Jesus Appears at the Temple in the 10th Level of Heaven

portrait-of-jesusAll spiritual power is based on love. Zabdiel describes the power of love when he tells about Jesus coming to a temple in the tenth level of heaven. The event was important and dramatic. It affected everyone who was present. Zabdiel describes a Jesus we don’t see in the New Testament … a Jesus in charge, a powerful spirit, yet not in brute force, but grand in love.

Zabdiel introduces us to what love means in the tenth sphere of heaven:

“Love strengthens, and less love weakens, in ration to its lack, every stream of power which comes from the Supreme Father for our use in His service. They who have come so far as to this sphere are able, by what wisdom they have come at, to absorb into their personalities, to see the trend of things. We see, as we get towards the Unapproachable Light, that all things are trending towards one central principle, and that is Love. We see Love at the Source of all things.”[i]

In January, 1914, Zabdiel spoke to the Rev G. Vale Owen, who compiled the messages he received from a series of spirits in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, spanning many years. The series of conversations from Zabdiel from November 1913 to January 1914 are documented in The Highlands of Heaven section.

Zabdiel commenced this particular communication expounding on love, for he wished G. Vale Owen to fully comprehend what he was going to tell G.V.O. next. In fact, Zabdiel notifies us that the universe is founded on the unity of forces under the command of Love. A simple process but complex in the adaptation of this force. He tells us, “When these vibrations of spiritual activity, reach the cosmos of matter, the perplexity of adaptation and coordination is very much increased.”[ii]

The Temple of the Holy Mount

Introducing the spectacle of Jesus at the temple with a discourse of the power of love should serve to condition the reader to interpret the events through a slightly different lens than merely reading the description of a ceremony. It is as if we look at a coronation and only notice what the King or Queen is wearing, not detecting the political power of the throne itself or the process whereby royalty is anointed a position of great responsibility.

“On a large plain in this Sphere Ten there is a high mountain which stands sheer up from the grassland and dominates its fellow-mountains like a king on his throne among his courtiers. Here and there about the steep ascent, as viewed from the plain, you see buildings. Some are shrines open to the view on every side; some are sanctuaries in which worship is offered, and on the summit the Temple itself, which is over all, and to which all minister and lead. From this Temple, from time to time, Manifestations of the Presence are given to assemblies gathered on the plaincelestrial-city below.

It is set here not so much for worship within, but for the uplifting and strengthening and education of worshipers who assemble on the plain. Keepers and officers there are, who worship within the Temple, but these are very high in degree, and few go in with them until they have progress some spheres onward, and return on some duty to this Tenth Sphere.

It is a Colony of Powers who are advanced beyond this Tenth in their persons, but who visit this High Place on missions of help and judgement from time to time. And there are always some of them there. The Temple is never left without its complement. But I have not been within, and shall not until I have attained to higher power and sublimity in spheres beyond.”[iii]

The Temple seemingly stood upon a high mountain in a middle of a vast plain, like a raised altar on flat deserted ground. The Temple was more than a symbol, it had a function which superior spirits undertook to the benefit of the citizens of the tenth sphere. Next Zabdiel describes the multitude of people assembled:

“On this plain were gathered a very vast number of people, called thither from all parts of this wide Sphere. From some half a mile – as you would say – from the mountain’s base they stretched out far across the country, group after group, until they looked like a sea of flowers in gentle movement, there Jewels of Order flashing as they moved, and their garments of many hues ever shimmering from one combination of colors into another. High up on the Sacred Mount stood the Temple and, from time to time, they looked that way in expectation.”[iv]

Like an elaborate Olympic ceremony, opening the games, with the uniforms of each country represented and formed in precise order, the populace gathered in expectation. They didn’t have to wait for long. A group of high spirits came out on the Porch of the Temple and after the crowd was blessed, they were told of the purpose of the event.

Each individual in the vast plain below could perfectly hear the message … they were gathered to witness the spirits who would be initiated into the eleventh sphere. Zabdiel tells us that no one in the crowd knew who would be chosen, so the entire vast sea of spirits waited in silence. They didn’t wait long.

Jesus Appears

“Then from the Gate of the Temple came forth a Man, clad in simple white, but radiant and very lovely. On his head was a fillet of gold, and gold sandals upon His feet. About His middle was a belt of red which shone and sent forth rays of crimson here and there as He moved forward. In His right hand He carried a golden cup. His left hand was upon His girdle, and near His heart. We knew Him at once, the Son of Man, for none else is like to Him Who, in whatever form or Manifestation seen, ever blends two forces perfectly in Himself: Love and Royalty. There is always a simplicity in His grandeur, and a majesty in His simplicity. Both these you feel come into you and blend with your own life whenever He manifests Himself, as now. And when the Manifestation is over, the blessing so received does not pass from you, but remains a part of you always.”[v]

The Bible records the effect of Jesus’ sermons, how crowds remained mesmerized for hours waiting truthand listening for His words. In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a spirit is introduced, who in one of his previous lives, was one of the children welcomed by Jesus when, He said, “Let the little children come to me, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs…”

The boy, now the spirit Anibal is introduced to a group of spirit, who had made the error of ending their lives before their allotted time on earth was finished, with the following interesting piece of information:

“He says that when the Lord preached his gentle Doctrine of Love, marvelously precise, elucidating images appeared unexpectedly before the eyes of the listeners of goodwill,Spirit-101-Front-small enlightening them in an unmistakable manner and imprinting never to be forgotten illustrations on the folds of their being! That is why the great Envoy, preaching in unshakeable serenity, could hold the attention of famished multitudes for hours on end, control turbulent mobs, enrapture listeners, and convince hearts that would either prostrate themselves, fearful and dazed, when he passed by, or adhere, faithful and enchanted, to His Doctrine. The impious, however, those whose rebellious minds were in discord with the divine vibrations, perceived nothing.”[vi]

Even while encased in a frail physical envelope, the spiritual influence of Jesus shone like the bright rays of the sun to those able to receive it. While in spirit form, His grandeur was magnified, Zabdiel describes Jesus in his rightful place – in the spirit world:

“He stood there beautiful altogether, and sweet beyond my telling – sweet and lovely, and with just a tincture of sacrificing pity, which did but add to the joyful solemnity of His face. That face was a smile itself, but yet He did not smile in act. And in the smile were tears, not of sorrow but of joy to give of His own to others, in love. His whole aspect, and what His form expressed, was so manifold of powers and graces in combination as to make Him One alone among those others who attended Him there, and to set Him above all as King.”[vii]

Zabdiel saw that Jesus appeared to not only see the crowd but levels of heaven and below beyond the multitude. Jesus wasn’t alone, like any grand personage he had his attendants; who in themselves were figures of distinction:

“One thing I noted, and will tell you as well I may. Each of those blessed spirits had a well-defined and powerful character written upon the countenance, and in the gait and actions of each. NoJesus-greatLord two had the same virtues in equal parts and combination. Each was a very high Angel in degree and authority, but each a personality in himself or herself, and no two alike. And He stood there, and they on either side, and some on the lower ledge before Him. And in Him, both face and form, were united, in sweet blend and communion, the beauties and qualities and powers of them all. In Him you could see each quality of theirs distinct, yet blended together. Yes, He was Alone and His Aloneness lent added majesty to His appearing.”[viii]

The Supreme Spirituality and Jesus doesn’t desire us to be shaped by the same mold. They want to give us our free will so we may all be a “well-defined and powerful character” in our own right. This is the great gift we are given – we aren’t workers in some ant colony, born and destined for a single function – we are all cherished individuals, free to rise and grow in our own manner. With such a wonderful opportunity comes great responsibility and hard work.

Free will is the fount of all of our victories and defeats, our times of ecstasy and deepest depression, poverty and riches, every decision and act that later we must pay. When you are in the cavern of a great trouble … think of that as one small step toward becoming a powerful high angel.

The Ceremony Begins

“Awhile He stood in rapture, silent, still and beautiful altogether to look upon. Meanwhile, in the throng of bright ones about Him a movement began. Slowly, and with no haste, the multitude rose into the air, and took shape until there was an oval of light round behind and on both sides of Him. Those in rear were higher than His head, and those in front were lower than his feet. So a frame was made and, as it took shape, their brightness increased until we scarce discerned the forms of them by reason of the brightness of their glory. They shone golden about Him, but He was more radiant still than all other beside, as they stood still now, and shining. Only before His feet was there no arc of light, but a breach was made, so that the oval was not complete but gapped at its lowest part.

Then he moved. His left hand He extended and stretched forth towards us in benediction. With His right hand He tilted the chalice towards us, and from its bowl poured forth a thin stream on many-colored light which fell upon the rock before Him and flowed down the face of the mountain towards the plain. And as it flowed it increased in volume, until it began to lap over the plain towards us, still expanding. It reached us a broad river of light; and in it were seen colors in all their hues, from deep purple to pale lilac, from deep red to faint pink, from orange-brown to gold. And all these mingled, here and there, in streams of green or other composite hue.”[ix]

Jesus staged a grand production, not to merely entertain, but to demonstrate the unity of his ministers and functionaries and to illustrate the creative power awaiting each and every person in the plain below. It also piqued the interest of every spectator, as Zabdiel tells us, as the river of light made its way into the vast crowd:

“So it came to us, and among us, as we stood there wondering both the thing done and all the beauty of it. Now it swept onward until it had covered all the ground on which stood that vast multitude of people. But they did not stand in the liquid lake, for it did not rise upon their feet, but formed a sea beneath them, and they stood upon it. Nor could the eye penetrate to see the grassland upon which it rested as upon a sea-bed. It seemed to lie there beneath us very deep, a sea of liquid glass, rainbow-tinted, and upon that sea we stood as on firm ground. Yet it was all in motion, here and there in little waves, and here and there in rivulets of red or blue or other color, flowing among us underfoot, very strange and very pretty to see.

But in a while it was noticed that it did not serve every one equally. There was one here, and another at some little distance, and this repeated throughout the throng, who became conscious of a change in them; and this made them to be silent and in very deep meditation. This change also soon became apparent to their near neighbors. For this is what they saw: the flood of light about him who was thus changed ran yellow-gold, and lapped first his ankles, and then rising like a pillar of liquid glass, all radiant, bathed his knees, and then, still rose until it was about him a pillar of light, and he in the midst of a golden radiance. Then upon his head, in place of jewel, or chaplet, or whatever he wore, there appeared eleven stars. These also were of gold, but of a brilliance greater than the stream, as if it had become concentrated into eleven jeweled stars to crown the chosen one. On each of those so dealt with that fillet of stars rested upon his head near his forehead, and clasped his head on each side behind his ears. Thus it rested, and shone, make the wearer more beautiful, for the light seemed to invade his countenance and all his body, and uplift him above his fellows.”[x]

The display had the intelligence to seek out a selected number of the audience. Jesus and his attendants of High Spirits designed a spectacle that demonstrated they knew each and every soul among the multitude on the plain below. Next came the reason for the gathering:

“Then the Son of Man tilted back the cup, and the stream ceased to flow. And the rock became visible once again, where before it had been hidden by the river of light falling. Presently the grassland about the multitude began also to be seen, and at last all the sea colors had melted away, and we stood on the plain afore we had done.

Only there remained those who had become enveloped. They were enveloped now no more. But they were changed for aye, and would never be as they had been ever again. Their countenancesconcert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0 had become of more ethereal appearance, their bodies also, and their robes were of a brighter hue than those of their fellows, and of another color. Also the eleven stars remained to crown them with their light. Only the pillar of radiance was no more about them to envelop them.

Now another man came forth of the Temple on the Holy Mount, and cried, with a very strong voice of great sweetness, that those who had the stars should come forth of the crowd and stand before the Mount of Blessing. So they came forth, and I among them – for I was one those called – and we stood before the Mountain-foot, and before Him Who stood aloft before the Temple.

While we stood there He spoke to us in this wise, ‘You have well done, my children very much beloved, in what duty has been given into your hands to do. Not perfectly have you served the Father and Me; but as you were able so you did your work. I ask no more than you do after this manner in the wider sphere of service into which I now call you. Come up to Me, therefore, My beloved, and I will show you the path into that higher place where your houses await you all ready, and many friends to welcome you whom you will find there. Come up to Me.’

Then we saw that before us arose a broad stairway whose bottom rested on the plain just before us, and the top at His feet, far above upon the Mountain-top. So we all went up that long high flight of steps, and we were in number many thousands. Yet when we were well above the plain and I turned to wave my hand in loving farewell to my group of companions who stood looking after us among the multitude below, it seemed that no less number remained than had come thither to the meeting. So great was the assembly.”[xi]

Imagine you are a spectator in a stadium, watching a graduation ceremony, with the students dispersed amongst the crowd. Not dressed in gowns, but in street clothes, sitting with friends and family, indistinguishable from anyone else. The honored few who are chosen aren’t announced by the loudspeakers, but by rays of light. Light which bends and winds its way to the intended. Once it reaches its destination, the light doesn’t merely shine upon the chosen ones, but transforms them. As computer software manages in movies to create the Hulk from Dr. Bruce Banner, the graduate is similarly altered.

Jesus and his high Angels have the capability to mold reality to their will … the environment conforms to their direction, not the other way around. Not only may the appearance of the scenery, but the spirits who inhabit their domain may be enhanced upon command. Abilities beyond anything in our world, except in our imaginations. This is the majesty and power of Jesus. This is the majesty and power of a Perfect Spirit.

Explore-Small-front-coverThink of Jesus on the cross; his powerlessness and his image of dying for man’s sins. Jesus knew his mission on earth was to die – even before he took physical form. He knew that anyone superior descending to earth to attempt to teach the ignorant masses that love should be placed over position and raw power, was destined to face an unnatural death.

Jesus didn’t have to come to earth in a physical form, he could have sent his messengers – Socrates, Buddha, and other high spirits who volunteered to teach us the correct path; but he came himself. In an act of love, of self-sacrifice, and of concern for the advancement of humanity’s spirituality … he played the part he had to in order to illustrate with love and humility the correct path for our spiritual growth.

The spirits who were on the plain, the chosen ones to ascend and the ones remaining behind, are all on the track to learn to love like Jesus. This is why they reside in the tenth level of heaven; for they have learned to not allow bad or evil intentions to cloud their judgement. They have exercised their free will choice to follow the example of Jesus and other high spirits to remove the impurities within, to prepare themselves for great power and great responsibilities.

The few that ascended to the eleventh sphere are the future leaders, the movers and shakers, the managers and executives of the spirit world who command veritable armies of souls to watch over us. To guide us, to comfort us, and to support us in our daily trials and tribulations in our short physical life on this campus of learning.

The vital point to be taken is the amount of planning and organization which exists in the spirit world – all aimed at assisting us in our spiritual growth. The Spirituality is listening and responding to our pleadings and prayers. We just lack the sensitivity to recognize the effect it has on our life. It can be 7Tenets-Front-smalldone, by evaluating your life, the signals and synchronicities that have shaped your present, you can begin to reveal the marvelous ways in which you have been guided. I talk about how my life has been prepared in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Read how you too are being led by wise guardians and how the hardest parts of your life can sometimes be the most rewarding and the best preparation for you to someday graduate from the tenth to the eleventh level of heaven.

Learn more about heaven and the role Christ plays in leading our lives on earth as well as when we are in the spirit realm. Read my book Heaven and Below.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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