Building a Temple on the 5th Level of Heaven

acropolisOn earth, when a Church or a Temple or any building is built, the process entails creation of a design, afterwards a construction company is selected and begins hiring workers and suppliers to provide the materials. Assembling the physical structure is accomplished by manual labor. In heaven building a temple is also a collective effort, but it is a combination of the force of wills by multiple spirits.

The spirit Kathleen in the book Life Beyond the Veil, in The Ministry of Heaven section told the Rev G. Vale Owen how a temple was built on the fifth sphere of heaven above the earth. She described the differences and the process in the spirit realm:

“The material is of various colors and of various density. It is not put together in bricks nor blocks as of stone on earth, but grows of a piece in one together. When we had settled on the design of it, we went to the place already chosen where it should stand. That place was a plateau between the lower and the higher lands of Sphere Five.

We assembled, therefore, and, after a silence by way of harmonizing our personalities into one endeavor, we concentrated our minds creatively on the foundation, and, gradually and very slowly, raised the stream of our willpower from the ground upward and higher until we came to the dome-like roof, and there we stayed while the Angel-Lord, the leader of us, gathered the whole of our energies into his own, and gently rounded off our endeavors by diverting the will power stream into space the while we began to stay the current pulsing from ourselves, each one.”[i]

A tight group of spirits, all with the same objective, used their minds, their collective thoughts, to fashion a foundation and walls out of thin air. Except, there is not such an object as thin air, for air is not thin nor nothing, but is composed of Universal Fluid – as is everything else in the spirit realm and in our physical universe.

The small coterie of spirits conjuring the material to assemble the Temple weren’t created by an act of God. They were trained, first by the civilizing process of reincarnation, whereby they lived multiple lives learning to follow the Golden Rule in the harsh atmosphere of earth. Next, after they had attained the desire to follow the path of light and love, they were trained in successive levels of heaven.

While the team graduated from the universities of heaven, their leader, an Angel-Lord – possessed of even higher learning and experience – supplied the supervision and the finishing touches to the group’s collective effort:

“Now this may sound strange in your mind, friend. But the reason of it was this: we as a company are well trained, and for long have exercised to act in concord. Nevertheless, in the finishing of the first stage of that fragile structure, it needed that a far more powerful personality control the forces we set in operation, or the building would have been either marred in shape or wrecked in structure, and our efforts would have been for naught. Further reason we find it hard to come at, so as you should be able to understand our words. Mayhap, in thinking on the matter, you will able to see the reason of it, if not the method. Think it out on the lines of severing of the cord umbilical, and also the other cord vital at death, or the too sudden shutting of the conduit by sluice-gate, or somewhat of a like nature, and you may glimmer what we fain would tell but for lack of words to tell it.”[ii]

The Angel-Lord finished the withdrawal of Universal Fluid from the spirit universe and neatly closed the package. He set everything in place, by ordering the material that made up the foundation and walls of the Temple, to remain in the configuration created by the team. He released it from its last form and gave it new purpose. Hence, from that time on, until a new Angel-Lord may come and command the structure to decompose, the material would stand. Never to deteriorate for eons to come.

The foundation and the outer structure was built. The spirit Kathleen continues to describe the detailed finishing:

“So the first stage was the outer building in completeness, but faint in outline and of transient duration. So, resting a space, we set once again to our task, and starting at the foundation as afore, we strengthened each pillar and gate and tower and turret as we ascended slowly, until the dome again was reached. This we did many times, and then left the structure standing, the outer shell alone, but still completed in form. What was lacking was, in principal, depth of coloring, rounding off of the finer ornamentation, and, when this should be done, then the solidifying of the whole, until it should be so strong as to endure many ages.

We went for long time and oft, as our forces were renewed, to the process, and most delightful and blissful was the work of beauty. For the Temple was of much majesty, both of proportion and vaticansize and also in design – a thing of much beauty, ever growing more beautiful as we gave each of our own to its generation. Buildings are not ever thus raised in the spheres; there are many methods of their erection. But when they are so made, they become not so much work of the builders as our children much beloved, because they be of our own vitality and of our own idealizing. Such buildings as these also are more responsive to the aspirations of those who come after as workers within them, for they have a certain life, not perhaps completely conscious life, but most certainly they are endowed with sensation. I think we might put the matter thus: That while such a house as this shall last, its function is to us, its creators, as the human body is to the spirit who uses it, both waking and sleeping. We are always in touch with the work therein proceeding through its sensitiveness. And in whatsoever spheres, at any future time, the company who created it be dispersed, they always have in that building a focus real and vivid, and the joy of it all is only such as you will know when you attain to creatorship in these spheres, if that be the line of your ascent in the Kingdom of God.”[iii]

In most people’s life they have experienced a connection with a certain house or place they had lived. Usually a childhood home or a relative’s house, a secret hideaway, or a place of extreme beauty. They have an emotional connection, which last until they leave this earth. Imagine your favorite creation or place, now think of having a lifelong tie, wherein you feel the delight and satisfaction of each person who comes into contact. Wherever you are, that emotional pipeline extends.

telepathyAll is connected in the spirit world. The Supreme Intelligence fashioned an invisible web of instantaneous information flowing from all corners of the universe. Any small bit of information, which our unique identification had any association with, flows to us at some intuitive level. It is the same in the physical world, only that we lack the ability to process the waves of data flooding our mind.

The edifice was completed, but now it required the inside to be dressed to fit the building. Kathleen tells us what happened next:

“Now, when the outer part was done and confirmed, there remained the work of greater detail within: the fashioning of the chambers, halls and shrines; the setting of the pillars in colonnades; the water of the fountains to bring forth in perpetual flow, and many other matters of detail. First we stood without and concentrated on the supporting pillars and walls of partition, and when these were placed, we went within and viewed our handiwork, as you would say, but our hands did not much and our heads and hearts were the builders.”[iv]

Like an office building which could be organized internally according to the tenant, the Temple was thusly formed. After the group had completed the last detail, their leader, the Angel-Lord came down from his level. He congratulated the group and fixed some small details, showing them how they could improve their work in the future. Then he left the group to return with another, a higher Angel.

Sanctifying the Temple

“And there came a day when all was ready, and he returned with another – a mighty Lord, whose status was of sublimity higher than his own, and whose powers were what would in Israel besistine-chapel called as those of Aaron, and of them who followed him; and by the Greeks, Hierophant; and by the Christians, Archpriest, The process he came to enact was what you would name sanctification.”[v]

The Angel who came to consecrate the Temple was there to link the spiritually important building to those in the higher spheres who are responsible for its protection. Additionally, for the increased power of those who would use the Temple to communicate with higher planes.

Kathleen told G. Vale Owen, the same occurs on earth. Every place of worship is sanctified by the spirit world. No matter what religion; a protector watches over the flock who congregate there and amplifies their power to be able to commune with the spirit world.

Walk into any Church, Temple, or other shrine and stand for a moment – feel the harmony and the vibration. Search your feelings to determine if there is indeed a power watching over a sacredBookCover-Reincarnation building.

The spirit realm provides safe places to all of us. They are concerned that we learn to balance our material with our spiritual needs. Discover, by meditation or prayer, how you can use the energy of the spirit world to help you grow.

Learn more about the spirit realm and what it means to us. The first place is to learn what the basic Explore-Small-front-covertenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my books, one on reincarnation, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, the other about the spirit realm, and how we fit into it, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find out why you are on this planet and where you are destined to be.


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