Managing the Evolution of Intelligent Life – Two High Spirits are Sent to a New World

When the human race on earth was beginning, before Atlantis and Lemuria rose to power, there were two young individuals who stood out from the primitive tribesman of the day. When they passed away to the other side, their excellence was recognized. They were trained for eons, until they knew enough to lead the destiny of another planet.

The Ceremony that sent off the pair of spirits was delivered to the Rev G. Vale Owen from the spirit Arnel. The communication was in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Battalions of Heaven section. It took place on the tenth level of heaven in the temple that touched the border of the eleventh sphere of heaven.

The Ceremony

Arnel described the throng of onlookers present at the ceremony to send off the two leaders and their group for a new mission on a primitive planet. He said the multitude was like the cells of a body, for they all were in harmony with each other. As the people stood ready, a cloud appeared overhead:

“The cloud was of green tint streaked with spirals of amber within itself, and capped with a canopy of blue. This cloud was continuously in motion, and at length grew into the shape of a stately pavilion whose roof was of the deepest blue-violet and the pillars of semitransparent green and amber. There were in all seven pillars round the sides and back of the semicircular shape, and also two on each side of the main opening in front. These last two were of deep violet, with spiral bands of crimson edged with white. All were pulsing with the life of those who were willing this gem of beauty into being, and from the structure proceeded a murmur of melody most lovely to feel – for we did not so much hear it as feel it. It is often real to feel sound here than it is with you to hear it.”[i]

The display was created by the thoughts of the band of angels making ready to depart the heavenly spheres circling the earth. Creation isn’t necessarily the result of physical labor in heaven, it is more often the formation, through manipulation of Universal Fluid via force of will. Assembling the building blocks of the spirit universe upon command, compressing them and modifying their vibrations is the technique of creation.

Next Arnel tells us about the two leaders, those from deep antiquity of earth. The first was a woman:

“Then within the chariot there emerged into sight of us a beautiful young woman. She was facing us, and I noted all her loveliness, and, as I looked upon her, I saw nothing else for the exceeding beauty of her. Her body was of a tint you do not know. I will call it amber, but it was not the same tone as the amber of the pillars, but of more radiance and transparency, and yet with an aspect of reality and permanency which those wanted. She wore a robe of blue gossamer, but where it covered her body the two hues blended and became a delicate green. On her arms were bands of purple metal. She wore upon her hair a small cap of deep red with a thin band of white and gold, and her hair was brown with a sheen of orange upon it, as if it were touched by a ray of the sun at setting-time. And her eyes were deep purple and blue.”[ii]

Arnel continued his description and called her a “Mother-Queen, a maidenhood, a spirit brooding over a race of people.”[iii] She exemplified a call to action, her very presence made others feel a sense of urgency of purpose. While, simultaneously, she radiated a peaceful and calming feeling that provided focus to whatever task her attendants would be given.

The aura she possessed is only possible by thousands of years of experience, training, and dedication. The “Mother-Queen” began, as did we, an ignorant spirit, but using her innate humility, openness to criticism, and native intelligence, she rose to a great height. Her ability to always combine love, wisdom, and kindness placed her as a natural choice to guide the evolution of intelligence life on a primitive planet.

Then a young man came into the hall. The second spirit who was part of our earth during prehistoric times. Arnel provides this report:

“He was the woman in masculine duplicate. One was the complement and counterpart of the other. In only one thing did he seem dissimilar. His robe was of a slightly ruddier tint. I did not notice aught else of moment to mark one from the other. Even sex was expressed rather in spirit than bodily. Albeit, in form she was emphatically woman, and he man.”[iv]

The Mission

Imagine the feelings of Christopher Columbus, Leif Erickson, or Zheng He, as they took off for unknown lands.  Whereas, they would encounter new territories, new people, new vegetation; our two spirits would take part in husbanding a new race on a planet in the early stages of evolution.

Arnel describes their task:

“They had come to head a company of those who had been prepared in that temple and its environs and lead them forth on emprise of a large conception, and requiring much ability and power for its furtherance. This was that they should take their way to a planet which was just at the stage of evolution where intellect was beginning to realize itself, and to raise itself into distinct order out of the brute towards the man – but it would not eventuate in man such as the earth type is, but not very dissimilar, and in essentials identical. This company was to take up the work of guidance in the progress of this race just at this stage. They would not take over their task in its entirety, nor at once. This was to be their first visit to those high Creative Princes who had brought the planet to its present crisis. They would return, from time to time, hitherward for rest and counsel. They would return in part, leaving some of their number to carry on the work, to be relieved by others of them after rest, and so gradually the affairs of that planet would be gathered up entirely into their hands, the while, in this sphere and some other spheres, other bands supplementary are being trained to join them when the time shall be that the race is expanding and evolving to what stage shall require more numerous guardians and rectors at the helm of that ship as it sails the broad spaces of the heavens on its way from mist to substance, and to living creatures, and to intelligence, and, as I will say for you of earth, from animality, through human-sort, to godhead.”[v]

In one long paragraph, Arnel succinctly described the evolution of all living planets in our universe, including the earth. Whereas, Arnel names them Creative Princes, the spirit Emmanuel, in the book, On the Way to the Light, by Francisco C. Xavier, the great Spiritist medium, who was mentored by Emmanuel, the origination of the earth and who guides us is revealed to have been led by the Community of Pure Spirits:

“The tradition of the spirit world say that, in the governance of all the phenomena of our system, there is a Community of Pure Spirits, chosen by the Supreme Lord of the Universe, whose hands hold the guiding reins of the life of all planetary collectivities.

From what we have been told, this Community – made up of perfected, angelic beings, of which Jesus is one of the divine members – has met in the vicinity of the earth only twice in the course of the known millennia to decide urgent issues pertaining to the organization and direction of our planet.

The first meeting took place when the terrestrial orb detached from the solar nebula so that the demarcations of our cosmogonic system and the prototypes of life in the fiery matter of the planet could be set in space and time. The second occurred when the Lord’s coming to the earth was determined in order to bring the immortal lesson of his Gospel of love and redemption to the human family.”[vi]

We are told that the earth was deliberately formed for the express purpose to use our planet as a place to incarnate spirits. The master of the entire operation, from setting our planet in orbit, the creation of the moon, manufacturing of the ozone layer to protect all organic forms, to the beginning of life until today is Jesus.

Chosen by God to be the Lord of Earth. Jesus set forth the blueprints and utilized Divine Laws to construct an inhabitable oasis where humans could evolve and thrive.

How Life Was Manufactured

The creation of life was not left to mere chance. There was a plan and it was followed. On the Way to the Light lets us in at the beginning:

 “Like modern engineering, which constructs a building foreseeing the tiniest requirements for its ultimate purpose, the artists from the spirit realm built the world of cells, initiating in primeval days the construction of the organized, intelligent forms of the centuries to come.

Regarding the earliest cellular constructions, the ideal of beauty was their main concern from the start. That is why throughout time, beauty, combined with order, has been one of the indelible marks of all creation.

Forms for all the kingdoms of nature were studied and foreseen. The fluids of life were manipulated so they could be adapted to the physical conditions of the planet; thus, the cellular constructions were fashioned according to the capabilities of the earth’s environment. Everything, obeyed a plan pre-established by the merciful wisdom of the Christ in accordance with the laws of the beginning and of the overall development.”[vii]

Models from other planets were used to form the basis of flora and fauna of earth. Next, they were modified to thrive in our conditions. As life forms evolved, throughout the various periods, starting with the Precambrian, small modification were continuously made to direct the evolutionary paths of creatures on earth.

What we call natural laws, which are in fact Divine Laws, established when the universe was created, were used in ways we have not yet discovered to facilitate the entire arc of the earth’s existence. These same Divine Laws shall be used to guide the path of the relatively new primitive world.

The act of creation, not just of star-dust colliding and creating new suns and planets, but the spark of life and guidance of sentient species is a continual process in all corners of our universe and other universes. While we live on a planet of atonement, one step up from a primitive planet, whence we came – it should come as no surprise that another primitive planet is underway to accept ignorant souls to start their learning process.

In Allan Kardec’s book, Genesis, we are told:

“The physical progress of a planet accompanies the moral progress of its inhabitants. Now, since the creation of worlds and spirits is incessant, and since the latter progress quickly or slowly by virtue of their free will, it follows that there are both newer and older worlds at different degrees of physical and moral advancement; worlds where incarnation is more material or less so, and where, consequently, the labor for spirits is also harsher or less harsh. From this point of view, earth is one of the least advanced. Because it is populated with relatively low ordered spirits, corporeal life is harder than on other worlds, just as there are less-evolved worlds where life is even harder than on earth, and for whom the earth would be a relatively happy world.”[viii]

Hence, worlds need to progress, populations of human-like carriers of spirits need to be created and guided for the ever-present job of elevating individuals and planetary collectives. This doesn’t happen spontaneously. Only through a complex and an advanced organization, with capabilities beyond our wildest dreams could possibly lead entire planets.

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Therefore, managers … no, to put it more precisely; leaders must be trained to form and direct teams in all facets of planetary evolution. Which leads us to the next topic.

How the Two Lead Spirits Were Trained for their Task

The spirit Arnel tells us the man and woman were both exemplary humans of their time. That they were one of the first intelligent souls to inhabit the body of modern man, as he has attained his current form and function.

Arnel tells us more:

“There was the Bronze Age, as you have named it, for some portions of the race, and the Iron Age for others, and the Stone Age for others. Man did not evolve with universal equality.

It was when earth was progressing in intellect, and that is as exact as you can make it. It was long before Atlantis, or that other civilization which men call Lemuria. They came into the spheres about earth; and now, have accumulated much power, and also much knowledge, and being of high degree in holiness also, they made rapid advancement through these spheres, and passed beyond into the interplanetary spheres; and, as I believe, into those spheres which are interstellar. For I am of a mind to hazard that such as they are not entrusted with such work as this to which they had been sent except they be conversant with those high force which unify the constellations in their orbits, responsive each to others. They did not find their affinity until they came back hither, and then they were drawn together by natural gravitation of spiritual sympathy, and have since gone on their way, ascending together the stairs of the Heavens of God.”[ix]

Arnel speaks of an intellectual journey of more than one hundred thousand years. Of learning on earth, our solar system, our Milky Way galaxy and beyond. These twins of light and love were sent to view the science and practice of creation … at all levels, physical, biological, and intellectual. And only when separately did their courses complete did they discover each other and their bond.

The Rev. G. Vale Owen asked did these two high spirits learn by the trial of reincarnation in other planets. Arnel answered thusly:

“Not only, therefore, would such an operation as you have in mind be no true reincarnation, but it would be, not perhaps directly contrary to the laws which govern interplanetary cosmogony, but certainly of so irregular a nature as to be thought as unprofitable by those who have these matters under their authority to control the onward urge of the spheres. No; they visited those far world, both of this solar group and also of others as they did this earth, and as I do now. I come back to earth to reinforce my powers here, and I go to other planets, now and again, in like manner, seeking after greater knowledge of God His wisdom in the creation and guiding of worlds. But I do not take upon me their material condition. That would hinder me. I get at their inner life and the real state of them, the better from the inner – that is, the spiritual side. From my standpoint in the spirit, I can learn more of what is agait upon that world than I could do were I to go out upon its surface incarnate, and with my senses engrossed by reason of their obligation to operate through a machine so much heavier and denser than that of the body of that ethereal substance which, in comparison, clothes the spirit lightly.”[x]

Therefore, the two leaders made their way, progressing up the ladder of the heavenly spheres, by reincarnations on earth, and attending the colleges on each level of heaven, until they were deemed worthy of an even more intense program. Whereupon, they were sent, in spirit, to many worlds, with many races, shapes and cultures to explore. So they would attain the required experience to guide the proto-humans of a new planet.

Isn’t this the true heaven? Where one can pursue their grandest desires to assist and guide others – whether by creation of material homes to the development of physical bodies to guiding a budding society and culture. What wonders one must see in intergalactic field trips? Whatever fantasy or science fiction world we have read of, it must exist and exist in an even greater form in the universes we have yet to discover as we rise in the spirit hierarchy.

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