Freeing 144,000 – The City of the Mines in the Lower Levels of the Spirit Realm

exodusA group of high spirits – sent from the tenth level of heaven – journeyed down to the Lower Zone. They were sent on orders from above to free souls who have been trapped in a wretched life of materialism and base emotions, and were ready to peer upwards to the light for inspiration. At the end of their mission, the high spirits had amassed 144,000 people from the lower regions of the spirit realm and led them to a new city.

High spirits are powerful entities, but even they, who are high to our perspective are directed by even superior beings. Commanded by orders and other subtle means to carry out the conversion and rescue of souls living in the darkness.

Learning On the Job

Before coming to the City of the Mines, the group had touched other outposts of darkness and they learned from each encounter. This is what the leader of the high spirits told the Rev. G. Vale Owen, during a medium session in January 1918:

 “As we went about those parts on our business of help and mercy we found our prearranged plan had been very curiously made for us. Each colony we visited gave to our store of knowledge some experience a step in advance, so that, as we ministered to others, we ourselves were ministered to through them by those who watched over their welfare and our schooling.”[1]

Spiritism has revealed to us that our life is predetermined – we have free will in our choices and attitude – but we shall face the episodes of life that have been chosen for us. Very little is left to chance and copious amounts of planning are invested to chart our course in life. The same is true even of spirits in heaven.

When they are sent on a mission – the target of the mission is indeed vital, but the spirit world does nothing without also instilling an edifying aspect to whatever the person or group undertaking the task experiences. The overall theme is simple … opportunities for improvements for everyone. The plots, twists, and counter-plots to achieve this are incredibly complex.

The Problem is the SolutionThis is why, when you feel the onslaught of hard times, know well, your current pit of troubles isn’t by chance, but a lesson. A happenstance that is not random, but in reality planned. Set before you for a purpose. You can read more about the types of drama hurled our way in my book The Problem is the Solution, where you will learn, that if you analyze your current life, you will realize the lessons you are involved with now and in your past, are valuable prospects for growth.

Travels through various villages and encampments in the Lower Zone provided the preparation and hardening required to make them ready for their most difficult assignment. It wasn’t just that each location had its local boss. The one most cunning and dominating of character usually rose to the top. The cruel Lord kept his subjects in check by fear.

The difficulty wasn’t over powering the dictator of the location, it was how to lessen or remove the fear to allow his subjects a glimmer of light to sink in; so that they could make a decision to flee to freedom and goodness or remain behind.

At the Gates of the City of Mines

The group described their entrance to the city:

“We found that in nearly every colony there was one master-mind – and here and there more than on nearly equal in forcefulness of character – who dominated the rest, and enslaved them by the dread he sent forth upon them. Here is one whose city we came once after a long journey through a very desolate and forsaken country. The city itself was built about with a strong wall, and it was large in area. We went within, and were challenged by the guard at the gateway. There was a company of ten there on guard, for the gate was principal and large, with double wings. These men were all of giant stature, having much developed in their wickedness. They called upon us to stay, and questioned us, ‘Whence came we last?’ ‘From going on our ways about the wilderness.’ We gave answer to their captain. ‘And what business do you purpose here, good sirs and gentlemen?’ he said, for he had been of culture in the earth-life and that burnish still was upon his manners, but it was now tinctured with some malice and with mockery, as is the manner of most in those sad places.

To this questions we answered – I for the company, ‘We have a mission to the workers in the mines where your master enslaves them.’

‘A very engaging end for your journey,’ he said with pleasant accents, seeking to deceive us. ‘These poor souls work so hard they be ready for any good friend who should take stock of them, their existence and their troubles.’

‘And some,’ I said, ‘be also ready to depart hence free of the yoke of your lord, which, each in his degree, is bond upon you all.’

At once his face changed from smiling to one dark frowning, and his teeth showed like the teeth of a hungry wolf. Moreover, with the change of his mood there seemed to descend a darker mist and settle about him. He said, ‘Do you say I am enslaved also?’ ‘A very slave and bond for your master, a slave himself and a driver of slaves.’ ‘That he shall make you as one of us, for you shall come to be shortly of those who dig for the gold and iron for our lord.’

With this he turned about and bade his guards seize us and take us to their ruler’s house. But I stood a little nearer to him and laid my hand upon his right wrist, and the contact was agony to him, so that he let go his short sword which he had drawn quickly upon us. I still held him while the auras of him and me made disturbance about his soul, to his agony, but not to mine, for, being of greater strength in force of spiritual power, I went unscathed, while he was anguished. Spiritual dynamics, this, to be studied if you choose, among your own incarnate neighbors. The principle is of universal application, as you shall find if you search it out.”[2]

A mere touch and the battle was over. A wicked captain of the guard, one who had been in the Lower Zone for quite some time, since he had physically made himself imposing and was not unmindful of the power of thought, even in that cold dark city, he was instantly disarmed by spiritual superiority.

Spiritual Superiority

What is it? What is this power of goodness? Spiritism tells us that everyone is partly good, even the guard at the gate. That there is no such thing as evil itself, for evil is actually the ignorance and absence of good. When the void of goodness is touched by the force of light and love, the pain of being empty can be severe.

We on earth, believe in the power of love and goodness. It does affect us. Think of the image of the lone student in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China during the brief demonstrations for freedom. While the rulers wished to crush all opposition, they knew they couldn’t crush a pure desire for freedom outright.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King both demonstrated the potential for passive love and yearning for justice in changing the world. Morality is within us and it is our conscience. It is a gift from God.

The founding fathers of the United States were correct, mankind was created with certain unalienable rights. The Supreme Intelligence gave us the gift of free will, which in concert with our conscience ultimately will lead us to a pure state. A state of love, fraternity, and honor without rancor, hate, or envy. The trek may take many lives, but each of us will one day be victorious.

The poor souls in the Lower Zone are us, we who are in-between lives on earth, who are in that miserable state to teach us what life is like when we allow our ignorance to keep the good out.

But there is another kind of spiritual superiority. It is not intangible, but real. As spirits ascend the levels of heaven, they become less dense and composed of more energy. Spirits aren’t merely more loving and kind, they are transformed and able to channel the power of the spirit world through their will. When we or a lower spirit touches a higher spirit (without preparation by the higher spirit) it is as if we come into contact with a live wire – the electrical shock would harm, if not kill us.

The combination of energy and goodness transmitted from the high spirit to the Captain paralyzed and stunned him. He was ready for any type of physical resistance, but not the overwhelming blast of energy and love – which sent him reeling.

The high spirit knew full well what was happening to the hapless soldier, he told him:

“Then I said, ‘We are not of these dark spheres, sir. We come from a place in sunlight of the Presence of Him Whose life you have partaken, and violated it to evil purposes. For you it is not yet the time to win freedom of these walls and the tyranny of cruel masters here.’

castle-darkThen he broke down through the thin shell of his lordly bearing and cried piteously, ‘Why may not I also go free of this hell and devil who lords it here? Why others, if not I?’

And I replied, ‘You are not yet accounted worthy. Watch what we do in this place, do not oppose your will to ours, help us in what we have in hand to do, and , when we have gone hence, then ponder on it well and long, and perchance even you will find in us somewhat of blessing.’

‘Blessing,’ he sneered and laughed, with naught of music in his laugh. And then he said, a little more soberly, ‘Well, what would you have of me, good sir?’”[3]

The Captain of the guard thought over the proposition and motioned the spirits to follow him. He spoke out loud, but to himself, of the injustices he encountered in the city, as if he was convincing himself of the righteousness of the cause that he became a part of.

He took them through the hovels that lined the streets. Some mere lean-tos where the slaves could rest a bit before their next shift. At last they reached the opening of the mines. A dreadful odor poured out of the opening. Even the Captain grimaced.

The leader of the high spirits spoke to the Captain:

“Seeing this I called to him, and he halted and glanced back and upward at us, and his face was agonized and gray. So I said to him, ‘Why are you become so sad, my guide? You have put on a sorry aspect since you drew near the mouth of these mines.’

‘Sir,’ he answered, and meekly now, ‘I was once of those who work with pick and spade within these hell furnaces, and the fear of it comes upon me now.’

‘Then search into your inmost soul for a grain of pity for those who work there now where once you suffered so sorely.’

He sank upon a boulder by the side of the path, overcome of weakness, and replied to my words with stranger words of his own, ‘Nay, nay, ‘tis needful be pitied by them, not they by me. Their lot is hell, but mine is hell ten times doubled.’

‘How, since you have escaped their slavery and come forth of the mines into a better state of service to the one you call your lord?’

‘I thought you were some one great in wisdom,’ he replied with a bitter smile, ‘and yet you do not understand that to fly from one state of servitude to another of higher degree in authority is to put off a hair-shirt for one with thorns and brambles for web and woof.’

And then I took shame to myself that I had but just learned that lesson on top of others gathered of our experience in those dark tracts of hell. They who live there in the darkness of death are ever reaching out after an easier fate, and grasp any chance of escape from servitude by promotion to some post of authority. And when advanced to that post, they find the glamour fade away into the miasma of fear, being more nearly in contact with the archfiend, who by his brutality and remorseless malice has seized the chief power. Yes, the glamour dies, and hope dies with illusion.”[4]

The spirits communicated a great truth to G. Vale Owen in the beginning of 1918 – evil and criminal deeds take a terrible toll. All of us have a conscience, while we can rationalize away our errors, we know in our hearts what we have done is wrong. It depletes us, it puts our body and soul into disharmony.

We look at great villains of history and their henchman and think them to be mindless immoral robots, completely devoid of feelings. But think of the price they pay, while they live and eventually in the afterlife. Ponder what the communist functionaries in China, North Korea, and Cuba must take with them before they fall asleep at night.  Are they gleeful about the number of people they abused, BookCover-Reincarnationarrested, had put to death … or are they worried that somehow they have become that which they abhor. But are trapped within the system and don’t know how to extract themselves without penalty to themselves and to their families.

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Down into the Mines

“From our vantage point we looked about, and, as our eyes became more used to the gloom, we saw that before us there lay a large stretch of territory, all underground. We could not see how far it reached, but there were passages leading off the main cavern, here and there, which disappeared in what seemed black darkness, Figures went hither and thither, to and fro, with furtive tread, as if afraid some horror should start up in their pathway when they were most unaware. Now and then the clanging of chains came up to us, as some poor fellow shuffled on his way in fetters; then a weird cry of agony and often a mad, wild laugh and the sound of a whip. All was sad both to hear and see. Cruelty seemed to float in the air as one sufferer gave vent to his agony by torturing another more helpless.”[5]

They looked over the expansiveness of the mine. Not only a series of tunnels for digging out metals, but chambers for smelting, manufacture of weapons and other articles for use and sell by the heartless lord of the city. They were underground, but not yet into the area where slaves worked at extracting ore. Instead they were inside a primitive factory, ran by slave labor and overseers.

After trekking down further and opening gate after gate, they finally reached a vast darkness. A black hole, where only eyes that have been long accustomed could see. There were multiple pathways, each leading to a distinct shaft. The high spirit thought for a second and then he made a decision:

“Having looked about me and received information from the Captain, our guide, I bade him open all the gates about us and those leading into the cavern into which we first came. But he replied, ‘Sir, it is in my heart to do this; but I fear my lord, the Chief. He is terrible in his anger, sir, and even now I have a dread upon me, lest some spying hound should have sought to curry favor with him by carrying to him a report of what has already been done.’

And I answered to him, ‘It seems to me you have been progressing speedily since we came hither to this dark city, my friend. I marked once before an advance in good feeling, but did not advertise you of it. Now, I see, I was not in error, so I give you choice. Think quickly and decisively. We are here to lead forth those who are ready to go a little way toward the light. Will you come forth with us, or stay and serve your present lord? Choose quickly and presently.’

For a few seconds he stood and looked at me, and then at my companions, and then at the tunnels which led further into the darkness, and then gazed upon the ground at his feet. All this he did swiftly, as I had bidden him, and then replied to me, ‘Sir, I thank you. I will do as you bid me and open the gates. But I will not pledge myself to come forth with you. I dare not so much – yet.’

Then, as if the resolve to obey us had given him new vitality, he swung about, and, even in that dim light, I noticed an air of decision, and his tunic seemed to fall a little more gracefully upon his naked knees, and his flesh to take on a more comely and healthful aspect. By this I knew more of the change of his estate in spirit than he himself knew. It is thus on occasion that, where strength of character has been overlaid and buried beneath a load of iniquity, it will suddenly start forth afresh and fling wide the portals of its prison and make a dash for liberty and the sunlight of God. Yes, but that he did not know, and I was not quite sure of its staying power, so I held my peace until he had gone his way. I heard him calling, in strong voice, to the porter to open the gate. I heard him shout the same command to the second as he rushed up the tunnel towards it; and then his voice gradually became faint as he went farther away from us towards the great cavern into which we had ourselves first come.”[6]

The Captain had also made a decision. A decision that would change his destiny and start the process to let love and light into the recesses of his body where they have been absent for far too long. The high spirit, who not only read his thoughts, but also detected a physical transformation.

In the spirit realm, we are our thoughts. Souls in the Lower Zone are misshapen, because theirTomasz Alen Kopera thoughts are misshapen. Their bodies take on the aspect of their thinking. When the Captain decided to make a leap of faith and help the high spirits, his personality, which forms the ideas and thoughts within his brain, began to recast. His mind raced about the probabilities of the Chief of the city defeating the high spirits and taking him to an even worse situation than before, mixed with a yearning to break the bonds of anger and hate.

His personality, by the stimuli of great suffering and anguish was growing in kindness. While he fervently desired to break free, he also wanted others to be free. That new thought, that instinct of justice, caused his outward appearance to take on a new shape. He did not realize it, but the high spirit did.

The process works in the other way too. Dominate thoughts from other spirits can influence a spirit to alter their thinking and shape. In the book Liberation, there is a scene, witnessed by the spirit Andre Luiz, where a woman is on trial in a courtroom in hell. The judge, a former Catholic Pope who rejected heaven because he wasn’t honored there according to his desires, descended to the Dark Abyss to become a magistrate of the recently passed who appeared in his dark domain.

He pointed to a woman in the waiting docket and bellowed:

“’Come here! Come here!’

Looking hypnotized, the poor wretch obeyed the order, emerged from the crowd and placed herself under the forceful rays of his attention.

‘Confess! Confess!’ ordered the ruthless judge, aware of the fragile and passive being he was addressing.

The poor woman smote her breast, as if reciting the Confiteor, and cried out in sorrow:

‘Forgive me! Forgive me, O my God!’

As if under the power of some mysterious drug that made her expose her innermost self to all of us, she spoke in a loud, halting voice:

‘I killed four innocent little children … and I hired the murder of my unbearable husband … But my crime is a living monster. It persecuted me while I was in the physical body … I tried to run from it by every means possible, but it was useless … and the more I tried to drown my wretchedness in ‘drinking for pleasure,’ the more I wallowed … in the mire of my own self.’

Suddenly, appearing to experience the interference of loathsome memories, she clamored:

‘I want wine! Wine! Pleasure!’

In a forceful demonstration of power, the judge stated triumphantly:

‘How can prayers and tears liberate such a human beast?’

Then, fixing the radiations from his fearsome look on her, he proclaimed peremptorily:

‘She has condemned herself! She is nothing but a she-wolf, a wolf, a wolf…’

As he repeated those words, as if trying to persuade her to feel like an animal, I saw the deeply impressionable woman’s face begin to change. Her mouth twisted, the neck curved spontaneously forward, and her eyes changed in their sockets. Her face took on a wolf-like look.

In that display of power, I was obviously witnessing the effect of hypnotism on her perispiritual body.

Gubio explained in a whisper:

‘Remorse is, of course, a blessing that leads us to make amends, but it is also a breach through which one’s creditor’s demands payment. Hardness congeals our sensibility for a certain amount of time; and yet, a time always comes when remorse opens our mental life to the jolts of our own emissions coming back to us.’”[7]

Gubio, the good spirit who was the leader of the expedition to the Dark Abyss, explained to Andre Luiz, that the murderous woman, would one day find her way back to redemption. While for the time being, until she found the strength to repair herself, she would appear misshapen to all who viewed Explore-Small-front-coverher.

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Freeing the Prisoners

While the remaining doors were being unlocked, the high spirits, stood in a group, in the central chamber, where the tunnels of the mine intersected. They began to sing. They sang in a tone and style not known to those poor slaves in the dark damp mine.

The theme of the song was the misuse of power in the Lower Zone and how that attitude permeated throughout the land – affected tress, vegetation, and even the very air they breathed. That corruption of the mind causes the corruption of the entire environment.

The ears of the suffering workers perked up and they started listening to this alien music. The message touch something in their hearts.

Then the group switched to a more joyous message. They caroled about the beauties of the earth – the sweet water and snow-capped mountains. They sang of the love of God and the overriding beauty of his creation for those who accept love in their heart.

Next they chorused about heaven and the wonderful expanse of new colors and beauty which awaited them. All made ready by Christ, who loved each and every one of the tired downtrodden workers.

The group of high spirits, fifteen in number, with a leader and two sections of seven, kept singing as the slaves left their posts and climbed toward the glorious sound. The vast empty chamber was filling fast. The paths on the walls were lined with forlorn souls who looked with longing upon the singing spirits. When, at last one brave slave came forward and kneeled before them and said, “Amen.”

Slaves gathered around the group of bright loving angels. The leader spoke to them:

“And you, my brothers, come your ways into the city, and heed none who shall threaten you with the displeasure of the Chief. For he is your lord no longer, but you shall learn the service of a brighter Lord, and wear his livery anon when you have progressed to be so worthy. But now have not any fear, except to mark our word and to obey, for the Chief of this place comes, and we must reckon first with him before your way hence shall be clear.”[8]

Presently the Lord of the land appeared. He towered over the others, by more than half again the height of his minions. His shoulders were not straight but bent. He wore a rusty gold tunic with a sword at his side. He displayed a caricature of royalty. He radiated all of the baser emotions – hate, envy, revenge, lust, and evil.

The leader of the group describes what happened next:

“So he stood there, the King unquestioned of all that rabble, and there were thousands of them who crowded behind him on either side. But around him was left a space – they came not too near his arm. His left hand held a heavy, cruel-looking whip with many lashes, and on this their eyes would often glance and glance away again as quickly. But he hesitated now to speak, the while we stood to silence, for he was only used for a long time past to speak with authority and in the manner of a bully, and he lacked courage to speak to us now he saw us, for we were of aspectslaves restful and at variance with the whole fearful, trembling attitude of all those others in that place. But while we waited, facing the others, I noticed behind him there was a man bound and held by two in the livery of the guards we had met at the Principal Gate. I looked with more care now, for he was in the shadows, and so I made him out to be our guide, the Captain. This seeing, I at once stepped forward very quickly, and as I went by the Chief, I touched the blade of his sword in passing, and then stood before those who held the bound man and commanded then. ‘Loose that man of his things and set him forward towards our company.’

At these words a yell of rage broke from the Chief and he tried to raise his sword upon me. But all the temper had left the blade, and it hung down limp as a water-weed, he staring in horror at it while, for he took it at once as a token of his authority bereft of power. I had not in mind to make him a stock for laughter, but the others, his slaves, saw the comic element in his plight, not of humor but of malice, and from hidden places there came gusts of laughter and mockery. Then the blade withered and fell from the haft all rotten, and the haft he hurled at a point up among the rocks where someone laughed longer than his fellows. Then I turned to the guard again, and they hastily unbound the prisoner and set him before us.

Immediately the Chief threw off his air of mock-majesty, and bowed courteously to me and then to my company. Truly this man is destined in ages to come to be a great servant of our Father when his evil shall have turned to good.

‘Sir,’ he said, ‘you have the freedom, it seems, of a power greater than my own. To it I bow, and would know your will with me and with these my servants who serve me so willingly and so well.’ For all his great command of self, he could not but discover, here and there, his inmost spirit of cynical malice. It is ever thus in those hell-regions; all is counterfeit – except slavery.

I told him of our mission, and he said, ‘I had not known your estate, or else had I welcomed you more fittingly. But, having been remiss, I will now be forward. Follow, and I will myself be guide to you to the Gates of this my City. Follow me, gentlemen, the while I go to lead the way.’

And so we went after him, and passed through the eaves and workings, and came at last to the smaller gate which gave on to the steps which led to the trap through which we had come into the mines.”[9]

The power of a higher spirit over a lower spirit is absolute. Whatever weapon the evil Lord thought he possessed meant nothing to the leader of the spirits. The battle wasn’t even in question. It is as if a troop of soldiers, with pikes, encountered a lone man with a machine gun. One series of rounds fired into the air would send the hapless soldiers scrambling.

But the most startling aspect of the narrative above is the comment by the high spirit about the cruel JesusCharityLord … that this pile of evil could one day become great in the service of God. That sentiment speaks volume about what the spirit world wants from us.

Retiring to a cloister and passively spending time in constant prayer is not what Jesus and God expects of us. We are supposed to be aggressive in our pursuit of good. To be able to marshal forces of light and love to perform heroic feats. When Jesus told us the meek shall inherit the earth, He didn’t mean the weak and submissive, he meant acting with force of character, but in the most polite and civilized manner possible – just like the high spirit did with the Chief of the City.

The high spirit didn’t yell, he didn’t kill, he did something much more effective – he demonstrated his power and gave concise directions, while attempting to allow his opponent to keep their dignity. That is the power of meekness – force with courtesy and understanding.

Out of the Mines

The hundreds that had gathered in that dark tomb followed the high spirits, as they walked behind the Chief toward the entrance to the mines. Soon the crowd grew to the thousands. As they first broke out into the dim light into open country, the high spirits waited by the door to make sure all who wanted to exited the mine.

The leader of the high spirits took the Captain aside and told him of his plans. The Captain then mixed into the crowd so he could reinforce the directives of their saviors.

As the last of the pitiful miners emerged, the leader spoke to them:

“I told them that they should separate themselves each from the others and go through the City into those houses and dens which best they knew, and best were known, and tell the news and bring forth those who would come with them to the square of the Principal Gate where we would meet with them. So they began to leave us, and, as they went the Chief addressed himself to us, ‘If it pleases you gentlemen, who have honored us with your coming among us, I would have you consort with me to my house, while these go to gather their friends. It may chance there will blessing ensue to my household also from your presence.’

‘Blessing indeed shall come to you and your house of this visit of ours,’ I replied to him, ‘but that will be not at the time, nor in the manner you look for,’ so we went with him and he led the way.”[10]

The misshapen Chief led them through the city to his castle. The building covered an entire block and seemed to be more of a prison than an abode. The high spirits followed the Chief into the castle:

“We went within, and he led the way along passages and halls, and at last we came to a chamber, not very large, and there he bade us wait while he made our welcome ready. So he departed, and I smiled upon my friends and asked them, if they has fathomed the dim depths of his purpose. They were doubtful, most of them, but a few there were who felt a sense of having been deceived, so I told them we were prisoners, fast as he could make us, and when one went to the door through which we had entered he found it fast enough, bolted without. There was another on the other side of the room, which was a kind of ante-chamber to that Throne Room beyond. That also egyptwas fast bolted. You of earth would think that some at least of those fourteen would be fearful, or hurt at such a pass as this. But you must know that only those are sent on such missions as this of ours, and into regions such as these, who by long training have become strangers quite to fear, and who are strong to wield the almighty power of good, with skill so unfailing and sure, no evil can withstand it and go scathless.

We know what we should do without counsel or discourse, so we took hands one of another and lifted ourselves toward the light and life of our normal environment. This more gross condition we had taken upon us that we might traffic in those regions in the guise of the inhabitants who lived in them. But, as we aspired together, our condition gradually changed, and our bodies took on a nature more sublimate, so we passed hence without those walls, and stood in the square before the Principal Gate, awaiting the coming of our company.”[11]

Hence, the group of fifteen high spirits simply made themselves less dense, back to their original ratio of matter to energy and walked through the walls of the castle to freedom.

The dark Lord of the city had gathered his retainers in the Throne Room, ready to welcome the prisoners. When the bolted door was opened and no high spirit stood, his court laughed at him while he dissolved in defeat. Such is life in an environment of cruelty. Every weakness is ridiculed and whenever an opportunity to demean another presents itself, is never missed.

The New Colony

The group of high spirits assembled the multitude of souls seeking a better way of life in the square. There they waited for the next phase – their journey to freedom.

A spirit arrived at the City, he led all of the newly freed people to a new location, some distance from the City of the Mines. The population who escaped from their old bonds were 144,000, a number that is significant, but in which manner was not yet known to the high spirits.

G. Vale Owen communicates to us what the leader of the high spirits told him about the significance of that number, in response to his question:

“It came to pass in the counsels of those who conceived that enterprise; spheres far above mine they be, and their reason is not known to me; but it has relation to future ages of progress. You are wondering whether the number has anything in contact with those of John’s redeemed. No, not explicitly, at least. Implicitly there is a reason. That reason will work out in future development of that company, who will form of themselves hereafter a new and self-contained – what shall I say so you will understand me? – department in the Heavens. Not a new Heaven, no, but a new heavenly department; so.”[12]

The group that rescued the souls are high spirits to us, but there are more exulted levels which sends down commands. From our vantage point, peering into the levels of heaven, as if through a veil of Nossa-lar-topviewheavy cloth, we can only see hints of what actually occurs. Hence, as a child sees their parent, who appears to be a huge creature from their vantage point, spirits higher in the hierarchy seem like brilliant and magical angels. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind there are many levels above them. And they have told us this is so.

Hence, the spirits were sent on a mission, they knew their immediate goal, but didn’t understand the ultimate destination or reason for the huge escape of so many lower spirits. Unlike we here on earth, who question orders from above, dissect them, and usually find them to be full of folly. In the spirit universe orders from beyond have trickled down from God, and are part of an overall plan that could span millions, if not billions of years. Through experience, higher spirits, while questioning the reason for their tasks, most often later realize the supreme wisdom of what they had done.

The leader of the spirit group later visited the new city. He found the leader of the new city, whom he called Barnabas, to be a most loving person, but lacking a drive for organization. This was soon rectified, by the organizational abilities of the Captain of the Guard who greatly assisted the spirits when they first entered the City of the Mines.

Barnabas, who’s loving presence was a guide to the inhabitants to begin to open their hearts to love and real friendship, in concert with the Captain, have enabled the new city to prosper. But given the location of the city in the Lower Zone, the city has not been without peril.

The Reverend G. Vale Owen wished to know if the city had been attacked. This is a logical question, since the city was founded some distance away from the City of the Mines and was still in the Lower Zone. Keep in mind the Lower Zone (also called Umbral in Portuguese) is where souls live who have not yet ascended to heaven, therefore they have not let themselves be free of material bonds and the lesser emotions. While on earth, we have a mix, whereby good people with loving and charitable intentions act as a governor on the pure selfishness that others may wish to openly demonstrate, in the Lower Zones, envy, pride, and hate are the norm.

The spirits told him what had occurred:

“At first they were much hindered and much vexed by surrounding tribes, who came, and finding what was on hand there in their midst, snarled insults at the people and departed. But they reported to other tribes, and many an assault was made on parties of workers as opportunity was found. Then these minor attacks ceased for a long period. But the Captain was ever regaining his one-time alertness and ability, and had his watchers posted on outlying hillocks and in watch-houses all round. And from these he knew that a battle was impending, for the tribes were gathering a large army, and drilling their soldiers, with much display and talk of glory, as their manners go in those regions of false-reality so to group words.

But all the time our people grew in strength and also in brightness, and when the attack came they were able to beat off their foemen. It was a long and very bitter battle of forces and wills. But they won, as they were bound by their destiny to win, what, strange as it many sound to you, and a paradox was a real and strenuous fight. What helped them greatly was their increased luster of person and atmosphere. This was very painful to their adversaries, who were still immersed in their darker condition, and they cried out in agonized frenzy when they came within the radius and felt the sting of the unresponsive aura of that City and Colony of progressive people.”[13]

Attacks, armies, systems of defenses, and training troops – doesn’t that all sound utterly fantastic to spartansexist in a different plane? This is the reality of the spirit universe. It is layered in what is best to teach and train every type of spirit. For those who have accepted the light, a tranquil and marvelous set of worlds await, where improvement is met with rewards and advancements. For those whose purpose in life is to take advantage of their brethren, a world of being with others like themselves is fully constructed so they may learn how it is to live with people like themselves.

The description of the Lower Zone, or Umbral is not only found in the spirit communications of G. Vale Owen, but also in the book, Action and Reaction.  The book was psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, in 1956, thirty-eight years after G. Vale Owen spoke to his group of spirits.

In the book, there is a spirit, Andre Luiz, who relayed a series of books to Chico Xavier, about his life in the Lower Zone and in heaven. Andre Luiz was visiting a small colony, more like a fort, located deep in the Lower Zone. Its purpose was to help those who desired to escape their time in that desolate region. The center’s name was “Mansao Paz”, which translates into “Mansion of Peace”.

Andre describes the weapons that defended the small colony, as a series of metallic poles which are charged to repel any attacks. Andre witnesses one such attack and asks:

“Are we being attacked by an army?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yes, we are,” Druso confirmed calmly. “These attacks are common, however. Our unfortunate brothers are trying to force us to move our building and render us powerless so that they can take over the region.”[14]

The attackers were equipped with canons that discharged harmful vibrations that would cause terror and madness, if it wasn’t for the defenses of the fort. The presence of cannons, which are capable of spreading fear, indicates a sophisticated supply chain. Hence there must be collectives within the Lower Zone which can manufacture weapons and probably other goods. Weapons that could have taken their origin from the City of the Mines.

The new city, ably led by Barnabas and the Captain, was also attacked. Whereas, they didn’t have the sophisticated equipment that an outpost from heaven would have, they did have the advantage of a superior spirituality.

On earth, this would mean very little in the face of hard steel, but in the spirit world, faith in goodness and redemption fortifies one for whatever is thrown at them. Love acts as a shield and as a beacon that can either attract those in harmony or repel those who feel the pain of their own retarded existence and regrets.

The City Ascends

The Law of Affinity places spirits with like spirits; it also affects a colony of like-minded spirits. As the people of the new city elevate themselves so does their abode. The spirit leader explains the process, in his description of the history of the colony:

“Improvement has still proceeded, and, in ratio to their increasing brightness, the Colony hascross been gradually removed from its original state and has approached the spheres of light. And so I come upon a principle of interrelation between state and place obtaining here in these realms, and which you may find it hard to understand – nay, impossible. So I will not enlarge on it, I will say their enemies found it harder to come near them, while the Colonists found that every time a trail of approach was made the radius of their City’s immunity from danger had increased and still continued to increase, and their enemies perforce stopped in their tracks farther and farther away.”[15]

Nothing can explain the plasticity of the spirit realm better than the example of a whole colony slowly elevating to the level of their collective spirituality. The spirit realm, created by God and before our physical universe, exists and is governed by a set of Divine Laws – more aptly described as Divine Programming. Whereas, everything in the spirit realm, and in our universe, is created, maintained, and modified by force of will. Either directly by God, or his coterie of high spirits, who implement His commands.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061]The spirit realm, reacts to forces, spiritual in nature that can alter one reality to another. As one rises in brightness, new powers are in play, active and passive, which dictates location of residence, span of travel, and relative strength. Spirit luminesce attracts new attributes, and new applications are then added to our individual personality. Thereby creating, an enhanced spirit, but with the same character and memories.

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