Life on Earth is an Extension of Life in the Spirit World

“How would you explain to one who had little idea of a spirit world about him the truth ofHappyDays-screenshot survival beyond the grave and the reality of this life and all its love and beauty? First you would endeavor to bring home to him the fact of his present existence as an immortal being. And then, when he had really grasped the significance of that, as it affects his future, he would perhaps be open to a few words of description as to that life which he will find himself possessed of, and in touch with, when he puts aside the Veil and emerges into the greater light of the Beyond.”[i]

So writes the mother of the Reverend G. Vale Owen, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, which is in a compilation of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil. In the Lowlands section he communicates with his mother, who resides in the spirit world. His mother is attempting to explain the continuity of life from the other side to physical life, and back to the other side again.

We aren’t here for one grand life, full of mixtures of misery, contentment, grand passion, mistakes, honorable and dishonorable deeds, then off to a life of leisure as a spirit, listening to harp music.

managersThe life you are living now is an extension of your live in the spirit world. You came here for a purpose, to rectify what you had lacked before, to repair defects and build for the future. G. Vale Owen’s mother warns us we should take our time here industriously:

“Now, it is no small matter that men should so live their lives on earth that when they step over the threshold into the larger, freer sphere they should take up and continue their service in the Kingdom without a more or less protracted hiatus in their progress. We have seen the effect of so many, as it is viewed in extension into this land, that we feel we cannot too much emphasize the importance of preparation and self-training while opportunity offers. For so many do put off the serious consideration of this, with the idea of starting afresh here, and when they come over they find that they had very little realized what that starting afresh really implied.”[ii]

In other words, upon death we don’t start afresh, we merely complete one stage, as if finishing a degree at a college, and return to start exercising what we have learned. Imagine the embarrassment when you return and find out you have accumulated very little knowledge and didn’t follow the course you laid out before you started the journey.

First, half the battle is to recognize that we are on earth to learn and to improve. Not to gather as much material goods as possible, but to raise our character, our spirituality, our love for our fellow humans up a notch. Knowing this puts the rest of life into perspective.

Secondly, as when you send children off to school, the spirit world doesn’t lose interest into what happens to us. The Spirituality knows our plan, measures our progress, and alerts our guardian angels when we veer off in the wrong direction.

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written about the constant guidance and love that we walk in every day in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are not cast off onto a strange planet with an uncertain future without support. We are watched over and subtlety pushed forward to finish our assigned trials. Whereupon, if we have tried with all of our might and treated most people with respect and honor, we shall return with what we wished to learn and recommence our career in the spirit world.

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