Jesus Christ – Composed of Untold Pure Energy

On New Year’s Day, the first day of 1920, the spirit Arnel told the Rev G. Vale Owen about his encounter with one of the manifestations of Christ during Christmas Eve in the spirit realm. Arnel was in a great hall, in a high level of heaven, with other spirits, who had earned the right to live there. They resided in that sphere only after years of toil and hardships they toiled through as they ascended stage after stage of heaven.

Arnel saw a child walking down the hallway, a most beautiful boy. Arnel couldn’t take his eyes off the splendor and purity of the child. Then a very high spirit took the child onto his right shoulder.

Everyone in the hall recognized the child as Jesus, coming to the gathering with the innocence of youth. As the tall spirit marched down the aisle with Christ on his shoulder, the child grabbed flowers.

Arnel detailed his experience:

“When He came to me He gave me a pansy – that is the most-like flower you know. As I took the stem between my fingers He held it still for a very little minute, and looked into my eyes the while. The effect on me was this: I felt that He knew me and loved me apart from all the rest. There was between Him and me a bond which was not between Him and anyone else. For some time past I had been working strenuously at a problem whose solution had eluded me time and again. At that moment I had the answer. As the Child looked into my eyes I saw in His own a knowledge of all my patient and long enquiry in detail; sympathy for my failures, approval at my perseverance and love of me because I was I and no one else.

That, as I found later by conversation, is what happened to all the rest. And the flowers we received were simply used, first as channels of His grace and benediction, and second as insulators between Him and us. No one in that multitude could have touched His form. Theoretically to have done so would have meant annihilation. Practically to draw so near as to be able to touch Him was impossible. No one of us was of so high a frequency as to attune with Him.”[i]

Imagine the feeling of love so powerful, as to instantly create a deep connection, where you feel acceptance, approval, and understanding all at once. Where you feel absorbed in the body of Christ which, to you, was unique. Where your mind ran a thousand frames per second and solved a vexing problem. All of this occurring simultaneously.

In a few moments, one high spirit, changed your outlook. You felt a connection to an exalted purpose. Such is the power of Jesus in the spirit realm.

When high spirits come to earth and are physically present, their spirit alters the composition of their body. Their mind and presence is so powerful that matter will modify to their wishes. When they are born, they are noticeably different; calmer, superior, and charismatic.

Think of Socrates and Buddha as an example. Both high spirits, but less than Jesus, came to earth and made an impact that is still persistent thousands of years later. Now imagine Christ in the flesh; His presence, His empathy, and His power. Knowing His force as a spirit, makes it unremarkable that a child born into the family of a modest carpenter would change the face of history.

Jesus could have appeared as a child of any social strata, nation, or race, and he would have made a titanic impact. His choice was made for the greatest effect for the world, and it is still reverberating.

His Power

Christ’s level above all of the residents of the bands of heaven circling the earth is fully revealed by Arnel’s statement that he would be utterly destroyed by a mere touch. Jesus is energy, He is concentrated energy on a cosmic level. Arnel’s mixture of energy and matter would have reacted like a person being struck by a thousand lightning bolts or holding the cable with the total electrical output of the great energy generating dams of the world. The power would instantly incinerate whoever came into contact.

Each and every one of us is guided and touched by Jesus. In some manner, whether by the directions of a spirit mentor or a guardian angel, via the broad directives of Christ, or through the environment and society we presently live in, that has been molded and is still unfolding under His orders.

Jesus has created the world we live in for the purpose of teaching us the value of love. It is for a reason we live on a world of chaos, of cruelty, and madness. We must first learn what we must never do, before we learn what we must do.

Jesus is guiding all of humanity, through successive incarnations, so we may cast off our primitive emotions and characteristics in our quest to be pure. In our own small world we each have our own battle over ourselves. Jesus knows this and He knows how to enable an entire phalanx of immature spirits to each experience their own little victories.

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