In Heaven – You are Taught to Rise Above National Borders, Races, Culture

charity2First we are told by a group of spirits about a lower level of heaven:

“In Sphere Two the progress of earth-knowledge and intercommunication of peoples are still felt in their development from generation to generation, for the one sphere intervening but little modifies these, and earth-manners of thought and prejudices have still much influence in that sphere, which influence but gradually is neutralized as the spheres are traversed.”[i]

The spirit Kathleen, the communicator for a group of advanced spirits, spoke to the Reverend G. Vale Owen in his book, Life Beyond the Veil, which is a collection of four of his books. This particular message was included in Book Three – The Ministry of Heaven.

Spiritism notifies us, through the Third Revelation, as codified by Allan Kardec in the 1850s that we are who we are, even as we pass from life in the physical plane to the spirit plane. Hence, if we were the product of the culture of India, and say for example we thought that Indians were the mostbaby-India superior group of people on the planet, and that our immediate family of Brahmins, the highest caste,  therefore we are the cream of the crop – then we would still have the tendency to believe that as we ascended to a heavenly city above India.

Our thoughts, our social constructs and prejudices are not magically removed as we discard our dense body. The spirit realm doesn’t alter our minds through direct control. God absolutely respects our free will and allows us to be as blind and stupid as we so desire. The spirit realm does attempt to educate us.

And this is precisely what the group of spirits, who came from the tenth level down to the second level of heaven, were trying to accomplish. They came to educate the good souls to rise above all preconceived labels.

Habits of thought are difficult to re-direct, even for those who desire it. Hence, the spirit realm understands the need to calmly present the case for unity. They tell us:

“Even in those well progressed there linger traces of these things, but not so intensified as toextendedfamily arrest development, nor to mar the Brotherhood of the children of God. They become, these differences of earth-life, varieties of type which add to the interest and charm of such as Sphere Seven and onward, and have no taint of division, nor belittling of others opinions and creeds. Those who have proceeded so far into the light have by that light learned to read the lessons written in the Book of the Acts of God, and there is but one Book for All who speak one tongue and are all one great family of the Father there. Not, as in earth-life, out of mere passive and constrained toleration, but with hearty co-operation in work and in friendship – one in love.”[ii]

Therefore, the second sphere was not one of discord or hate, but of habit. The spirits from sphere ten described the current state of sphere two:

“There the people were gathered into groups, as it pleased their choice. Some sought to consort with those of their own race. Other groups were formed of those to whom Creed was of higher appeal than blood. And even political circles were not absent. And those from these groups singly would from time to time attend the assembly of other groups which were to their mind in part. A Moslem would pay a friendly visit to a group of international socialists, or an imperialist would attach himself to those who worshipped God according to the Christian faith. Much diversity was there in the grouping of the people, and much interchange in the composition of the groups. But for the most part they remained and continued in what faith they had ever been, and of what political party and of what blood.”[iii]

How normal all this sounds. This is the great revelation of Spiritism – Heaven is accessible by familytieseveryone – all that matters is love and kindness in one’s heart. Each soul was drawn, quite naturally, to their own kind, was considerate and respectful of others. But, they just felt more comfortable with similar people.

To ascend higher, they must learn to feel the same sense of brotherhood to all souls, not just that intimate feeling to a select few.  Therefore, the high spirits told the populace in sphere two that they would all come together to hear the same message.

The spirits from the tenth level stood upon a ledge of rock on a high cliff, so the multitude, gathered on the rolling hills below could listen to their message of unity. Here is what they were told:

“Down on the plane of the earth there dwelt one family, which had been divided into many sections, and, seeing the evils of such division, there were many who would confederate them once again. Even in this sphere was to be seen that same stubbornness of pride which said, ‘My race and my creed are more to the Father’s mind than those of others.’ It was for the reason that such must be done away before advance could be free and unimpeded that we had brought them altogether as one family to deliver the message we had from the One Father, through the only Christ.

At this there was some uneasiness among them, but no word was said amiss, for when they saw that our brightness was of luster beyond their own, they gave us heed, knowing that once we thought as they thought now, and that only by the releasing of some of our opinions and the remodeling of others had we come to be brighter of form and countenance than they. So they gave our speaker heed.”[iv]

It is as if, high school students were given a lecture by a group of college students on how to survive and prosper in a university. They would instantly recognize the maturity of the college students and would seek to learn from their accumulated wisdom and experience.

Once we leave this life, our education does not end … it is only the beginning of eternal learning and BookCover-Reincarnationbetterment. Imagine an immortality exploring new ideas, vistas, planets, cultures, and universes. The higher one ascends the wider range of discovery is opened to you.

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