Jesus Awaits Our Ascendance

Jesus appeared at the University of the Five Towers. He allowed the students to explore the creative hierarchies of the universe. At the end of the display, there was a closing ceremony. It was a rousing call to action … a statement, a plea to not let one soul behind in the darkness.

Arnel, a student at the University, at the time, describes what he saw:

“Round the Throne in which the Great Christ Creative sat there appeared a cloud of vapor. Very beautiful it was to see it as the colors invaded it and mingled within it like web and woof. Then from the rear of the Throne and of the cloud there shot up a circle of rays, fan-shaped and spread high and wide, while He sat in the lower middle of them.

They were of blue and green and amber, these rays, and were heavenly projections of those forces which are generated from the material departments of His realm – the realm phenomenal in substance of matter of which the earth and planets and stars are made.

Then the cloud all in movement condensed upon itself and its various hues so arranged themselves that when it contracted to form a mantle we saw them once again in their appropriate and relative places, For the Mantle when it had sat itself down upon Him and had enwrapped His Form about as He sat there rapt and still was very beautiful. This great piece of it was blue, dark and deep blue, but of brightness withal. The edging was of gold and inside this edging was a border and it lay spread out upon the pavement and settled upon the steps. This border was broad and of gold, silver, green, with crimson and amber in two broad lines on the boundary of it inward. The blue robe had upon it at large intervals the semblance of a crown inverted. And it had a collar of pearl upon the shoulders of it. The collar shone forth many hues. It was not pearl-gray, but – how shall I say to you? It shone from within and sent forth rays about His head, not obscuring His face from us but framing it in a halo of radiance. Viewed in perspective with the rayed background it looked like the nucleus from whence those rays issued forth. But this was not so, except as it appeared to us. Upon His Head was no crown but a circlet only of white and red which bound his hair about behind the ears.”[1]

The description by Arnel to the mind of the Rev G. Vale Owen, painted an imposing picture of Jesus during his appearance at the University of the Five Towers.

Christ framed as a magnificent King of Humanity in His presentation in the spirit world, greatly contrasts with our perception of Him during his time on earth. We see Him as simple, yet elegant in manner and speech – without the need for extraneous finery. In fact to most of us, seeing Him in a grand manner would, at first seem strange, and unsettling.

Many people, who have had near death experiences, report a Jesus who carries on with the simple tradition. I have not seen a description of excessive ostentation, reported by a person who had a NDE.

Other reports from spirits who have seen Jesus in the spirit realm have described colorful appearances. And they have also commented upon the aura of love and kindness – a perfection of balance of male and female attributes of expressions of strength, yet caring.

I believe that we should look at these descriptions as a mature spirit would. Jesus is the leader of a powerful and vast organization. He commands enormous armies in his quest to perform good. Hence he displays the majesty of His purpose.

By demonstrating the beauty around His Person, and the power of those who assist Him, he is conveying the importance of His work to all of the spirits in His realm. They are viewing the ceremony, absorbing the grandeur and with it the underlying foundation of love that Jesus has for everyone. This magnificence touches their own soul at a deep level and supplies a spark of motivation to keep up the fight to be of service to those who need it.

The battle to enable each and every lost spirit to climb the ladder of perfection is not an easy task. We hear of spirits who have been to earth and then must return to the spirit world to recuperate. Confronting ignorance, hatred, and envy constantly is a challenging task.

Therefore, the vast numbers of spirits, in countless organizations, require a shining example to model their behavior after. This message is hammered home by what happened next:

The Hymn of Lamel

“Now He arose and laid the crown upon the steps before His feet and stood to face us. Awhile He spoke His will to us. He said.

‘You have but lately seen what is toward within my Kingdom. Yet there are who may not come to look upon its inner beauties as you have done. In those far outlands they are able only with dim thoughts to think of Me, for they are not yet come to their full awakening. Tell these friends, good Lamel, of the present estate and coming destiny of those so far removed.’

Then upon the first step of the Throne stood a man who was of those who attended and had waited in silence on either side the stairs. He was clad in white with silver belt upon his left shoulder and about his loins. He therefore spoke to us these words and as he spoke them the voice of him seemed to be made up of many chords of music, not one note, but multiple. The tones were resonant, so much that they floated forth into the air and passed above us until each note struck some gossamer string of music and it responded. One and another aerial thong was thus set vibrating until the whole welkin was tremulant with music as if a thousand harps were at their business harmonic.

Yet were his words not the less clearly heard, but became the more tuneful and descriptive, more at one with the nature of the things and acts they signified, more full of body and substance, as you should take a picture of black on white and turn it into colors. So there was life in his song and not music only.

So he addressed himself to his theme.

‘What if the Presence of Him seem to be far removed away in yonder high Realms of Glory? He is here withal, for we are progeny of Him and in His life we live.

What if we be to them afar down in those lands where light is dim as He to us? They be our brethren still and we to them akin.

What if they know not where their life is hid; by which they live and live amiss? They feel and grope and grip but one small quarter. Yet they do at least in this aright and stretch their hands all blindly hitherward with palm upturned.

But in their night they stumble and then stray into the byward tracks. Their onward course is hindered, while they who see a little await the return of those errant who see less still, and they come forward slowly but as in one company together.

What if the way be long, shall we not also await their coming hitherward that they and we may move together onward, upward, both more greatly blest in mutual love, so giving and receiving each to other, both?

Yet shall we wait, and only wait, while they towards us stumble on their way? Or shall we go and bring them, as the Christ sometime put off His robe of glory and, clad in lowly garb and work-a-day, sought out those sheep, who strayed, as these do stray, and brought to earth what earth would salve, that time ago?

That this should be the powers on High made marvel and they who hover over cosmoi greater than this of ours bowed low before Him as, of reverence due, they made obeisance to the Son of GOD in His humility. For they who are so great in wisdom learned now more greatly still how Love was fashioned for the Universe, and the whole Universe is both lovable and of Love.

So what if He be high from Whom is all? We have His Christ.

What if there be beyond, below, those more distant set than we? The Christ reached them too.

What if they be weak of limb and dim of sight? He is their strength and He shall be their Lamp to lead them so they stray not over much, nor finally be lost.

And if they do not know these brighter realms as we do know them to our joy, some day they shall rejoice with us, and we with them – some day.

But which of us shall take the crown, with strength appointed to this war? Who shall essay to place it upon his head? For it is dull and heavy in its weight today.

Yet, let him who is strong and simple in his faith stand here and take the crown.

What if it be now lusterless? It shall some day be radiant with the light which is now hid within it, when the task is made complete, some day?’

There was a silence great when he had ceased. Only the vibrations of the music ambient about us hovered still wistful and caressing, loath to still themselves into silence until the singer had been answered.

Then when no one came forth, none daring this high venture, the Christ Himself descended and took up the crown and placed it upon His head, and it sank deep upon His brow, for it was very heavy. Yes, my son, it is heavy upon Him today, but there is now beginning to show a luster about it which it had not then. So He stood and called to us, ‘And who will go forth with Me of you, my brethren?’

And when we heard His voice we knelt, one and all of us, beneath His Benediction.”[2]

Reading this call to action from our Lord, the One who formed our planet, guided the evolution of the earth, so humans could appear, so that we, immature and primitive souls, could have a vehicle in which to become civilized – reminds me of the speech written by Shakespeare for Henry V in the famous St. Crispin’s oratory just before the battle of Agincourt:

“Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be rememberèd-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”[3]

Both Henry’s and Lamel’s speeches were beautiful calls to action, both a reminder that something great and wonderful is about to happen – and one would fervently desire be a part of it.

While Henry was the King of England, a known leader and warrior, Christ is to us – close to the majesty and awesome power of God. To be asked to be part of His great vision … is a request that none of us would ever reject. Quite the opposite, we would feel a stirring in our hearts and wish to go forth into the battle for souls with every fiber of our being.

Lamel’s words and Christ’s actions are a clarion call that all of us; even those of us in the most humble circumstances, are able to assist a fellow human to raise their head toward the perfect white light to see the path to perfection.

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