Jesus Inspires – Not Just on Earth but Also in the Spirit Realm

afterdeath2Through his life and teachings Jesus inspired a revolution – an upheaval of society that was forever altered. His presence is still felt on earth today and is constant in the spirit world. For Jesus is still with us – He is looking down and guiding our progress; as a human collective for every improving soul is important to Him. But, we, the incarnates, aren’t the only beings who require help, spirits, on lower levels of heaven, also require a visit from on high to help clarify their struggle and direction.

On December 11, 1917, a group of spirits (residing on the tenth level of heaven), with Kathleen as the spirit who spoke directly to the Rev G. Vale Owen, described a visit by Jesus to the citizens of a lower level of heaven – sphere two.

On this relatively low plane of heaven, where people are good and uncomplaining, they too, at times,Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] feel frustration in carrying out their work. On this sphere, there were a group of spirits whose task was to sort newly arriving souls – to determine where they should be sent to, in order for them to be able to prosper as well as they are able.

In their work, they began to doubt themselves and to feel they were inadequate to the job at hand. When this occurs, on earth and in heaven, people’s productivity and satisfaction declines due to an uneasiness in their sense of direction and worth.

Therefore, something had to be done. In response, this was the action taken in the spirit realm:

 “The Angel Lord of the Colony came forth of His House and called the multitude and they came with sad faces, many with their glances bent on the ground, with no heart to look upon the fairness of his beauty. When they were assembled before the high flight of stairs on which he stood outside the portico of his dwelling, he spoke to them in quiet tone of voice and told them not to be of poor heart for One before them had felt as they did now and He had won through because when clouds came between Him and His Father’s face He still held on and would not distrust, but called His Father still.

And while he spoke, one after another they lifted up their eyes to him and saw his majesty and his portrait-of-jesusglowing, for he was of a higher sphere, he who had in charge this very difficult colony. And gradually as he still spoke gently to them with words of penetrating wisdom, they saw a mist begin to come about him and envelope him and slowly his form seemed to dissolve in the cloud of mist which condensing, clothed him as with a mantle cast about him. At length they saw him no longer, but lo, upon the steps where he had stood another form begin to appear, the form of One of lovelier countenance and brighter radiance than he. Brighter He grew and then there emerged into view about his brow a thorny chaplet with blood-drops beneath and on His breast, as if they had but now fallen. But as He grew brighter those thousands of tired eyes grew brighter too and they became lost in amaze at His exceeding glory of loveliness. The crown became changed into one of gold and rubies, the red drops upon His breast were gathered together into a clasp upon His shoulder to hold in place, and the robe he wore beneath His mantle glowed with the gold light of His radiant form beneath, which shone within its gossamer like molten silver with a tincture of sunlight in its texture. And the face of Him I cannot limn to you, for it is not possible in your words of earth more than to say that the majesty of the all-conquering Redeemer was there. His brow was the brow of a Creator of worlds and cosmos and yet with frail beauty of a women’s brow where the hair fell apart in the center. The chaplet spoke of kingship and yet there was no pride of rule in the softness of the wavy hair, and His long lashes rather called upon our tenderness, while His eyes made us both love and reverence Him, but in awe.

Well, slowly the vision of Him melted into the atmosphere – I do not say faded away – for we feltJesusCharity that as He became more and more invisible to sight, yet His form was becoming vaporized as the air became more and more enforced with the very Presence of Him.

And then at last He was gone from our sight and where He had been we saw once more the Angel Lord of the Colony. But now he stood no longer, but with one knee aground his forehead rested upon the other and his hands were clasped about his forward foot. So still he was in rapture of communion that we left him there and went our ways. Only now we stepped with light tread and hearts uplifted. We were weary no more, but ready for our task, whatever it should be. He spoke no word while we stood looking upon Him, but in our hearts ‘I am with you in all the ages,’ sounded very clear. And so we went to our work in great content and resolute.”[i]

The manner in which one reads the description of the appearance of Jesus is as important as the event itself. Why? Because your reaction, and quite possibly an entire sequence of reactions, could be illustrative of your balance of materialism and spiritualism.

Let me provide how I read the above passage. First, I knew leading up to Jesus’ appearance, there was a slightly demoralized work force. Then the people gathered, in a down heartened state. Next the head of their work group talked and actually functioned as an introduction to the arrival of Jesus. His presence alone completely turned around the group.

When I first thought about this, I caught myself thinking of situations here on earth. Whereupon the CEO or President of the company would appear to “rally” the troops. As if we were excited just to see him or her. Forefront in our minds was the fact that this person only saw us in terms of dollars and cents, and would replace us in a second if it would be profitable to do so. Plus the fact that we all know that person on the stage had no clue of the work we fulfilled. The chief executive’s main talent was sounding completely sincere in telling us to work more and harder so the management team could make even more money. We also knew that as soon as the gathering was ended, the management team would all congratulate themselves on a sterling job at motivating the work force.

That was the materialist part of me – but then I moved on and reflected that all I just thought, while perfectly reasonable on the physical plane, was detrimental to my spiritual side. First, Jesus, did in fact, make a great sacrifice while on earth. I was never tortured and nailed to the cross in a quest to enlighten a mass of people, most of whom didn’t care and had better things to do.

Second, the people who have ascended in heaven, didn’t rise because they were born into it, had a friend, bribed their way, played political games, or married into positions of power. No, they stood where I had stood, they worked longer and harder that I have done to date. Their modus operandi was, is, and always will be – love.

Third, and lastly, my attitude of being skeptical, is exactly what, most probably, has kept me from growing spiritually. My frame of reference, where I believe others are trying to game me as my first 7Tenets-Front-smallresponse, is not the state of an open heart like a child. For that is what I need to work on the most. I intellectualize a problem or a situation, but I don’t engage it in an emotional and loving nature. That is my failure, for it is the combination of intellectual curiosity governed by constant love and fraternity that is a prerequisite for spiritual advancement.

We are on earth to learn to balance ourselves. We have been given a course of events in our life to accumulate that which we need to learn. I talk about how my life has been prepared in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Read how you too are being led by wise guardians and how the hardest parts of your life can sometimes be the most rewarding.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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