Return from the Mission – Meeting Jesus

mission1A team, of fifteen spirits had just returned from the Lower Zone, on a mission to rescue souls trapped in a city, where they were slaves. Upon arrival they were met by Jesus who acknowledged the success of their undertaking and told them of His love for all spirits.

There was a mission to the Lower Zone; the purpose was to free spirits who had left their physical bodies and found themselves in a place where malice and selfishness reigned. They found themselves there because they had been dominated by baser emotions. They too, believed they could treat others carelessly and concentrate only on their wants and desires.

These poor misguided souls had ended up in the City of the Mines, where the malevolent Chief of that city put them to work as slaves in his dark tunnels digging for ore. The spirit realm assigned a group of high spirits to journey down into that dim and oppressive environment to free the slaves and to lead them to another location. They had paid the price of their rejection of the better path and now they GVOwenwere ready to think about being respectful and charitable to their fellow beings.

On January 25th, 1918, the story of the return of the spirits to the tenth level of heaven was told to the Rev G. Vale Owen. The group of spirits, who had finished their long and arduous mission, went together to the Temple of the Holy Mount.

Together they entered the Central Hall of the Sanctuary, where a large group of spirits were congregated. There was no sound. Complete silence encapsulated the room, all were kneeling, waiting for the appearance of Jesus.  The group quietly took their place in the back of the hall.

They did not wait in the rear for long, in the open path in the middle of the throng a Seer walked toward the altar. And as he passed by the newly arrived group he took them with him. They came to rest before the altar, went on their knees and waited:

 “Then at last, having received the sign all raised our heads and looked toward the Altar. The sign we had was a sense of Presence which glowed in and around us. And as we looked we saw standing on the left of the Altar, with the Altar on His right hand, the Son of Man. He never comes twice in like fashion quite. There is ever some detail new to catch and hold the mind and speak itsheaven-entrance lesson.

In straight line above His head, hands crossed abreast, stood still, silent and suspended, seven high Angels. Their eyes were not closed, but the lids were lowered, and they seemed to be looking on the ground a little in rear of Him. They wore gossamer robes of varicolored hues. They were not really colored, these robes. They did but suggest color, without displaying it. These were hues you have not on earth, but with these were also some after your style of violet, gold, faint crimson (not pink – but what I write, faint crimson), you cannot understand this, but let it rest, you will some day – and blue – only suggestions of these, but very beautiful. And for all their gossamer robes, their bodies were naked in all their surpassing loveliness. They were so very high in their holiness that the garments were of such a luster as not to clothe so much as to adorn. Their heads were encircled with a band of light about their hair, and the light was alive and moved in its radiance as their thoughts took on a disposition towards praise or love, or pity, so evenly attuned and so equal the poise of their minds, that even a very slight change of thought would affect those circlets of light, and also send a shimmer of crimson through a blue robe, or a shimmer of gold through one of violet.

The Christ Who stood by the Altar was both more emphasized in His visibility, and also the details of His countenance were to us more plain than was the case with those attendant Angels. He wore upon His head a double crown, one within the other. The larger and outer one was of purple, and the inner was of white mixed with crimson. Bars of gold joined the two into one structure, and between them were set jewels of sapphire – a very pretty piece, and the light from it was a cloud about His head. He was clad in a robe of shimmering silver, and upon it was a mantle of crimson-purple – you have no color of it on earth. About His middle was a belt of metal, between silver and copper in color. I am doing my best to give you what His appearance was, and so I must use strange mixtures of earth-words, and even then I cannot come near to doing what I list to do. Upon His breast was a chain of rubies, which held His mantle about His shoulders. In His hand He held a stick of alabaster, varicolored, which He rested upon the Altar in repose. His left hand was upon His hip, thumb in belt, so that the mantle fell away on that side. The grace of His figure was matched by the graciousness of His face.”[i]

Jesus and His attendants presented themselves magnificently, not to overawe the audience, but to display what each person in the crowd has the potential to attain. Higher spirits are ever teaching, ever guiding, through subtle and overt methods.

Unlike the appearance of an earthly king, where the peasants could never hope to achieve that level because they weren’t born to the correct parents; all spirits carry within them the possibility to realize a higher ranking, an exulted level of responsibility. But, in the spirit realm, more responsibility translates into more love, an increase of empathy to their fellow creatures, and exponential growth in dedication.

The Rev. G. Vale Owen asked his spirit messenger if Jesus appeared as the pictorial representations of Him – he received this answer:

“But little, friend, but little. But you must know that His face is not of the same features in detail Jesus-greatLordin every Manifestation of Him. In essentials it is unchanging. As I saw Him now, His face was that of a King. The Sufferer was there, but Regality was the dominant note. We read Him as one who had won His Kingdom. What elements of battle remained were transmuted into that restfulness which comes with attainment. You are wondering if He had a beard, as in your pictures of Him. Not as I saw Him then. Indeed, I have never seen Him yet with a beard; I have seen Him some fifty or sixty times. But that does not settle the matter. There is no reason why He should not appear bearded, and He may do so on occasion. I have not seen Him so, that is all I can say.”[ii]

In the spirit realm we appear as we will ourselves to appear, hence Jesus shows Himself a little different depending on the message and audience He encounters. This is not only particular to Jesus, but to any spirit who has had training to bend Universal Fluid to their thoughts, via their faith.

Jesus spoke to the combined spectators and then He turned His attention to the group of spirits in the front row, who returned from their mission in the Lower Zone.

“And you who have been down into the outlands of gloom, know you that I am there also. Manifest to those, My strayed ones, I may not be, except in part and seldom. But when I had penetrated to the outer realms of My Father’s expression of Himself, then, before returning this way onward, I went, as you have done, and spoke to many people, and they awoke to hear my voice, and a large number set their faces forward towards these realms. But some there were who turned away from Me to darker spheres, because they might not endure the sense of the Presence of Me, which at that time became intensified in the atmosphere of those regions, and should so remain. You did not reach so far as to the refuge of those who fled from Me then. But I am there with them also, and they shall be here with Me some day.

But now, My own and earnest missioners, you have been afoot of My business, and I have noted your work from My own place. You have not come forth of your battle without scathe. They gave me wounds also. You have not in everything been given due credence for your honesty of purpose in your calling of men into the sunlight of these spheres. Of Me also they said I did not well but evil. Your hearts have sometimes been very full of pain when you beheld the pangs of our brethren in those drear lands. And at time you have stooped to wonder why the Father is so called – times when most the anguish of others bore you down with its millstone of woe, and crushed you nearly. My beloved and fellow-laborers in those far fields, remember how I, too, as in all things else, so in this, plumbed the deeps of human experiences. I, too, knew darkness when His face was turned away.”[iii]

Jesus, our Christ who sacrificed Himself on the cross so mankind could receive His message of love and forgiveness, is always with us. Not only for humans on earth, but the discarnates in the Lower Zone and the Dark Abyss – which is an even darker purgatory – are looked after by His grace. While he could, no doubt, present himself and achieve an instantaneous transformation from ignorance to truth in any soul, he – following the absolute rule of free will – allows each to determine their path on their own.

Jesus also told his audience that he too “knew darkness”, which could signify that Jesus, in His earlier days as an immature spirit, spent time in a world of hate and envy, where the love of God was dim at best. I am quite certain that most, if not all of us, at one time or another, has spent time in despondency in those nether regions, until we finally figured out that love is a better path to follow.

At the end of His speech, he gave each of the spirits, who stood in the front row, rapt in attention as He sympathized with their work during their trek, a new diadem, a jewel, to place in each of their crowns, in recognition of their valiant effort. Ever thus, does Jesus and our other superiors in the spirit realm, sends us forth and welcomes us back from our episodes of learning and toiling.

We, in physical form, have also been sent upon a dangerous mission. An assignment to live on earth, to walk in a sea of conflicting emotions, to stride amongst noble and errant spirits, and to withstand scorn and ridicule from those who seek to gain only pleasure and self-satisfaction – who are unable to understand that if we are able to step through the fire of our trials on earth, staying in the zone of 7Tenets-Front-smalllove, charity, forgiveness, and honesty, that we too, will be rewarded a priceless jewel beyond the comprehension of those who decided to stay bound to the earth.

We are on earth to redeem past debts and to learn to balance ourselves. We have been given a course of events in our life to accumulate that which we need to acquire. I talk about how my life has been prepared in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Read how you too are being led by wise guardians and how the hardest parts of your life can sometimes be the most rewarding.

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