Angel Visitors to Earth

guardianangel2The spirit Kathleen told the Rev. G Vale Owen about the complications of high spirits, angels, coming to earth:

“It is no light matter, I do assure you, to receive the command ‘Go forth downward.’ For as we proceed earthward, both the brightness of our environment and of our own persons also grow less and less, and by the time we reach the neighborhood of earth we can but with difficulty see about us.”[1]

The higher the level of the spirit, the less dense – meaning more energy and less matter – is the spirit. Even for spirits traveling within different levels in the spirit realm the transition is not simple.

The Solar System – The Galaxy

In the book Workers of the Life Eternal, by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Andre Luiz, who resides in one of the lower levels of heaven, was part of a group who had to prepare a special chamber to receive a high spirit. Collectively they were requested to concentrate their will to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the chamber, so the spirit could materialize there and talk to the group.

The organizer of the group to invite the high spirit, Asclepios, told them more about who was coming:

“Asclepios belongs to the redeemed communities of the Plane of the Immortals in the highest regions of earth’s spiritual realm. He lives far above our notions of form, and in conditions thatdiamond are inconceivable to our current concept of life. He has already lost all direct contact with the earth per se, and could only make himself felt there through messengers and missionaries of great power. His sacrifice in coming to visit us is to be appreciated, despite our improved position in relation to incarnate humans. He rarely comes here. However, at times, other mentors of the same category visit us out of fraternal mercy.”[2]

Andre then finds out that a spirit like Asclepios will only reincarnate on earth every five to eight centuries. Then Andre asks if Asclepios is the highest spiritual form to be found in the universe; he receives the following answer:

“Not at all. Asclepios is associated with other self-denying mentors of terrestrial humankind; he is part of the highest echelon of the community to which he belongs, but in reality he is still a spirit of our planet, although working in the highest realms of life. We must travel for a long time in the evolutionary arena before we can follow in his footsteps. However, we believe that our sublime visitor longs to be part of the board of representatives of our orb in the glorious communities that inhabit Jupiter and Saturn, for example. In turn, the members of those orbs anxiously await the moment in which they will be summoned to the divine assemblies that govern our entire solar system. Among these latter are those who carefully and watchfully await the minute in which they will be called to work with those who maintain the constellation Hercules, to whose family we belong. Those who guide our group of stars naturally aspire one day to make up the crown of celestial spirits who support life and guide it in the galactic system through which we move. And did you know, my friend, that our Milky Way, a breeding ground and fount of millions of worlds, is just one single detail of the Divine Creation, a mere corner of the universe?!…”[3]

Hence, there are an unknown number of levels to climb before one sits at the table with the Supreme Explore-Small-front-coverIntelligence. And at each step one is transformed into an ever higher ratio of energy to matter. Until one day, billions of years from now, a spirit living around the earth will become pure energy.

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An Angel on Earth

Kathleen tells G. Vale Owen how she must become accustomed to the conditions of our planet when she descends from her heavenly sphere:

“This at first; but by and by our eyes become attuned to the coarser vibration impinging on them, and then we are able to see. This also comes more readily by practice. But it is a blessing only in that it enables us to do our work among you, and not by any means to be desired of itself alone. For the sights we see are mostly such as do not give us cheer, but much heart-rendering to take back with us into our brighter homes.”[4]

Kathleen reveals that high spirits are not devoid of emotion. On the contrary, they are love personified and as such are deeply troubled by the acts we commit on each other here on earth. When we see selfless individuals who travel to war zones as part as organizations like Doctors Without Borders, we get an idea of the dedication and love that motivates high spirits that come to us … into this chaotic and violent planet.

Kathleen dives deeper into the process of adapting to our primitive environment:

“As we approach the earth, the effect of it is not so apparent to our senses. But it is about us, nevertheless, laves us, penetrates through us and permeates all our being, and by it we are sustained, as the air tube sustains the diver in the ocean floor, where the light from the wider freer atmosphere above is dim and he goes heavily by reason of the denser element in which he moves. So it is with us, and when we find difficulty in speaking so that we be heard of you, or make mistakes in our wording or even in the manner of the message, then be patient, and do not ever be thinking that some deceiver is at hand. For, bethink you, friend, how difficult it would be for one diver to speak audibly to another, both helmeted and with water between them, and then you realize how much of patience and steadfast endeavor on our part is needed, and will perchance, more readily, give us a more patient hearing on your own.”[5]

Kathleen lays out the hurdles that stand in the way of open communications between two dimensions. Yet the obstacles, while formidable, are not insurmountable; love and dedication will win through. After each attempt, high spirits return and are refreshed:

“But when we, our labor done here below, face us about toward the upper reaches of the heavens of God, then we the more readily feel the stream of life flowing from the distant Home of Rest and Refreshment.”[6]

There is an immense effort to facilitate information about the spirit world and why we must strive to become more spiritual and less materialistic by the forces of light. Spirits, such as Kathleen, are toiling tirelessly to open our hearts.

This is the spiritual revolution that is happening before our very eyes. The spirit realm has abandoned communicating to the high priests and religious orders; for they hid the messages or worse, miscommunicated them to make them appear to give the priestly class more power over the masses. Spiritism is bringing the message that we, each individual, are responsible for opening a channel to the higher realms.

Via near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, visions, meditation, and most importantly daily prayer the spirit world encourages all of us to begin a daily dialog with the other side. It will take time and effort. Start small, speak from the heart, calmly listen to your conscience and heed what it tells 7Tenets-Front-smallyou. After time, your will become proficient in discerning the signs to guide you.

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