Love and Wisdom in Balance in the Spirit World

beyondTheVeilThe universe is driven by love, but for love to have purpose and direction wisdom is required. To attain wisdom, one must have experience, knowledge, compassion, and harmony within yourself.

The Reverend Owen’s mother, who communicated to him in his book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, talks about the synergy of love and wisdom, and its importance in the spirit realm. She tells us:

“One of those things which matter here is that due proportion be meted out between wisdom and love. These are not contrary the one from the other, but are two great phases of one great principle. For love is to wisdom as the tree is to the leaves, and if love actuate and wisdom breathe, then the fruit is healthy and sound.”[1]

She gives an example of when she and four other souls were given a task to journey to a colony and render assistance. First they went to a college where they wanted to inquire about how they should approach the problem.

The spirit group met the Principal of the College. We are told that in his physical life, he had been a diplomat of great ability, but he was not famous. In the spirit world, he was of great countenance; his benevolence and love gave him a glow that would mark him as a high spirit.

He quickly set the small troop at ease. The group explained to him about their mission. After listening for a while, he told them:

“Well, my dear pupils – for so you are good enough to become for a little time – what you have told me is very interesting, and also very general in the work in which you are now engaged. Now, if I were to solve your perplexities you would go back to your work with light hearts, but you would probably find that the solution, when it came to work out, would not be without many flaws in the working, for just those points which are necessary to remember are those little things which can best be learned by experience; and experience is the only thing which can show you how great these little things are. Come, therefore, with me, and I will teach you what is necessary for you to learn in a better way.”[2]

Whereupon, he lead them on a tour of the gardens. With airy conversation he described the scenery around them, until they crossed a small stream and entered a small Egyptian temple. He instructed the small coterie to sit on benches. Carved on the floor beneath their feet and in the middle of the room was an intricate map. Full of lines and symbols. He then said to them:

“Now, this is a plan of my house and these grounds through which I have led you. Here is markedconcert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0 this little place in which we sit. We have come, as you will see, a considerable distance from the gate where I met you, and you were all talking so much of the pretty things you saw as you came that not one of you gave heed to the direction in which you came. It will be good practice, therefore, and not altogether lacking in pleasure, for you to find your way back again to me, and when you arrive, I shall perhaps be able to give you some help by way of instruction on the difficulties you have stated to me.”[3]

Vale Owen’s mother tell us that when he left, the group looked at each other and all laughed at their combined foolishness. No one had a clue why he had taken them on such a random route through the gardens. Further proof, that when we pass over to the less dense life, we are the same obtuse souls who miss most of the events swirling around us. Oblivious to all except what we focus on as we travel through our daily routine. Thankfully our sense of self depreciating humor survives the separation of the spirit from the physical body.

The group inspected the map. It was full of lines and intersections. They weren’t sure what line led to where. They did see the entire estate was enclosed by a large circular path. They determined if they walked continually outwards, they would meet the circular path. From there they could arrive at their destination by walking along the outer footpath until they encounter the gate where the Principal waited for the group.

The five took off and journeyed a considerable distance. They knew they weren’t able to pick the most efficient route, but they did gain their destination. The Principal congratulated them on their achievement and proceeded to appraise them of the lesson they acquired:

“First of all, the thing is to make sure of the direction you wish to go; and then the next thing is to take, not the path which seems the shortest, but the one which seems surest to lead you right in the end. That path will not always be the quickest, and may lead you to the borderland where infinity shades off from the realm you know. Still, beyond the border line you are the better able to see both the extent and also the limitation of the estate you are negotiating, and it is only a matter of steadfastness and patience, and the goal you desire is quite sure to be won.”[4]

Within his explanation, one can detect how the spirit world constructs the plans for our lives. We are assemblylinenot built and trained as if we came off an assembly line. Each of us is crafted, with love and care. Our ascent to become a pure spirit is not a straight line, but a complex and spiraling marathon, where we test and enlarge our personal boundaries.

Next he expounds upon the importance of analyzing the whole unit

“Also, from just beyond the boundary between the local and the infinite, you are able to see that, although it contains within itself paths winding and many, and valleys and groves from which you cannot see very far away, yet that, viewed as a whole, it is perfectly symmetrical – a true circle in fact, which for all the seeming maze and medley within, yet, as a circle, contains within itself a perfect geometrical entity, simple in itself, considered as a unit from the larger, wider point of view; perplexing when passing through its paths inside the boundary line.”[5]

Only by stepping out of the problem, can one grasp it and place it in the correct context. Plus, by identifying the object, the principles of its operation and the scope of its reach may be deduced. The wise spirit explains what this means:

“Also, you noted that, as you followed that curve on its outer side, you were able only to see a little portion of it at one time. Still, knowing that, from its shape, it would lead to the place you sought, you were content to follow on in faith based on reasoned conclusions, and true enough, here you are and prove by your presence that your reasoning was, at least in the main, sound.”[6]

Understanding the whole allows certainty when analyzing the parts. This is how we are looked upon by our spirit benefactors. They know us, they know where we are going, where we have been, and they peer into our strengths and weaknesses to place the next level of achievement or to remove a self-inflicted blemish. All built to propel us to perfection, each in our own little way.

earth-with-handsOne hears a similar method of analysis in the books by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. Where, in his role to support spirits and incarnates he chances upon numerous in need. In many cases, when Andre sees a soul in distress he wishes to immediately provide comfort and assistance. Invariably, he is told to slow down and analyze the problem. To take the time to learn what has brought the poor soul to their current state and carefully question if any support would actually provide benefit.

The goal of the spirit realm is to lead us to love, a love guided by wisdom. Wisdom is only accumulated by a series of incidents and hard knocks, coupled with our capacity to learn from the skirmishes we must live through in life after life. Hence, our need to not only be born one time in a physical body, where we are the most vulnerable to emotion and pain, but to come back time after time, until the lesson sinks in.

Love and wisdom are what made possible the plan for our lives on earth. Higher spirits, well grounded in knowledge and fraternity for all help fashion our destinies. Someday, when we have accumulated enough acumen, we too, shall play an integral part in people’s lives.

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written about the constant guidance and love that we walk in every day in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are not cast off onto a strange planet with an uncertain future without support. We are watched over and subtlety pushed forward to finish our assigned trials. Whereupon, if we have tried with all of our might and treated most people with respect and honor, we shall enter that narrow gate to heaven.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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