Into the Darkness to Halt Evil

castle-darkGood, high spirits, descend into the Lower Zones and below to help poor souls trapped in an atmosphere of ignorance and malevolence. Often they stand passive, awaiting a call for help or an opportunity to assist. But, there are times when action is called for. Here is one such example.

In most of the Spiritist literature that I have read to date, from Allan Kardec to Leon Denis to Francisco C. Xavier – higher spirits stand ready to help those who have finally reached the point where they cry out to God, seeking his love.

Usually, when an immature spirit is guided to seek a higher road, it is done through conversation, understanding, and doing favors for him or her, until they realize for themselves the superiority of kindness and serving others.

One Example of Containing an Evil Soul

One exception in the passive approach I found was in the book Memoirs of a Suicide, by Yvonne Pereira. In the book, Camilo, the spirit author, tells about the time he witness his spirit benefactors attempting to expose the past of a spirit so he would understand his own crimes and repent.

The spirit’s name was Agenor, he had been in seclusion, a type of prison in a hospital center for suicides. He had been forcibly removed from the Lower Zone because he and his gang would prey on impressionable people. They would obsess them, cause them to commit suicide, and then use them, when their spirit left their body. He had been in isolation for thirty-eight years!

Here is what the high spirits said to Agenor, during one of his interrogations:

“Our reasons for depriving you of your freedom are explained every day. You know that you are guilty. You know that you have lured a dozen unwary individuals into committing suicide because they let themselves be deluded by the nefarious suggestions of your ploys as a cunning obsessor … either disgracing them for the simple pleasure of doing evil, or because you were jealous of them for some reason … just as you used to do in the past when you disparaged poor maidens who were enamored with you and who carelessly trusted you, leading them to commit suicide after having been bitterly betrayed by you – an omen of your future as an obsessor … But your pride stifles the logical conclusion of reason, and you prefer rebelliousness and sophism because they are more comfortable.”[1]

The high spirits went over his life – for his thoughts and the thoughts of those around him, are retrievable – and exposed all of the wrongs he had committed. From complete neglect of his parents – leaving his mother destitute and forgotten – to his lies to the women he took advantage of during his time on earth.

The high spirits knew that if he reincarnated with his present state of mind, his life would be no different from the previous time. That more people would be hurt and destroyed in the wake of his utter selfishness.

Descent into the Lower Regions

In the book, Beyond the Veil, the spirit Kathleen, speaking directly to Rev G. Vale Owen  spoke of a time when the spirit leader of the group, that Kathleen was a member, went deep into the Lower Zones:

“From that colony we went further into the regions of gloom. We had done what we were able, going from group to group where houses clustered or where fires burned, and ministered comfort or advice to those who would receive us. But they were not of much readiness for the most part. Some few would be able to retrace their steps upwards from that place, but the many would haveumbral to descend lower in the misery of the further regions before their hardness should give place to despair, and despair should return into longing, and a glimmer of light should glow in those poor lost souls. Then would come repentance and amendment, and their toilsome journey towards the Valley of the Bridge. But that time was not yet at hand. So we left them, for we had our orders, and in our minds the map of the country by which to find our way to those places where special work awaited us. For we did not go at random into those dark places, but of purpose, set for us by those who sent us thither.”[2]

The Lower Zone isn’t a land of lifeless evil zombies, the undead. Instead, it is where souls have left their bodies to go into the spirit realm find themselves when they are tied to the earth, either through materialism, or by dominance of lessor emotions, such as hate, envy, and jealousy. They reside there until they realize the futility of living in a land composed of hate and criminality.

God affords these souls their free will to make wrong choices and to live with those choices until they find a new path. High spirits are there, constantly watching, to help those who have determined they no longer wish a life of suffering.

The group of high spirits were sent to specific locations for a reason. They may have not known the exact purpose, but when they arrive at whatever area they were sent, they would know the correct action to take.

The Dark City

They arrived at a walled city in the Lower Zone:

“Thus we came to a large city, and entered through a massive gateway where guards marched to and fro. We had relaxed our will to visibility and so passed within unseen. We found the broad street beyond the gate was lined with great houses of heavy build like prison fortresses. From several of the wind-holes lurid flickering of light fell into the roadway and across our path. We went on until we came to a large square, where there was set up a statue on a high pedestal, not in the middle, but toward one side, where the largest building stood.”[3]

The statue appeared to be a man dressed in a Roman toga, in his left hand he had a mirror and with constantinehis right hand poured out red wine into a basin. Other images were nearby – most were satirizing the virtues of childhood, maternity, and love.

Next, they entered the building behind the statue and walked up the large stair case. They entered a great hall, with many people sitting, they were in their finest clothes – which looked like rags to the high spirits – listening to the leader speaking.

The leader, was the Governor of the city and surrounding territory.  He had made himself larger in statue than the rest, so he could impose his will on all of the lost souls that came within his grasp.

The good spirits were dishearten at what they saw:

“We would have turned away, but out task was set, and we must listen to his speaking until he had finished. It is painful for me to give, as it is for you to take, his story. But it is well, my brother that they still in the earth-life should come at the knowledge of what life is in those dark spheres, for there the mixture of the good with the bad no longer holds. The good go up, the evil sink into their own lower places, and the tempering of evil with the good is not of the economy of those infernal regions. So evil left together with evil works blasphemies which are not possible in the composite society of earth.”[4]

On earth, we all live together, the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Human nature causes us to slavesconform to the norm. In polite society, even a wicked person must put on the appearance of civility to be able to blend in and survive.

Whereas, in the Lower Zones, after the Divine Law of Affinity, has filtered the bad to where they belong and the good into the spheres of light and love – all that is left are those who are of ill intent. There is an absence of any pull to perform good or decent acts. There is only what life is like in a prison, where the inmates run the compound – force is king and nothing else is respected.

God uses evil to fight evil, so any soul who embraced the darkness would sooner or later discover the pitfalls of living amongst people like themselves. There are no idealists, no willing and loyal subordinates … only menacing men and women biding their time, looking for any weaknesses to be exploited.

The dark Governor’s rhetoric was an inversion of the Gospel of Jesus. He had made himself imposing and feared so he could reign over lessor souls. And such, he taught them he was like the Beast that slaughtered the lamb. The lamb was weak, but its blood useful in feeding the Beast. Hence the Beast should be worshiped and he would lead them in their endeavors. He spoke about Moloch and other subjects – all meant to enslave his audience and to feel that they could only depend on him in this cruel and terrible world they had found themselves.

The high spirits waited patiently for the malicious Governor to finish his discourse and descend back to the crowd. The high spirits gathered behind and above the Governor. One woman of their group stepped forward and made herself apparent. She showed herself all dressed in white, radiating light:

“A lady of our company stood some half dozen steps below us. Her chaplet of emeralds shone fair upon her brow as it bound her brown-gold hair, and the jewel of order upon her shoulder shoneMary-mother-of-jesus brighter and true of her own virtue. About her middle was a belt of silver. And all these showed in relief against those tawdry jewels of the crowd before her. And in her arms she held a bundle of white lilies. She stood there, the presentment of pure womanhood in all its perfect loveliness, a challenge to the late speaker’s ribald cynicism of her race.

Then, when a long time they had looked upon her, both the men and women there, one of them sobbed and tried to smother the sound in her mantle. But then the others gave way before the returning upon them of their sometime womanhood, and the hall was filled with the wailing of the women – oh, so hopeless to hear in that place of misery and of bondage, that the men also began to cover their faces with their hands, to sink upon the ground, and to press their foreheads in the thick dust upon the floor.

But now the Governor took himself in hand, for he saw his power at hazard. He began to stride in great anger over the bodies of women to get at her who first had set the pace to weeping. But now I came down to the lowest step and called to him, ‘Stay your hand and come hither to me.’

At this he turned and leered at me, and began to say, ‘But, you, my lord, are welcome, so you come in peace among us. Yet these poor cravens be too much bedazzled of the light of that fair lady behind you, and I do but seek to bring them to their reason, so they shall give you proper welcome.’”[5]

Explore-Small-front-coverThe Governor knew he and his men were no match for the power of high spirits. He tried to weasel out of the situation with as little cost as possible. He attempted to hide his anger at having to quickly obey another’s command – such is the force of a high spirit compared to a dense dweller in the Lower Zone.

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The Exile of the Governor

The group of high spirits weren’t sent just to interrupt a speech. They were sent on a mission and now the mission was to be revealed. The spirit in charge told the Governor:

“But I said very sternly to him, ‘Cease and come hither.’ So he came and stood before me, and I continued, ‘You have taken upon you to blaspheme, both in speech and also by your trappings. Take off that crown of blasphemy and lay down the shepherd’s crook, you dare to mock at One Who claims these His children whom you hold in your bond of fear.’ These things he did, and then I spoke to some men standing near, and I said to them more gently, ‘You have been cowards too long, and this man has enslaved you, body and soul. He shall be taken to a city where one stronger in evil might than he rules. Do you, who have served him hereto, do now my bidding. Disrobe him of that mantle and that girdle which he has donned in his mockery of Him Whom even he shall own someday his Sovereign Prince and Lord.’

And then I waited, and there came forward four of them and began to unbuckle his belt. He turned in fierce rage upon them, but I had taken the staff from him, and this I laid upon his shoulder, and at the touch he sensed the power within me and strove no more. So my will with him was done; and then I bade him go forth of the hall into darkness without, where guards awaited to take him into that far region where as he had done to others it should be done to him.”[6]

Two vital points about what occurred. First, the power of a high spirit over a lower spirit is absolute. It is as if an adult confronted a four-year-old – there would be no contest, in will or strength.

reincarnation5Superheroes are real and they are high spirits. They are powerful and use their overwhelming force for good and only good. This is why we are being trained; one day we too shall have supremacy over countless lower spirits – we must be prepared to use our strength wisely and fairly at all times.

Secondly, the Governor is being sent to a place where he shall be under the command of a soul more evil and more powerful than he. He shall be given the privilege of learning what it was like to be under his direction. This is not a punishment for a bad man, it is an extreme learning exercise for one who refused to comprehend a previous lesson delivered in a gentler manner.

One day, even the Governor shall rise. One day his suffering will be too much to bear. One day he will wake and decide to change. And on that day he will lift his head up and gaze into the direction where the high spirits came from and ask for help – and it shall be given.

After the Bloodless Revolution

After the Governor left, another high spirit started to sing. He didn’t sing a hymn but a happy and rousing song to lift their spirits. The poor souls in the audience required a change of mood – from fear and despair to hope and happiness. The light in the great hall changed from dark and gloomy to bright and merry.

The high spirits didn’t leave the city after they finished with the Governor. They waited for another team to come, so the people of the city could be led to a higher plane. Toward the light.

The Rev. G. Vale Owen upon hearing this story, asked how did the guards know to come from the lower city? What he was told demonstrates the omnipotence of God:

“Ah, there you touch one of the difficult matters to understand until you learn more of the ways of God His Wisdom, and His Sovereignty. In brief, know you, friend, that God is Sovereign not in Heaven alone but in Hell also, and in all the Hells He rules and He alone. The others dominate locally, but He rules over them all. The guards I spoke of were men of that same city to which we sent the man. Evil men they were, and did not own allegiance to the Creator of them all. But knowing not whose judgement delivered this one more victim into their hands, nor knowing it was for his ultimate salvation, they did our will without ado. You may find the key here, if you go beneath and deep enough, to much of that which happens on your earth.

Evil men by many are thought to be outside the pale of His Kingdom; and evils and disasters to be faulty manifestations of His dynamic energizing. But both are in His hand to use, and even evil men, unwitting, are made to work out his plans and purpose in the ultimate.”[7]

No one, not one person does not partake in the aims of God. Even the most horrific tyrants of ourdictator time, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, in some mysterious manner contributed to earth’s plan. What this trio of evil personified did was wicked indeed, but it must have had an ultimate purpose. If only to ward off future generations to the great disaster that Fascism and Communism carry with them.

We, the living on earth, in our short lives, are unable to discern the great arc of history. The spirals of progress and destruction, ever upward – but hard to discern to our eyes – all have a purpose and a goal.

What are the multitude of interweaving story lines for individuals, nations, and cultures is beyond me. But, I do know the ultimate goal … for earth to become a planet of regeneration.

Earth will eventually be free of copious selfishness, hate, envy, and the wars that base emotions cause to spring forth. Everything that we, as a human race, has experienced in the thousands of years since we became aware, has been to develop the souls on this planet from primitive to mature and educated spirits.

When a majority of us incarnate on earth as peace-loving, rational, and kind souls, the earth will begin to move to a better place. A world which will be a paradise compared to the one we inhabit presently.

The engine to drive us onward is the untiring actions of high spirits. Elevated souls who toil for the incarnate and discarnates on and around the earth – so someday we may take our rightful place alongside them.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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