Practice of Meditation and Vision for Young Spirits

When spirits who have been raised in the seventh level of heaven reach the end years of their primary education, they are taken as a group to sit, meditate, and to test their ability to “see”; to peer into a different section of the spirit realm.

“The scene was a valley where hills, tree-clad and with shrines here and there along the by-ways, formed a pleasing enclosure and shut off the distances from the view of those who gathered there. On the upper side a stream emerged between two high cliffs of vari-hued rock and fell into the valley with much music and clouds of spray bejeweled rarely.

When the company of some thirty or thereabouts were attuned, they reclined at ease beneath the flowering trees within the circle formed by those about the valley, and then the Director spoke to them in very quiet manner, for disturbance must find no place in exercises such as these. He said, ‘Let peace be about you and within you, my children – so – so – so. Peace and quiet, quiet and love. Now let your thoughts aspire – quietly, quietly, my bairns, for those realms into which you penetrate now are realms of peace, and naught of unrest therein is found.’”[1]

The Director, the spirit Arnel, desired to impart to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, how young spirits are taught how to plug into the vast spirit existence. It is part of their training in the science of creation. They learn to focus their energies, to draw power from the atmosphere around them.

As the students relaxed and let their minds explore, Arnel picked out one boy, Raoul, and asked him what he saw. Raoul answered:

“’Upon a rock of purple stone, flat topped and standing lonely the height of fifty men, I see a figure. He is male. His robe is blue to the middle of him and then shades into green and on to amber about his knees. His belt is scarlet and white entwined. His shoulder jewel is a ruby left, and right a sapphire. His chaplet is not set upon his hair quite. It hovers about his head some very little way apart. It has stars which join their scintillations and so make the chaplet consecutive, one piece circular, and they are of golden and green hue alternate, of more brightness on the right side. By signs like these, and by the last sign of the chaplet chiefly, I know he is some order high in estate. Who he is, and his purpose there, I do not know. I think the station, where he stands looking abroad from the top of the rock in rapt attention, is near the beginning of the second sphere away, or on the further boundary of the sphere next to us.’

‘That is as I also see him,’ the Director said, ‘save that with him I see a child set upon his shoulder. Also they look this way, but past us on into the sphere between this of yours and earth. These are Israel and the Christ Child, Raoul. As you saw them in the glade at Christmastide they were conditioned to this Sphere Seven and less sublime in their appearing. You see them now with what glory they are able to beclothe themselves in the Sphere Nine. You counted distance rightly there. But you did not see the Child Whose body and clothing are more sublimated than those of Israel.’

‘I saw the brightness of Him, my lord,’ the boy replied, ‘but not the shape of Him, and thought it but radiation of the stars of Israel’s chaplet.’”[2]

Raoul, by plugging into the Universal Intelligence, was able to see a scene play out in a superior sphere that had already occurred some time ago. Raoul was able to correctly detect the sphere by the more powerful light diffusing the scene which he detected.

Arnel then spotted a young girl, who appeared to be about thirteen and told Raoul to go over to her to determine what she was experiencing. Raoul went over to her side and kneeled next to her and placed his hand in hers. The girl told Arnel what she saw:

“There was a great highway which ran along a wood-side, and on the other side of the road there was a river. At one place there ran down to the tide of the river a broad flight of steps, and within the wood opposite there stood a large house. People were landing from boats which came to pause below the steps, one by one continuing. These people ascended to the roadway and, crossing it, entered the gates and passed within where the wood bordered a road each side. Near the house the road was clear of trees, and the house stretched right and left facing the wood across its clearing.

The people went forward, some into the house and others into the garden or the wood. Others stood in groups conversing.”[3]

Raoul had not said anything yet. Then Arnel described what the girl had seen:

“At the gates there stood two men. They were of great strength and beauty. They looked across the river and, now and again, one or the other lifted up his hands as signal. When he did this there came a beam of light across the waters, and it rested for a moment on house or road or wood. Its coming and its going were prompt and decisive, as if those who sent it had perfect knowledge where it should find its quarry, what quarry it should be, and also why.”[4]

Arnel knew there was something else which the young woman could not explain. Therefore, he went over and he placed his hand upon her head to examine the scene in greater detail.

Making a Connection

There are many instances of the power of touch as an improved conduit for communication. When a psychic touches another incarnate, or a spirit lays his or her hand on an incarnate, or a spirit touches another spirit – it all seems to expand and heighten the effectiveness of the dialog.

There is a scene in the book Missionaries of the Light, dictated by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, where Andre witnessed a spirit putting his hand on an incarnate woman’s head. This is what he saw:

“He put his right hand on the young woman’s forehead, keeping it under a vigorous magnetic influx while transmitting benevolent thoughts to her. I notices that when it touched the young woman’s curly hair, his proactive hand let off luminous sparks, which only I could perceive. The young woman seemed to become more poised and dignified in her almost childlike expression.”[5]

It is as if a cable was connected directly into a body, the luminous sparks were the flashing lights denoting the interface was complete and operating.

While spirits can detect our thoughts from the rays emanating from our brains, the level of comprehension seems to be stronger when there is physical contact. It allows a deeper intrusion into thoughts and past memories. It is as if, they become merged into all of the complexities within the maze of our mind. Allowing the spirit to follow the path they are searching for, and to expose the deeper emotion and meaning of what we do and who we are.

Explanation of the Scene

Arnel noticed that Raoul had not said a word – that he must be analyzing the episode, but that he too, could not decipher the meaning of the beam. After Arnel placed his hand on the girl, this is what he detected:

 “Then I knew what barred him out so that he, advancing to the door of the mystery, yet could not open it and enter in. So I explained their problem to them.

The scene was cast, not in one of those spheres ahead of us, but two spheres behind. That is to say, the river was the boundary thereabouts between Spheres Five and Four. Now those who live there be good people, but not quite at ease from the influences which from time to time invade the Sphere Four from the Sphere Three, where disturbances often arises, in its turn, from those regions next Earth.

Nothing much can invade the Sphere Four in this manner. What untoward influences are able to rise into it do not harm, but only hinder and retard. They have the faculty of circumscribing the freedom of those who, being progressive, yet still a certain affinity with Earth. Such affinity is consequent sometimes on their having loved ones still in the flesh, or some enterprise agait in the world may be of interest to them still, or other cause obtain.

When those people, therefore, crossed over into the Sphere Five they had need of watchfulness by guardians placed in different parts where they first would wander. Those at the gates were two such watchers. Seeing some sign of weakness or distress among these others newly come, they at once signaled and received at once information as to the character, progress and present estate of such person as they made enquiry about. Also a ray of strength was sent upon the person in question. These rays were visible only to the watchers, and not to those on whom they were directed. They were visible also to the two children because these were of a higher sphere. They did not understand transactions as these they witnessed because they thought the sphere into which they gazed was higher than their own. But it was of lower degree than their own.”[6]

Hence, the beams were lights of help and assistance. This illustrates that we are not only watched on earth but on the spirit planes as well.

After Arnel told this to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, he thought in his mind why couldn’t the children tell up from down. Arnel sensing what G. Vale Owen was thinking, tried to correct the misunderstanding.

Plugging into the Universal Knowledge

“Only visualize our environment not so materially. I perforce must tell you my tale in earth language. And I must say now ‘up,’ and now ‘down,’ and again ‘forward,’ and yet again ‘behind.’ But these are not adequate to enshrine the more subtle of our conditions, as you know.

The perplexity of these children lay not between the two directions ‘before,’ ‘behind.’ For when they looked into other spheres they looked into infinity or towards infinity through those spheres. You mark me, my son; the operation I have described was not one bidden up and away to this Sphere or that other. This with us, as with you, would be a matter of going this way or that way – forward or backward, if you so will. But what they were now doing was of different process. It was the inverse of the other. For instead of moving about in an environment exterior to themselves, they did the other thing. They absorbed their external, mental and willful activity into the interior of their own selves, and found, for the time, their own environment. Their action was, you note, directed inwards upon themselves. Here was no such plain boundaries of realm and sphere as obtains in ordinary. It was this reversal of process which created their perplexity. They thought they had penetrated into the Sphere Eight or Nine, and found there conditions which were foreign to those spheres. So it was they blundered.”[7]

No forward, no backward, no up, and no down – this is the great conundrum of heaven for most people. In the messages from various spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, they talk of spheres … which to our ears sound like succeeding levels of concentric circles, the higher spheres encapsulating the others. Like the layers of an onion or tree rings. A definite geometric shape enables us to navigate through the many mansions of heaven.

How else could spirits speak to us? Telling us that in actuality we live in a dense, information rich environment, with no time as the keeper of sequence – would only baffle the listener. This concept doesn’t fit our windows of comprehension.

That everything, everything as in the spirit world, the physical world, the walls you live within, the pillow you lay your head upon before you sleep … is a logical construct. Programmed by the will of High Lords and their minions under the direction of God.

Numbers, data, tags, pointers to other data, timestamps, ideas, and random thoughts swirl all around us. The children of level seven were learning to tap into the data stream, to selectively follow a path, to interpret the data to relive entire sequences of events.

Gratefully, we have been created to interpret the data presented to us as concrete, as a living environment, as real. We are unable, in our present state to violate rules – rules that we interpret as laws of nature. But, as we ascend, the rules are removed and our sight and span of diving into an ocean of information is expanded – giving us immense capabilities of which we can only imagine.

This is why we on earth should expend our energies on our mind and not transitory material goods. Whatever we could wish for, will, at some time, be available to us by our mind and faith. We shall be able to create anything from the infinite Universal Fluid around us. Everything on earth is just part of the scenery, made up so we may journey through our appointed lessons.

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