Future of Earth

The earth will transition – from a planet of humans paying off debts from previous lives – to a planet of learning and peace. It has all been planned out by the spirit realm. The future is absolutely certain … the timing is not. That is up to us.

The high spirit Arnel spoke about the future of our planet with the Rev. G Vale Owen, in a series of messages in Book Four – The Battalions of Heaven, in 1919. He was and most probably still is part of a great endeavor to move the people of earth to begin their spiritual journey to cast off their ties of materialism. He and other spirits were shown the impending destiny of earth in order to illustrate the goal they are working toward. A large globe appeared:

“As it went round upon its axis there appeared shapes of lands and waters upon its outer circumference. These were not coterminous in outline with those of earth as they are today. We were now being shown our future sphere of work, and these were changing as they are now changing on earth’s surface, but more quickly. The ages ahead of you were foreshortened for us and we read them as a moving model.

There appeared also the cities and their peoples and animals also, and the engines which the people made for their several uses. And as the globe turned its surface to us, continually revolving, we were able to see the progress of it all.

I mean this; take, in token of other lands, your own islands. I noted then first as they will be a few years hence. Then they sailed round out of view. When they came before us again they had become changed a little in configuration of coastlines, and as to their cities and people. So, as the globe revolved, these lands, and the whole human race and their works of building and engines of locomotion and all their handiwork progressed in their ages, but condensed from millennia into hours. I must suit my words to you way of thinking, my son. Years have not the same significance to us as they have to you.

Now it would not be permitted to me to fish for you in the deeps of future ages. You of earth must net your own supper. That is as it should be. Nevertheless, it is permitted to me to tell you where the fishing-ground are like to be. Then those who will think of me as a good admiral will set their sail to my chart, and out upon their quest. So.

Now, the earth became more beautiful as it sailed round upon its voyage of the ages. The light increased upon its surface, and its mass became more radiant from within. The peoples also hurried not so greatly here and there, for nature had become more at one with them and yielded more genially to their abundance. So their lives were less fevered and more given to meditation. Thus they became ever more in harmony one with others, and all of them more nearly attuned to us who were able, in our turn, to spend upon them a larger degree of our power and of our sweeter pace.

As this attunement advanced it enthused us with a largess of happiness to know we had gained for ourselves, after much stress of warfare, these younger companions of our ancient race. It was very sweet to us, my son.

And gradually earth itself was changed.”[i]

Thus spoke Arnel about earth. He saw the British Isles change as the centuries progressed. He witnessed the world, the technology, the people all transformed as millennia after millennia flew by in a simulation of that which will occur to earth as dictated by God and carried out by legions of spirits following commands from Jesus.

Spiritist Revelations and the Bible

Before and after messages were delivered to the Rev. G. Vale Owen there has been communications about the transition of our planet from Spiritist mediums. The primary message is always the same … we are in a time of transformation. Where our planet will become a regenerative world. Hence, this change, this modifying of the human race, our culture, and our technology is the Apocalypse.

For Christians the Apocalypse is a series of calamitous events. Disasters that would affect the entire planet. But according to Spiritism, the earth will change, yes, disasters will occur, but overall our planet will convert gradually.

To understand the coming changes to our world, one must first know the present and past state of the earth. Where has it come from and where is it going. For we are all passengers and are locked into our seats until we reach the final destination.

Levels of Planets

In the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, in Chapter Three, there is an explanation of the different worlds that spirits will inhabit during their long trek toward purification.

  1. Primitive World – Intended for the first incarnations of the human soul. The beings that inhabit them are, to a certain extent, rudimentary. They have the human form but are devoid of any beauty. Their instincts are not tempered by any sentiment of refinement or benevolence, or by any notions of right or wrong. Brute force is the only law. With no industry or inventions, they spend life in conquest of food. The earth was once a primitive world.
  2. World of Trial and Expiation, also called Atonement – You are living on this world. There is more evil present than good. This is why life is not easy, because it is not supposed to be while you are reincarnated on the planet earth.
  3. Regenerative World – Where souls still have something to expiate (pay off the debt of a past sin) and may absorb new strength by resting from the fatigue of struggle. There is still evil, but much reduced, the good outweighs the evil, consequently there is no motive for hatred or discord.
  4. Happy Worlds – On Happy Worlds, we still retain our human form, although the senses are more acute. Where people who are in power are placed there for their dedication to others, not themselves.
  5. Heavenly or Divine Worlds – Where good reigns completely, all inhabitants are purified spirits. There is no evil. Humans are lighter, less dense, and life span is longer.
The New Testament Apocalypse

Given that the earth is a planet of expiation or atonement, the spirit realm is actively involved in moving us to a better spiritual plane. The spirit Emmanuel, who was the spirit guide for Francisco C. Xavier, and who inspired many books psychographed by Francisco, wrote in his book, On the Way to the Light, about the reasons for the spirit world to send the revelations to John:

“A few years before the end of the first century after the coming of the new doctrine, the powers of the spirit world made an analysis of the dreadful situation of the world in view of the future.

The Divine Master called to the higher spheres the spirit John, who was still being held prisoner by the bonds of the earth, and the astonished, afflicted Apostle read the symbolic language of the invisible world.

The Lord told him to deliver his knowledge to the planet as a warning to all the nations and peoples of the earth, and the old Apostle of Patmos transmitted the extraordinary warnings of the Apocalypse to his disciples.

All of the events posterior to John’s life are foreseen therein. Certainly, the Apostle’s description frequently enters the obscurest terrain. One can plainly see that his human language could not faithfully replicate the divine expression of his visions of remarkable interest for the history of mankind: the wars, the ideological struggles of western civilization are all foreseen in minute detail. And its most dreadful image, which even today is still offered to the eyes of the modern world, is that of the deviant Church of Rome, symbolized as the beast clothed in purple and drunk on the blood of the saints.”[ii]

 Let’s look at a summary of part of the New Testament Apocalypse, Chapter 13, and then analyze it through the eyes of the spirit Emmanuel:

“Chapter 13: A Beast comes out of the sea. It has ten horns, seven heads containing diadems and blasphemous names. Like a leopard, but paws like a bear and mouth like a lion. It is given power, throne and authority by the Dragon. One head was mortally wounded and healed. In wonderment, the whole world followed after the Beast. People worshiped Beast and Dragon. Their authority to last only forty two months. Granted authority over all people, nation and race. Worshiped by all those who do not have their names in book of life.

Let him who has ears heed these words: If one is destined for captivity, into captivity he goes! If one is destined to be slain by the sword, by the sword he will be slain! Such is the faithful endurance that distinguishes God’s holy people. A Second Beast comes up out of the Earth. It used the authority of the first Beast to promote its interests by making the world worship the first beast whose mortal wound had been healed. Performs great miracles, leads astray Earth’s inhabitants by telling them to make an idol of first Beast. Life is given to the image of the Beast, and the power of speech and the ability to put to death anyone who refuses to worship it. Forces all men, rich and poor to accept a stamped image on right hand or forehead. No one allowed to buy or sell anything unless first marked with the name of the beast or the number that stood for its name. A certain wisdom is needed here; with a little ingenuity anyone can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a certain man. The man’s number is six hundred sixty-six.[iii]

First we are told the authority of the beast will last forty-two months, according to Emmanuel, the correct interpretation is:

“The Apocalypse states that the beast would stay great and blasphemous for 42 months, adding that his number would be 666 (Rev. 18:5,18). By examining the importance of symbols at that time and following a certain course of interpretation, we can take each month as being 30 years instead of 30 days; hence, there is a period of 1,260 years, which is precisely the period 610-1870 of our era, when the Papacy was consolidated from the time of its appearance with the emperor Phocus in 607 to the decree of papal infallibility by Pius IX in 1870, which marked the decadence and absence of Vatican’ authority in light of humankind’s scientific, philosophic and religious evolution.”[iv]

Therefore the beast is the Catholic Church, which became corrupted over time, forgetting that it is the church who is to serve, not the populace to serve the church. Emmanuel tells us of many occasions when the spirit world attempted to bring the church back to its beginnings. One such effort is when one of Jesus’ apostles reincarnated as Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis tried to demonstrate, by his example that the church was meant to go out and help people, not to just collect money or to remain isolated in monasteries.

What about the famous number 666? If the Catholic Church was the beast, what does the number 666 signify? Again, Emmanuel has the answer:

“As for the number 666, without referring to the interpretations using Greek numerals, but rather using the Roman numerals because they were the most widespread and well-known, we must keep in mind that the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Church uses the titles “VICARIVS GENERALIS DEI IN TERRIS”, “VICARIVS FILII DEI” and “DVX CLERI”, which mean, respectively, “God’s Chief Vicar on Earth”, “Vicar of the Son of God” and “Captain of the Clergy.” All one needs is a little game of patience, adding up the Roman numerals found in each papal title, and one will find the same results of 666 in each one of them.”[v]

Hence, the beast were the Popes who contributed to the churches journey from simple gathering places, where people congregated to discuss the teaching of Jesus and to assist those in need, to the builder of wealth for the religious class at the top, by siphoning the hard-earned money of millions of peasants. To the present day Catholic Church’s benefit, they have reformed themselves into a more benevolent organization, performing many good services for their flock.

The Spiritist Apocalypse

So, how will the Apocalypse, according to Spiritism, occur? The end will come, but it will come for those low spirits who did not care to learn from their successive lives on this planet. As more spirits understand what it means to be selfless, charitable, and honorable in all circumstances, thereby shedding the constant striving for material goods, they will remain within the earth’s sphere, whether in spiritual or physical form. The good spirits will vie for the honor of assisting the transformation of the planet.

The last question of the one thousand and nineteen questions in The Spirits Book, tells us exactly how the Apocalypse rolls out:

  1. Will the reign of goodness ever be established upon the earth?

“Goodness will reign upon the earth, when, among the spirits who come to dwell in it, the good shall be more numerous than the bad; for they will then bring in the reign of love and justice, which are the source of good and happiness.”[vi]

Hence, as more people are truly good, the weight of the culture will influence others to follow their example. Those living will have some time to improve themselves, to turn away from the pursuit of coinage by any means. Others will not be so lucky; The Spirits Book tells us their fate:

“The spirits of the wicked people who are mowed down each day by death, and of all who endeavor to arrest the onward movement, will be excluded from the earth, and compelled to incarnate themselves elsewhere; for they would be out of place among those nobler races of human beings, whose felicity would be impaired by their presence among them. They will be sent into never worlds, less advanced than the earth, and will then fulfill hard and laborious missions, which will furnish them with the means of advancing, while contributing also to the advancement of their brethren of those younger worlds, less advanced than themselves.”[vii]

The people who continue to behave badly will have a surprise waiting for them when they expire. Waking up in the spirit world and then expecting to return to spread more chaos, they shall instead be whisked away to another, less advanced planet, to live among those who are on a lower level.

Imagine dying after residing in a beautiful mansion by the sea, bought by systematically stealing the wealth of others, then landing into the midst of a city with the reek of an open-sewer, no modern technology, where luxury is having hot water boiled for you once a week. This is the punishment awaiting all who resist modifying their behavior and attitudes that celebrate robbing innocents, violence and feeling superior to those that don’t stoop to their level. Even then, under God’s benevolence, they too, shall have a chance to redeem themselves and re-ascend to a better planet.

The weeding out of the reluctant spirits and the populating of the planet with good spirits will be a gradual conversion. We are being groomed to attain the state required for us to inhabit a non-expiratory world. In Allan Kardec’s book Genesis, the Apocalypse will not occur in a big bang but will be; “According to the Spirits the earth will not be transformed by a cataclysm that will suddenly wipe out an entire generation. The current generation will disappear gradually and the new one will follow it in the same way, without there have been any change in the natural order of things.”[viii]

So what happens to us who remain? The Spirit of Truth, as promised in the New Testament John 14:15-17, as the Consoler sent to Allan Kardec to reveal the Doctrine of Spiritism, tells us in The Gospel According to Spiritism, what will be:

“The time is near for the fulfillment of those things proclaimed for the transformation of humankind. Blessed will be those who have worked in the Lord’s field selflessly and with no other motive than charity! Their workdays will be paid a hundredfold more than what they expected. Blessed will be those who said to their fellow men and women, “Brothers and sisters, let us work together and combine our efforts so that the Master may find the work accomplished at his coming”; for the Master will say to them; “Come unto me, you who have been good servants, you who have known how to silence your jealousies and discords so that no harm will come to the work!”[ix]

Our hundredfold reward will be life on a Regenerative planet. Where good outweighs evil and we can thrive in an environment relatively free of discord. With no fear of war or other violent ends. A place, a safe haven, to continue learning how we can progress to become a pure spirit.

If you wish to learn more about Spiritism, please read my short book on Spiritism, Spiritism 101- The Third Revelation, to understand how we interact with the spirit world and how we are guided by high spirits.

Arnel Describes the Transition

Psychometry is the inherent vibrations infused into matter, from simple car keys, to articles of clothing, which tell the story of all that intersected with that particular slice of matter. Arnel tells us that cosmic psychometry are the vibrations of entire planets.

And it is more than that. Not a mere receptacle of vibrations. But a process of accumulated vibrations which infuse an object and transforms it. Our collective vibrations work to modify the vibrations of earth. Arnel describes the process:

“And so it came to pass that as the people of earth progressed spiritually higher, so earth itself gradually but faithfully answered to their influence which was registered upon the substance of which earth is built up. Matter became less gross and more ethereal. That is why it became brighter with radiance from within as we saw it revolving. It was no more nor no less than cosmic psychometry in mass, but essentially identical with you at present know manifested in detail.

As earth and its peoples became more and more etherealized, so the hosts spiritual were able with greater ease to consort with those peoples, and their conversation was both more frequent and more free than it is today. And, to shorten my story, we came to that period when progress had been made to such a degree that the communion of spirits with people of earth was normal and continual.”[x]

Hence, we and the planet, become less dense. Just as a higher spirit is composed of more energy and less matter than a lower spirit, our entire globe shall fade away from view in our current dense solar system and appear as a planet, in the same orbit, in a solar system composed of higher worlds.

Arnel tells us that our current level of science may be able to understand the proportions of matter of different planets, but we are unable to discern their spiritual level. At the same time, there are worlds that have progressed and have become ethereal.

The civilizations which reside on those planets are able to detect our dense planets. And they interact with us without our knowledge. There is more, Arnel tells us:

“There are others which are not visible to you of earth for they are those which have progressed in their etherealization beyond the material, and have become ethereal. They may be seen by those who live on planets of like substance. They are not spiritual, but between the material and the spiritual estate. Their inhabitants are cognizant of the other planets of which earth is one. And they act upon these planets very powerfully, being at the same time more progressed than earth people, and yet nearer in estate than the spiritual people are.

These of which I speak are true planets of themselves. But there are other ethereal planets, so to say it. One of these encompasses earth. For it is of the engrossened ether of which this ethereal planet is composed that earth is suffused. This is not merely a belt of ether solely for service of earth. Most of these have lived on earth in bygone ages, and some have never been earth-dwellers, never having reached material manifestation in body of flesh and blood.”[xi]

Therefore, we live in a multi-dimensional universe, within multiple universes. Our current science knows our layer of visible matter isn’t enough to account for the universe we live in. Arnel exposes the truth, that we are mere children playing at science compared to the higher spiritual civilizations.

The complexity of God’s creation is unfathomable to us. But it may be helpful to think that we are swimming in a sea of numbers. Ponder that each one of us sends out encoded messages – constantly, our thoughts, our feelings, our current status, and our location, to name a few. That our planet, our matter, has all been created by force of will, and is kept in place by the faith and force of high spirits. Visualize a dense matrix of numerals, strings, and structures, in which a multivariate analysis would expose that all numbers, all data within any table, are all related to all other pieces of information.

Slice the universal library of everything anyway you choose and another whole ecosystem of spiritual, ethereal, and material is discovered. Add that all is fluid and all is connected to everything else. That a thought can change a data point, hence all other relationships are reset. Only then can one get a small inkling in the true state of the universe we reside.

It is difficult to visualize the truth, when we see density, thickness, and stability all around us. When only children believe that a thought can conjure an object. Our physical limitations are for a purpose. The spirit world has deliberately held all other variables steady, so we may live on earth and concentrate on one primary task … transform our character. Once that is done, we can be safely exposed to a realm beyond the imagination.

The Ultimate Manifestation

Arnel described the revolving globe and the future of mankind on earth. He told the Rev. G. Vale Owen how each one of us, those who have chosen the path to the light, will accompany the earth to a higher state. Next Arnel speaks of the finale – the last act of the earth as it became wholly transformed:

“Earth, as we beheld it before us, had come to that stage when the ethereal and the material had almost equal place in content. The bodies of men were still of matter, but purified and more readily co-responsive with the heavens of spirit life than in former times – these same times in which you live today.

Earth had responded to the upliftment, and the vegetation which it produced lay upon its bosom almost sentient as a babe upon his mother’s breast.

No kingdoms were upon earth, but one confederacy of peoples whose colors were not so diverse, each from other, as they are today.

Science also was not the science of Europe as it is now, but the powers of ethereal dynamics being understood, the whole life of men was transformed.”[xii]

In the future, we are lighter, we easily communicate with the spirit realm, we are at peace and we live together as one, in harmony. But is wasn’t just humans that were changed – everything else was too.

Minerals, which made up the earth were charged to be in harmony with our planet. Plant life was given the ability to respond to our thoughts. Animals had increased sensations and personalities. The ethereal intelligence of the universe inundated all of earth, giving each division of inorganic and organic life a boost. A little more awareness, an increased sense of connectivity, and a place within the vibrations and harmony of the earth.

Arnel describes the earth as radiant, with living entities covering the surface. He tells us that “Earth now shone like one great and very beautiful pearl, but with veins of green and gold and crimson and amber and blue upon it. And within it shone its native light aglow with fire of worship about its heart, which throbbed with life and happiness as the impulses of the Creative Lords and their myriads invaded it and wooed from it this responsive and shimmering loveliness.”[xiii]

Paradise awaits us. It is not something we have to travel towards. It doesn’t entail a physical journey. To arrive at paradise takes an arduous mental trek, a trip to re-wire our personalities. To cut off ties from excessive material desires. To rid ourselves of primitive emotions – hate, envy, and selfishness. To step forward toward the light, in all humbleness, open to learn that which we have resisted for so many lives. That love is the greatest force in the universe, that kindness and respect for all is the foundation upon which paradise shall be created.

Watching the earth’s globe spin, Arnel hears a hymn that arises from earth, a song of love and expectation:

“What lies beyond you in the deeps of space we know not yet, and earth is but a mote in the rays of your Heavenly Sun. But this we know, since we have seen this Province of your Kingdom, Christ of the Father, that what is there beyond is wholly good.

What comes to meet us out of the eternities ahead of us, on the road we go, what peoples there abide, what sort of Princes rule – these too, we know not now. Yet we go forward fearless, for we follow you, O Christ. Upon your shoulders sit twin power and love embracing each other in your crown of majesty.

Who the Father is we know, for we have seen you His Beloved, and we have loved you also. So our love meets with the Father’s love in you as trysting place. We know Him in you, and we are content.

You are very wonderful and beautiful, Beloved, yet all your beauty cannot be shown to us so great.

But in that future emprise we adventure forth all strong of heart and buoyant and unafraid. And you still lead us we will follow you, Christ Consummate of wisdom, of strength and of creative love.

We pay you our due worship, ordered and arrayed in our degrees. Content us with the benediction of your Peace.”[xiv]

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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