Seventh Level of Heaven – Games Children Play

Children learn, even in heaven. But they also need time to play. Their games are different from the games earthly children play. From a book, a collection of messages from various spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, describes games that could have been lifted from a fantasy series about young magicians. The games are more concentrated upon the mind than the body.

The spirit Arnel who was visiting the seventh level of heaven, was at a school for advanced children, ranging from an equivalent earth years from about eight to eighteen. Arnel wish to convey the games that children played, so readers in the physical world could discern the differences between life locked in dense matter and life lived in love and energy.

Aerial Flight

Arnel described the campus as one with the surrounding environment. There were gardens, sculptures, fountains, and forests – all intermixed with the various halls and buildings which comprised the grounds.

Outside of one of the lecture halls was a garden, an enclosed area, shaped into an oval by hedges and other topiary. In the middle stood a fountain, circled by water. The grass seemed to float out from the fountain. In the vernacular suited to the last time Arnel was physically on earth, he called this the Pleasance.

“They gather in different parts of the Pleasance. One stands atop the Fountain upon the ledge where the design ends in a tree. He calls to one of his playmates, giving him a certain position upon the Fountain. The one bespoken closes his eyes and then raises himself, by what you would call the process of levitation, and floats to his position. One after other is called until they be grouped everyone in proper station. Then another descends to the sward, and calls them back, and they have to descend in like manner, eyes closed, on the exact spot whereon they stood at the beginning of the game. If you will follow such a game as this in your imagination, and the mistakes it is possible to make, you will see how much fun these gay young people find in it.”[i]

When I was young we played a game called Marco Polo; it was played in a pool. Whereupon one child would hide from the others. Each child must close their eyes and yell “Marco”, and the one chosen child with his eyes open would have to shout “Polo”. Until one of the children found the one with their eyes open. It was a game designed to train oneself to determine the direction in which sound came from.

The training is the same in the spirit world. But it is more than exercising the relationship between sound and direction … it is about establishing and strengthening the mind to place the body in the exact location desired. It is about the connection between thought and action.

In heaven, one may walk, but also one may rise into the atmosphere, since your mind places your body where it belongs. Terra firma is a reference point. A point to begin.

Spirits who have trained themselves, don’t have to only travel via foot, or other methods of physical transportation – they may move by thought – called volitation, in Spiritist literature. And, the speed of light is not the ultimate limit of velocity in the spirit realm.

In the book Nosso Lar, dictated by the spirit Andre Luiz to the great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Andre Luiz remembers a conversation he had with a friend in the spirit colony about volitation. Andre saw people walking and means of transportation, named Airbuses, which would take people around the colony, or back to the earth plane. But, he knew of people who didn’t require any such means of transport – they just went. His friend had the answer:

“Here, in Nosso Lar, not all of us need an airbus for transportation, because the more elevated inhabitants of the colony have the power of volitation at their disposal. Nor do all of us need communication equipment to converse over long distances, because we mutually maintain ourselves on a plane of perfect thought attunement. Those who are attuned in this way may use the process of mental conversation at will, regardless of the distance.”[ii]

“Perfect thought attunement” describes one of the lessons learned in the game of Ariel Flight. Arnel went on to describe another game, which is a better example of playing, but at the same time learning “perfect thought attunement” in various circumstances.

Balancing the Ball

“Another game is that one should stand midway between two rows of players, each some eight or ten yards away. He shall hold a wand in hand upon which a large opal ball shall be balanced on its length. The two lines in opposition will the ball toward them or away. The wand-holder must move the wand right or left in order to keep the balance of the ball. One trick is that one row shall, with their eyes, signal to the other, and then one row pulls and the other pushes with suddenness. If the wand-holder be found unready the ball loses balance and floats down to the sward. So he forfeits his position and falls out of active service. This proceeds till there be three only left, and then, two, and these are proclaimed co-partners in victory.”[iii]

The wand-holder must sense the waves of thoughts and their effect on the motion of the ball. The boy or girl walking slowly between the two lines, hoping to reach the end victorious, must learn to discern the power of mind directed force before it hits the ball like a wave and reposition the ball to keep it on the wand.

This game teaches the young to be sensitive of the thought waves within their sphere of influence. To be ready for any unsettling tide of emotion or energy that could knock them off course.

The other interesting tidbit in the description is that there is not a single victor. There are two co-winners. The spirit realm emphasizes collective cooperation and teaches the children that a single champion in any endeavor is not required. Only by recognizing the contribution of all are vast achievements attained.

Maneuvers in the Air

“A square is formed and into the middle thereof there enters one of the players. It is favorite among them that this one should be one of the smallest children because such are more spontaneous in their shouts of mirth, while the older, understanding the process better, be more studious of the matter, noting each effect, and judging the force required for any special movement, and the direction of its focus, and so on. The little ones just accept the fun and yell with delight.

So, the players being set, they begin operations. I will tell you the game as I saw it last enacted. The one in the middle was a small girl child. The older children set their wills to work and I saw her slowly rise from the ground. At a height of some twenty feet she gradually assumed a horizontal position. This movement continued until she passed feet uppermost, and then completed the circle and stood normal once again. She enjoyed it greatly and, when the circular movement began, she laughed, and cried out gladly while the younger members among the operators clapped hands and laughed for merriment below.

Next they steadied her, still high in air. Then they bent her knees, until she sat enthroned on naught, but in the air aloft, and lowered one side and other side to them, as she were some baby queen and they her vassals.

Then in that position, obeying the wills of those below, I saw her glide through the air and beyond the confines of the Pleasance and, looking forth, I saw her perched upon a big tree. Right atop upon the leafy platform she stood, arms stretched out on either side of her, and laughing merrily.”[iv]

Arnel tells us that all of these games enable the children to learn how to manipulate the natural forces of the spirit world. While our physical universe has its own set of natural laws, of which we are still discovering, the spirit universe and other dimensions have their own, where the spirit mind directly interacts with the Spirit Intelligence. Where all shapes, environments, heavenly spheres, everything … is determined by the minds of spirits. Mostly High Lords, who have received their directions from the Supreme Intelligence. Lesser spiritual beings may modify their local surroundings until it hits a greater will.

We on earth learn to control what we say, but we must journey on from that valuable lesson and study to control our thoughts. If we are able to make progress, it will serve us well after we leave our physical form and return to the spirit realm.

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