Creating a College City in the 4th Level of Heaven

There was a colony in the fourth level of heaven. It had grown and now it was ready to take on more responsibilities. The spirit realm decided to make it a hub of newly arriving souls from inferior levels so they could learn how to thrive on stage four and continue to ascend.

The original building and area, called the Glade, that held services and civil functions would be transformed into a college. The college was planned to be more than what a college is on earth. It was also planned to be a place of transition. Souls who have trekked the difficult path up from the Lower Zone, would be able to rest and recuperate, while preparing themselves for the next step.

Arnel told the Rev. G. Vale Owen, about the college and its role in conditioning spirits to their new environment:

 “One was to condition the newcomers to the more advanced and refined atmosphere of that district. This was necessary in order that they might feel no discomfort to distract from their studies. This was a large estate with no central building, but little nooks and arbors, and some small dwelling-places where they might rest and find leisure for meditation, or talk, as they should list. James and other helpers went among them, but not very often, and then they spoke with any they should chance to meet. But of set training there was none. The people rested, and did as they had a mind to do.”[1]

Nothing is thrusted upon the unwary or unwilling. As is told in Ecclesiastes 3:1; to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. No one is hurried, when they are ready a new door is opened.

As part of the initiation process, there was also a department to teach languages. Language beyond dialects; how to speak in pictures, mind to mind, how to use your native language and the past languages you have learned from previous lives to communicate with other. And to combine methods to achieve accurate translation of thought.

Next Arnel described the Departments of Art and Science:

“Another department was that of the science of the Spheres. Here was taught with precision what they had come at in the rough during their progress through the spheres below. The special constitution of each sphere was explained to them, and also the meaning of those experiences which they had passed through on the way. This done, the Sphere was explained in all its parts, and the powers inherent in their present estate spiritually were explained also.

You are wondering whether Sphere Five was dealt with here. No, my son. Of that more hereafter. The realms in advance of the Fourth were but glimpsed; no more than that.

Other departments were those of Music, Color, Creative Science, and what you would entitle Social Economics. But these were elementary merely. It was here they really began to understand what lay ahead of them in these ways of learning. They were not initiated into the dynamics of these because they were not competent to understand them in their present degree of progress.”[2]

As a soul progresses they acquire more attributes – more capabilities, more tools at their disposal. Not physical devices, but an interior expansion, pathways in their spirit mind which weren’t open before. Access to the continual and infinite data flow of the spirit universe.

Not complete access, but a taste, for each level more is revealed. Jesus told us this in Luke 14:28; and to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required: and to whom they commit much, of him will they ask the more.

This sentiment is strengthened by what Andre Luiz mother told him. Andre had newly arrived on a low sphere of heaven; he had waited to see his mother, who resided on a higher level. In the book Nosso Lar, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, Andre spoke to his mother:

“‘Oh, Mother!’ I exclaimed, ‘How marvelous the sphere where you live must be! What sublime spiritual thoughts, what bliss!’

She smiled and explained:

‘Higher spheres always require more work and greater self-denial, my son. Don’t imagine that your mother spends all her time in beatific visions, removed from her rightful duties. Now I don’t mean for my words to convey any tone of sadness about my situation. Rather, I want them to reveal how necessary responsibility is. Since I returned from earth. I’ve been working intensely for our spiritual renewal. Many spirits remain bound to their earth homes after they discarnate, claiming they care about their loved ones too much to leave them behind. But here I have been taught that in order to be beneficial, true love must work nonstop. So, since my arrival, I’ve been trying hard to win the right to help those we love so dearly.’”[3]

Hence, like here on earth, the higher you go in an organization, the more responsibility you are given. The great exception is that the higher one rises in the spirit the more humble and dedicated he or she is toward helping others.

The Glade is Enlarged

The college and surrounding parkland were planned to be an extensive facility. It would need a larger field than that which had contained the original building and land. On earth the only solution would have been to build upward, or to acquire adjacent parcels of land and tear down whatever was previously built there.

In the spirit realm, this wasn’t necessary, the land itself could be expanded. Since everything was created by thought, by force of will … it would take a subsequent show of will power to inflate what was already in existence. It would take a group of spirits to apply their minds to the task on hand. Arnel describes how this was performed:

“When they were all assembled they entered into communion of purpose and then directed their joint powers upon that part of the boundary which was to the left of the House of James. Slowly they shifted their stream of flowing power along the line of trees and cottages, and went the round of the three sides of the open space. When they had finished, with many pauses, for it was not done in one operation, the Glade had enlarged its boundaries so that it was some three times in area what it was before.”[4]

Only in our most fertile imagination could this have occurred. Yet it did and it did because the world in which we are from is not dense physical matter, but malleable Universal Fluid, which can be transformed into anything, which can be constructed by the mind. In actuality, we live in a logical universe, which has been wholly built by thought … originated by the spark of an idea by God.

This multi-dimensional and multi-universe is where we live and where we were fashioned and where we are now being trained to use our minds to create. The entire earth, the human race was constructed for this purpose – to enable the collection of spirits surrounding the earth to comprehend the realm in which we live – and to become disciplined enough to be productive within its boundaries.

The combined will power didn’t only enlarge the area … they landscaped and built upon it.

“This enclosure was carpeted with greensward, and then a colonnade was made on either side at right angles to the House. At the other end of the Glade, and opposite the House, was there an arch of noble proportions erected, and two towers, one on either side of it. Beyond this arch was made a broad way out into the open. It descended from the arch and went through parklands which stretched far and wide until they blended into those estates where were established the departments of training of which I have told you.”[5]

The structures were all created by spirits. Spirits from different levels took part in the construction. Before the foundations were put in place by thought, a model was created whereby the members of the crew could ensure their ideas and formulations were all in accordance.

In the Glade, a new house for the new leader of the city was constructed. It was more than a living quarters, it was also a place of business. This large edifice similarly required a model before its construction. But this model was not dematerialized afterwards, instead it was bled of color, to appear to be almost a white alabaster stone. This they place outside the house, in the gardens. Arnel stated this model was intricately connected to the house:

“If any visitor came by that way, or if any of those whose normal business was in those parts would know what was going forward within the House, the attendants of the glade could look within that shrine and they could know all they desired to know. This saved much expenditure of time and labor, for the House was very large, and had many departments within, and also beyond out in the gardens and lands encircling it. Here in the Shrine could be read, in epitome, all the business proceeding at any given moment in the whole of that House and its environs.

And it was a shrine because whenever the people felt need of some little extra strength to do what task was theirs at any time they would go there and, reclining in the Glade, or standing near the model, they would fall to meditation. Then they would be aware of the great powers within the House itself, and of their communion with their Ruler and his officers. Thus help was gained without their encroachment upon the time of their good leaders. They went to the Glade as young people go into a church, for silence and aspiration, and this was to them their alter both of offering and of refreshment.”[6]

Hence, the original model of the house was turned into a living notification board and a fountain of sustenance. It is as if, before you proceeded to a large office building, with dozens of floors, containing many departments, various meeting rooms, and simultaneous projects – you could stop by a stone representation of the edifice and peer into the detailed activity. If you wish, you could locate the person whom you wish to speak to and determine what that person was working on at that precise moment. And if you needed it, you could gain a little strength and resolve before you entered.

The intricacies of the spirit realm are vast and varied, yet we have been given the merest glimpse of what lays beyond. While we have been told of colleges and classes – exactly what is different and unique about each sphere, what are its natural laws, and how are spirits changed to be able to reside in each sphere are just some of the many mysteries still behind the veil.

What we have been told is enough to excite our imagination, to spur us on to learn more about the spirit world – so we can determine the best course to follow to gain entry into a land where everything is possible.

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