Jesus Teaches About the Universe of Creation

There is a prestigious university, The University of the Five Towers, at the upper most region of sphere ten. In size it is more of a great city than a single place of learning. There, the object is to fully understand the grand processes of the spirit world – before students’ journey on to the actual act of creation amongst the planets of the universe.

Jesus arrived at the Tower of the Angels and this is what thousands of souls saw:

“And, as we sang, the whole building began first to vibrate and then to dissolve, and pass away. And the Angels, who had been about its walls and arches, now formed groups, who stood, each in order, in front of his own great company, which stretched away behind him into space. For the whole heavens were filled with innumerable companies of men of different race, and animals; and all creation was there around us.

We saw the spirits of men who were in the animal stage, and others, in all degrees of progress up to the state at present reached on the foremost of the planets. We saw all forms of animal life, both of land and air, and sea-creatures in all their degrees of development also, from simple to complex form and organism.

And we saw those angelic beings, also in all their degrees of splendor, who had charge of peoples and nations, and of animals and plants in all their variety of order. These Hierarchies were most sublime, for we saw them in massed grandeur, and those who had been stationed about the Crown were now observed to have taken their places as members of those groups to which they each belonged.”[i]

The spirit Arnel, through the help of the spirit Kathleen, who had the best ability to speak to the mind of the Rev G. Vale Owen, conveyed his experience while he was at the University of the Five Towers.

The manifestation that Arnel witnessed illustrates the complex organization, power and the vast reach of the spirit realm.  Animal, vegetable, and mineral are all guided in their creation and evolution.

Everything is planned and organized, by spirits so far above us, we can only imagine their power. While the majority on earth, at this moment, see the resulting chaos of the big bang, the truth is the explosion at the beginning of our physical universe was a planned incident … all subsequent planetary, solar, and galaxy events were also deliberate.

The Spirit Arnel

In the communication to G. Vale Owen on Monday, March 4, 1918, we find out about Arnel. Listening to Arnel’s description of what was revealed to the throng of spirits, G. Vale Owen, wished to know what Arnel believed when he was incarnated on earth.

First G. Vale Owen learned that Arnel lived in Italy during the Renaissance. He was born in England but traveled to and lived in Florence for the rest of his life. Arnel taught music and painting.

Arnel said of his life:

“It was in Italy, my son, in Florence the beautiful, And I do not mind me when, but it was at the time when God was making things anew, and men were beginning to think strange bold thoughts, and Church frowned from one brow, and State frowned from the other, and – well, I died in mid-life and so escaped their further enmity.”[ii]

The Rev. G. Vale Owen wished to know if he believed during his life, what he now knows in heaven – that we are immortal souls, guided by the spirit world to experience life after life in a quest to become perfect and to reside in a heaven of work and education. Arnel answered him:

“I did not, to my shame, for men had not them freed themselves from shackles of words, even so much as now they have done so. Yet, my son, believe me, I did go beyond my Church her pale, and preached a love of wider scope than they would allow. And for that I suffered. They did not kill me, but they reviled me, and made me feel very lonely, more lonely at times than you do, my son. For there are more now to keep you company than there were to me. And although I did not reach so far as you do now, yet it was far to me in those dark days.”[iii]

Understanding the incarnations of Arnel, a high spirit who had reached the tenth level of heaven, after countless number of lives, demonstrates the tiny slice of life that we see in our dense body. We think we start out as children, that our parents, siblings, cousins and extended family direct our early years and mold our personality. That we form our character during our teen years and beyond.

All that is only partially true. Our personality is formed over eons. As a glacier moves slowly down the mountain, taking bits of stones with it – miles down toward the sea … so shall we be formed by the hardness and difficulties, pleasures and wealth, of each life.

We have reached out current state through many trials, many successes and failures. With countless number of friends and careers all touching us, carving pieces of stone from our hard exterior, leaving the capacity to love exposed.

We are a work of art, each of us, individually – created by God and led by the higher sentiments of the spirit realm to fashion beauty out of raw materials. As they sculpture the outside, we, living inside our spirit – continually remodel our personality. Trying to grow at each opportunity, if we are wise, or looking on incredulously, if we have failed to grasp at the need for spirituality.

At the end, we are who we are, right at this moment. If we wish, and we understand what lies ahead of us, we have eternity to improve. To reach our personal goal of perfection.

The Gathering

At the beginning of the communication from Arnel, he described music coming from the Tower of the Angels, which must have alerted every one of the coming of an important event. The music began slowly and built into a crescendo. I imagine something like Ravel’s Bolero. A leisurely rhythm winding its way down an ever steeper path, picking up debris, and culminating into a landslide of excitement.

As the music played the Tower changed. Light began to penetrate its walls. People noticed and anticipated a great event. More and more were streaming out of other buildings, hoping to catch a glimpse of what would be next.

Then voices started to accompany the music, singing:

“We, who have listened to Thy Voice from afar, know Thou art He from Whom is Melody, for, at Thy Word, eternities brought forth Beauty.

We who have seen Thy Face in His eyes, Who alone has shown to us Thyself, know that Thou are formless, and yet out of Thy Mind came Form, that beauty should not go naked, but be clothed in garments whose woof is light and their web the shadow.

We, who have felt Thy Heart its beating, know that Beauty is so formed for us because Thou art all Love and no love is but of Thee.

And of all Thy Beauty we can only know by the Beauty of Thy Christ, Who shall manifest to us, Thine offspring, in such form as Thou hast given us to wear.

We bow our heads to worship Thee, for of Thee we are and ever look to Thee, Center of Life, and of what Being life is screen. Behind this outer life Thou hidest Thine effulgence that it harm us not at all.

Yet what Thou mayest show us of Thyself give to us now who wait His coming and His Peace.”[iv]

The song summarizes what those in the levels of heaven around the earth know of God. That God is incomprehensible to most (certainly to us on earth), and is only barely more so for those in our close heavenly spheres. That we know Him by his works and by His messengers.

God creates with love and beauty in mind for all things. And one of his most precious gifts to mankind is Christ. Sent to bring our poor immature spirits from the darkness into the light.

As the last words were sung, Jesus said “Peace”. All looked up and saw He was standing at the entrance of the Tower of the Angels.

Arnel tells us more:

“Before Him stretched a long stairway very broad, down to the water’s edge, and, kneeling on the steps, were a great number of Angels. They were the residents of the Tower. They were many thousands in all. He stood alone, well away from the great round archway which gave into the Tower, and behind Him stood another multitude of Angels of still higher degree, who had attended Him on His coming.

The Tower now glowed like a great leaping flame, and flashed out its fire into the atmosphere until the waters flickered, shimmering like the Tower, and seemed to be alight with its ardor.”[v]


Arnel tells us why Jesus appeared:

“The object of this Manifestation was one of instruction as to the sciences of that University. I have told you what it was. We had pursued our work of research, and had accumulated much material, and now He came to show us how it was coordinate with the knowledge of God as progress into the spheres ahead.”[vi]

Hence, this is why the spectators witness the plenitudes of life created and molded by God and His Angels. In essence, God’s thought, which took the form of a Word, and then via God’s will and an outer expression of a command, matter – spiritual matter – was created. From this everything began.

Arnel told the Rev. G. Vale Owen that he couldn’t explain more. Either because it was forbidden or the concepts were too alien for the human mind.

Then Arnel described Jesus:

“His robe was a tunic to the knees, of liquid green, His arms were bare, both of clothing and jewels. One jewel alone He wore. His belt about His middle was fastened by a clasp, and the clasp was a flashing blood-red stone. Midway between His hips it rested, and in that there is a mighty significance, if you will think it out. For although He is never severed from the One of Whom He came, yet in His work in these spheres away from the Father’s presence His is truly a separation. He sallies forth, as of His own strength, to do battle with worlds, and must perforce turn away His face to do it. For His will must be projected outward from Spirit into matter. That is the mystery of the ruby’s emplacement.”[vii]

Hence, via the stone, Jesus is always connected to a higher power, even when His full attention is elsewhere.

Knowledge Transferred

After the demonstration of the creations of many planets in the universe, the students were allowed to explore what they saw and were able to talk to those involved in their creation.

“For the time we were no longer denizens of the Tenth Sphere, but of the whole Universe, and wandered about among its continents and down the vistas of its ages, and spoke with those who planned and those who wrought in that great workshop of God. And many things new we learned, and each new thing was a joy such as only those may know who themselves come so near to creatorship as we who were now receiving an advanced lesson in our school, in order that we, even as these Mighty Ones, should go forth to do as they had done so wonderfully, yes, even those who had made a worm or a thorn.”[viii]

As in earth, when students are ready; more knowledge is at their disposal; so it is in the spirit realm. We are all matriculating from one level to the next – each stage preparing us for the higher step. For those who thought assignments and exams were put behind them after high school or college … prepare yourself to an eternity of intellectual pursuit. With bouts of practical experience thrown in.

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