B” also does not hesitate to present the truth of the matter to “A”. The spirit world loves us, but it doesn’t mean that we are sheltered from harsh realities. The same tone of clearly delineating the facts, without placing blame can be seen in the individual accounts of near death experiences. People have reported their past transgressions are laid bare for them to analyze. Shielding us from the facts only stalls our progress.

“B” thought for a time, and then he said:

“B. Is it vanity, then, that is my fault?

A. Yes; but vanity of a rather difficult kind. In many things you are sweet and humble, and not without love, which is the greatest power of all. But there is a certain hardness in your mind rather than in your heart, which must be softened. You have got into a mental rut, and must get out of it and look farther afield, or you will go about like a blind man who can see – a contradiction and a paradox. There are some things you see clearly enough, and to others you are totally oblivious. Learn that to change your opinions in the face of evidence is not weakness of backsliding, but is the sign of an honest mind. I will tell you this, further; had you heart been as hard as your mind you would not be wandering here in the fields of God’s sunshine, but in darker regions yonder beyond those hills – far beyond them. Now I have explained, as well as I am able, you rather perplexing case, friend. The rest is for another to do.”[2]

“A” then summoned “B”’s guardian. The guardian came to “B”’s side, but “B” didn’t see of feel his presence. “A” took the hand of “B” and asked him if he could now detect anything. “B” wasn’t sure.

“A” asked “B” to feel for the hand of his guardian, which also in his hand. When “B” felt the invisible hand, he immediately burst into tears. “B” had thought about what he was told and when he came into contact with a higher spirit, full of love, he felt the full force of what he knew he wanted to become too.

“A” left “B” alone with his guardian. G. Vale Owen’s mother told us that soon “B” would be able to see and hear his mentor. He had realized his need to be open and flexible. To err on the side on compassion is always preferable to strict rejection imposed by rigid ideals.

Learning to identify the differences between moments where we must be strong and untiring and other periods where we should relax and allow a different path for others is one of the reasons why we are sent to this planet. Our quest isn’t easy, it is full of events that take us unawares. Maintaining a calm head throughout permits us to fully interrogate our conscience for the correct approach to any problem.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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