Cycles of Progress – Material and Spiritual

The spirit realm guides us individually and collectively. Unbeknownst to us, there is a grand plan for all of humanity. But it is not a straight line, or an upward curved line of progress. We move forward on a spiral. We who live in the present, and see our path behind us from a narrow perspective; we see progress, decline, and progress again. We see movement ahead and at times, whole cultures declining into dark ages. We believe that a span of thousands of years is practically an eternity.

We must broaden our field of view and see that what we take as sliding into chaos is a form of progress and renewal. A gathering point to make humanity ready for the next great leap forward.

To peer into the future, we must analyze the past. But our analysis is flawed, for we aren’t able to peer into the entire past of humanity, for such destruction was wrought to cultures long ago, that we have only distant myths to enlighten us.

And we must realize the earth is but one point in the universe. That our destiny and trajectory is connected to the entire physical universe and the will of the spirit universe.

All of this was contained in the message to the Rev. G Vale Owen  from the spirit Arnel on Friday, March 22, 1918, concerning progress on earth, in the universe, and how the Great Lords of Creation had attempted to shorten the path to perfection:

“There were at that time, so long ago, some who had in mind to take a shorter path to perfection and others who chose a longer one. These two groups did not clash exactly, but the variety of their endeavors overlapped somewhat, and the confusion which ensued has caused all that men today call evil. All things are working towards perfection, but so great is the field of activity that the period must necessarily be long, if you count it in days and years. As viewed by those who stand in God His Presence it is neither short nor long, but one continuous event, as a river when considered as a unit embraces the whole from source to sea.”[i]

Arnel tells us that the earth’s evolution has told the story of the remnants of quick evolutionary species which proved, in the end, to be inadequate manifestations. On the other hand, they were useful in setting the stage for the next great leap. Therefore, the spiral shape of progress, one species or an entire ecology progresses and dominates, but can only reach a certain plateau, whereupon, they must be discarded.

Arnel supplies the examples of the growth of dinosaurs and even the extremely large mammals that we uncover as ancient fossils, as proof of the destruction and subsequent rise of a superior replacement.

We, as humans stand upon the platform of all animals that have come before us. Only by experimentation, learning through failures and successes, were we able to be thusly constructed.

Darwin, in his book Origins of the Species, saw this struggle and deemed nature to be the guiding hand. But, there is also the invisible orchestration by the spirit realm, in facilitating our planets major periods and making subtle changes in DNA to push natural selection to perform its duty.

Twofold Paths

Arnel didn’t limit his thesis to attempts to shorten the evolutionary ladder of intelligent animals; he included the grueling climb of our spiritual perfection as well. He tells us:

“Now, the further principle of which I speak is this: The course of development shall take a twofold line of direction. That direction shall be first outward, from unity into diversity of expression, as we have already explained. But also along with this line of movement shall go its twin, which is, that progress shall take the direction from the spiritual ever toward the material. It is like two runners running their course side by side. The one is named ‘From Unity into Diversity,’ and the other is named ‘From Spirit into Matter.’ These two must keep pace together. Neither must be allowed to outstrip the other; for they run not to win except they win the outward goal together.”[ii]

 Hence, from the seed of a microbe, the diverse life of the planet was hatched. Different insects, plants, wild animals, and higher intelligent mammals were constructed. As these soul bearing dominate humans progressed in form, so should they progress in spiritual progress.

“From Spirit into Matter” isn’t the final objective – it is an important goal. One that must be reached when the level of the body and civilization is ready. It is the connection of mankind’s fascination with materialism with the expansion of the spirit willed physical universe.

Arnel explains further:

“There were those who schemed to shorten this course by arresting the tendency untimely, before the whole outward course had been run, and turning again the urge of creative life inward toward spirit before the outermost post had been reached and rounded. That post is the material expression of an inner manifestation of a still deeper cycle of development behind which there are those Lords of Creation who by their willful energizing guide the great fleet of sun-systems in their constellations on its voyage through the space of matter towards the port where they shall bend their course round and homeward once again.”[iii]

This is where the logic and speech of high spirits becomes difficult to penetrate. Arnel speaks of the general universe, yet at the same time, he is speaking of our progress on earth.

In the spirit realm, everything is tied into everything else. As we make progress as an individual spirit, so does humanity progress, so does our solar system, so does our galaxy, and our universe. There are spirals within spirals within spirals, and so on.

To those learned and wise spirits in the upper reaches of heaven circling the earth, they see us as one small part of an intricate mechanical pocket watch. With small gears gating larger ones, and hands spinning at different speeds, but when looked upon from the front – all makes sense. While we, humans locked in our bulky physical bodies, are imprisoned in one of the gears, peering out observing an indescribable complexity.

Arnel explains that providing material progress to humankind and human-like souls in other planets too early in their progress has unforeseen consequences and that civilizations have had to be reset to put in harmony the physical and spiritual journeys of immature spirits.

Arnel tells us that we have been too technically advanced in relation to our spiritual progress in the past. The destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria attests to that. He implies that at some point in the far and distant past humans reached a material plateau, but they weren’t ready to embark on the road to reclaim their spirituality. But now we may be ready.

“To clear my meaning for you: The Ocean is the realm of Being expressed in outward expansion of the Mind of the Infinite and Ultimate One. The fleet is that Universe which was brought into existence at His command and by the Creative Lords of whom I spoke. The port to which the outward course is that to which you find yourself today. The homeward course is that to which you are now tending; for the outermost point has been reached and is just being rounded. It is the rounding of that point, it is the turning of the vessels out of the harbor of material inertia towards the more active element of the open sea, which is the cause of much unrest in all directions at the present time. Soon the sails will fill and set steadily athwart the hulls, the vessels will settle down to their homeward course, and both officers and crews, now homeward bound, will be of cheery disposition, and ever, as the fleet ploughs through the ocean of being, nearer and nearer will it come to the port from which it set out so many ages ago, and gladness and peace will gather about them as they go for the welcome which awaits them aport far away ahead into the east where the light is already breaking and the smile of God is seen.”[iv]

This message was sent to us in 1918. The First World War was ending, the Second World War, was only twenty-one years in the future, the beginnings of the age of the internet was only a little more than sixty years ahead.

The entire collective humanity on earth went through massive destruction, illustrating the capacity of the dark side of technology, then one more push, starting in the fifties, of invention and material wealth. All the while, a large portion of humanity have had a sense of something lacking. A hole, a missing spiritual component to our lives. The sixties were a reaction to the consumer tidal wave, but, being based upon no firm foundation, other than freedom from everything, it eventually succumbed.

Parallel to material growth, our culture has rejected even the tiniest demonstration of faith, of a set of Divine Laws from God that should govern our moral compass to always point to love, charity, fraternity, and honor. Instead, we have relative morality, based upon a wholly material world, with no sense of an immortal spirit. Hence, we only live to seek pleasure.

Counterintuitively, our very advances carries the seeds of shaking our materialistic platform and awakening the world to the existence of another plane – the spirit world. The internet, that device which spreads opportunities to buy instant gratification, also serves to gather together like-minded people to discuss: their faith, their spirituality, their near death experiences, their stories of unexplained phenomena, and the ability to plan collective efforts to help others in need.

The great Brazilian medium, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, told his acquaintances that the World Wide Web will open up the Doctrine of Spiritism to the planet. People will discover Allan Kardec and other Spiritist writers, so they may fully understand their place on earth and the meaning of life.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritism, please read Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation, to discover for yourself, why we are here and what is our goal.

Arnel is placing us at the apogee of materialism. He believes we are leaving that port – that place of buying and selling goods – and embarking onto a different ship which will lead us to balance our material with the spiritual.

Examples of Spiral Progress

While the sinking of the continent of Atlantis provides a good example of a culture with advanced technology, but not the spiritual maturity to manage it, there are more recent demonstrations of entire societies allowed to practically disappear in order to rise up once again, but with a different perspective.

One can detect the hand of the spirit realm in the collapse of civilization in the thirteenth to twelfth century B.C., also known as the Late Bronze Age Collapse or the Invasion of the Sea People. Entire cultures were wiped out – Minoans, Mycenaeans, Trojans, Hittites, and Babylonians. Only the Egyptians survived intact, but even it declined after the experience.

Historians are still attempting to piece together what could have caused such a general rout of ancient empires. The simple explanation of an outside invasion doesn’t do the practical erasure of long living societies justice.

The spirit world also took a hand in the destruction of Rome, as reported in a book, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier in 1939. Emmanuel, Chico’s spirit mentor and author of the book, On the Way to the Light, explained what happened to Rome:

“The Roman Empire could have effected the founding of a sole State on the planet due to the marvelous unity it achieved  and thanks to the efforts and watch-care from On High; but instead, it disappeared in a sea of ruins after its wars, aberrations and circuses filled with wild beasts and gladiators.

The enormous organism began rotting away in the open sores opened by the negligence and impiety of its children, and when the palliative of mercy from selfless and compassionate spirits was no longer possible due to the galvanization of the overall sentiment on the broad table of earthly excesses and pleasure, suffering was called in to reestablish the fundamentals of the truth in souls.

Nothing was left of the proud city of the emperors except piles of stone. Under the lash of expiation and suffering, guilty spirits changed their garments in order to evolve and redeem themselves in the infinite scenery of life; and while many of them continue to weep in redemptive suffering, the sad and lamenting winds of the night mourn over the ruins of Vespasian’s Colosseum.”[v]

The theme of the above paragraphs is that raw power, with the backing of technology and superior organization can and will dominate other groups, but that power without kindness and compassion for conquered subjects or allies will – eventually – cause the spirit world to withdraw its support, thereby initiating a decline. That advanced technology without the guidance of spiritual maturity in its use will result in tragedy.

But tragedy can be looked at as but one curve of the spiral. A society climbs to the pinnacle of civilization, proves inadequate in softening its approach to all humans – chaos commences – out of the ashes are chastised spirits who will make a better attempt the next time.

While history can be viewed as invention and loss of intellectual property, the intermediate growth of spirituality by the waves of reincarnations by spirits, who once led great empires, now toiling on a farm, sets up a subsequent growth, better grounded in morality.

One can see from Rome, where slaves outnumbered freemen, to the rise of European powers; where slavery was eventually abolished. Certainly, there were still cruelties and injustices, but on the whole the successive government organizations were more inclusive and just to its citizens.

In the nineteenth century, Europe made great strides in governments and institutions, but their history of colonization was a black mark. Emmanuel, again in the book, On the Way to the Light, states:

“Condemned to irreversible sentences for its social and political crimes, European dominance will disappear forever like the Roman Empire, handling over to the Americas the fruit of its experiences with a view to the civilization of the future.”[vi]

The spirit realm had already planned the destruction of European power even before World War II had begun. The spiral of history continues on.

Find out how the spirit world has guided our destiny and where we have spent our time waiting for another incarnation on earth, read Explore Your Destiny – Your Path to Perfection.

Eusebio’s Lecture

Arnel told the Rev. G Vale Owen that we are headed back to a renewed spirituality that is in harmony with our progress. It won’t be done under the leadership of Europe. Emmanuel has told us the baton has been passed to the Americas.

In a book psychographed in 1947, by Chico Xavier, written by the spirit Andre Luiz, Andre reports on a lecture by a learned spirit Eusebio. He tells us of our collective path to become better souls:

“How long have we done and undone, finished and started over on the reparative journey, only to return, perplexed, once more to the beginning? On the terrestrial stage, we are the same actors of the evolutionary drama. Each millennium is a short act; each century, a brief scene. Even though we inhabit sacred bodies, we act like carefree children who are entertained only by child’s play and we lose the sanctifying opportunities of our existences. Thus, we become reprobates of the sovereign laws, ensnared in the ruins of death like shipwrecked pirates, who, for a long time, are unworthy of sailing the seas once again. While millions of souls enjoy good opportunities of correction and readjustment, once more involved in regenerative efforts in earth’s cities, millions of others mourn their defeat, lost in dismal disillusionment and suffering.”[vii]

Hence, the entire student body of the campus called earth has had to take and retake the same courses. Each time the expectation is that we are to learn to become a bit more empathetic, a little more loving, and expanding our caring and fraternal instincts.

Eusebio asks the audience:

“How long will we be masterminds of destruction and wickedness? Instead of loyal servants of the Lord of Life, we have been soldiers of the armies of illusion, leaving behind millions of tombs opened under a torrent of ash and smoke. In vain, Christ has exhorted us to seek the manifestations of the Father within us. We nurture and expand only selfishness and ambition, vanity and fantasy. We continue to incur onerous moral debts and enslave ourselves to the sad outcomes of our deeds, lingering indefinitely in a crop of thorns.

In such a state we have reached the modern era, in which madness is widespread and men and women’s mental stability is on the verge of disaster. With an evolved brain and an immature heart, we hone our art of wrecking our spiritual progress.”[viii]

Eusebio has notified us that we shall stay on this merry-go-round until we deserve our way off. We go in an elliptical orbit in life after life, on a spiral upward trend … it is up to us when we make the decision to exit. We just have to earn it.

But, we can’t do it alone and not think of the multitude that would be left behind. We must do our part to improve our culture; to bring the knowledge that we never die, that we exist again and again in a great endeavor – to become a perfect spirit.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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