Shonar – A Commanding Spirit in Heaven

The spirit Arnel recounts an amazing story of Shonar – he has been sent to earth many times to reorganize whole nations and territories after wars, deaths, and chaos had reigned supreme.

Arnel begins his story to the Rev G. Vale Owen with a description of Shonar:

“His name shall be Shonar. He was not very tall as stature goes hereabouts. He was about the height of the best of us. That would be in earth measure some six foot and quarter foot. His skin was mellow rather than white or pink, more gold-tinted, as if weathered with storm and sunshine, than with most of us. He wore a plain band of ruddy gold about his hair, which was dark brown and fell curling to his shoulders either side his head. His tunic was not of the usual silk but more like plated armor, but not with the hardness of metals; only thus it shone and had that luster. It reached but to mid-thigh and was bordered with a band of crimson. His belt was old gold. That was his only attire. His arms and legs were bare.

His whole manner and aspect spoke of a wonderful blend of tenderness and almost ruthless strength. I did not understand it at first. When I heard his history I knew then it could not be otherwise with him. He had many centuries of service to his name and that service had lain in very strenuous eras, mostly eras of bloody revolution on earth and the career of tyrants.”[i]

A hard man, a strong-willed spirit, composed with a will of iron, tempered with affection and love. He displayed his character, not only in his face and countenance, but also in his dress. He had no normal attire, but one which advertised his profession.

Arnel supplies the background about Shonar:

“He was active in the affairs which transpired under Ivan of the Russia’s, he whose name was ‘The Terrible’; and he has had a hand in most of the wild savagery those peoples from that time to the present. He also mingled with the people of France in their orgy before the coming of Napoleon. He also was with the English in the times of the eighth Harry and onwards. His work has been terrible work. All these movements show to earth historians their outer grosser aspect of blood and cruelty. There is another deeper meaning in all these affairs which is studied by us on the inner side, and he dealt with them from that point of view. The work of Shonar has been to take hold of the rudder and steer the ship over the sea of blood. The blood must flow and the winds of blasphemy must roar at such times as these. It is the only way to float the ship, and the only way to force its course onward. There are times, my son, in the affairs of the free-willed human race when naught else will serve.

With the bloody sea and with the gale of hell Shonar had no business. These were the concern of those who created them. His charge was the ship of human progress, that alone. The sea he had to sail and the wind to which he set his sails were furnished by men and devils. Shonar had to take and use them; to use hell-fire to light his lamp of holiness. That was his task. I understood his aspect when I came to know all this. Also I understood more clearly than before what a mighty power is inherent in the will of humankind.”[ii]

“The blood must flow” is a chilling description of some of the lessons that humanity must travel through in order to concretely internalize the uselessness of violent conflict and mindless adherence to philosophies which promise perfect social structures. Countless lives have, and will continue to be lost, in pursuit of ideals which can’t be accomplished until each individual person is ready for selfless acts.

The spirit world takes our measure, determines where our latest collective insanity will lead, interpolates the end results, and then, through placement of key people incarnating into the right families, nations, and eras, guides us to the next level. To that stage where progress may begin anew.

God, the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, doesn’t plan for our collective planet to spiral down into chaos and world war. That is the result of the sum of our defects. Our faults are then utilized to demonstrate what we have been lacking, so we may attempt to better climb the ladder of spiritual goodness. Either later in our current or the next life.

This is a slow process, and it has taken eons for us to arrive at where we are at today. Still wallowing in primitive lust for the territory and wealth of others, but not as absolute as before. There is now an embarrassment in overt greed which was sadly missing in earlier ages. Hence, we have grown, we have matured. There has been progress in our collective human maturity, but to detect it one must look over the span of centuries.

Example of the Spirit Realm Guiding History

Shonar was present during the French Revolution before Napoleon crowned himself Emperor. In 1789, after Parisians stormed the Bastille, the nation of France descended into an abyss of passionate retributions against all symbols of the old governing bodies. Perfect conditions for Shonar’s talent to reinstate order.

In the book On the Way to the Light, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, published in 1939, the spirit Emmanuel described the conditions of France at the time of the revolution:

“American independence stroked the liveliest enthusiasm in the spirit of the French, demeaned by the most pressing hardships after the extravagant reign of Louis XV.

The astonishing amount of unbridled luxury and abuses of the clergy and nobility had created an atmosphere for all the free and noble ideas of the Encyclopedists and philosophers in the tormented minds of the people. The situation of the proletarian and farming classes was characterized by the most heinous poverty. Taxes assailed all the centers of production, whereas the nobles and priests were exempt.”[iii]

The spirit world makes plans for centuries ahead. They knew that France would be consumed by a devastating upheaval. Hence, not only did they plan to place Shonar in the epicenter of the revolution, but they also planned the incarnation of a person who could bring stability back to the country – Napoleon.

“France was threatened with invasion and dismemberment. There are nations, however, who become creditors of the assistance of the Higher Realms in the fulfillment of their lofty obligations for other collectivities of the planet. Thus, with the attributions of a missionary, Napoleon Bonaparte, son of an obscure Corsican family, was called to the heights of power.”[iv]

As Napoleon was rising through the ranks, the revolution descended into outrages and murder against all perceived enemies of the newly constructed state:

“Thus, the most sinister spectacles of the scaffold took place after the heinous Revolutionary Tribunal and the so-called Committee of Public Safety were implemented. France’s conscience became enveloped in heavy darkness. The tyranny of Robespierre ordered the slaughter of many comrades and many honest and worthy individuals. … There were times when more than twenty people per day were led to the scaffold, but it was not long before Robespierre himself and his henchmen climbed its steps due to the reaction of the nameless suffering masses.”[v]

Shonar must have been instrumental in ending the bloodbath started by Robespierre and in the creation of the more rational government beginning in 1795. He may have been one of the members of the Directory, which was made of five members, who effectively directed the affairs of the state, until Napoleon seized power in 1799.

Napoleon wasn’t destined to conquer Europe, his mission was to restore order to France. He exercised his free-will to satisfy his ambition in military victories and conquest. The spirit Emmanuel tells us:

“With his victories, he guaranteed the integrity of France itself, but he spread ruin and misery to other nations. As he carried out his task, the Civil Code was organized, establishing the most wonderful formulas of law, but he indulged in pillaging and scorning the sacred emancipation of others with the movement of his armies in the absorption and annexation of several countries.

To the world, his soldier’s brow may have been laurelled with glorious traditions, and he was, in fact, a missionary from the Higher Realms, but he was betrayed by his own strengths. Nonetheless, in the Afterlife his heart more strongly felt the amplitude of his deeds and he saw England’s heartless decision to send him into exile on St. Helena as being providential after his request for help and protection. St. Helena represented for his spirit the prolog to the most dolorous and saddest thoughts in his life in the Infinite.”[vi]

While Shonar was evidently successful in setting the stage for the ascendance of Napoleon, the subsequent excesses of Bonaparte caused the intended path for the nations of Europe to be altered – and hence the spirit world would have had to alter their assumptions and plans to bring the world back onto the track they were pursuing.

Which bring us to a vital point. No matter what, the Supreme Intelligence, the Spirituality, whatever what one wishes to call the Leader and Creator of our universe, respects our free will. We are allowed to make one bad decision after another. While, it would be easier for a powerful spirit to command our actions, it would contribute nothing to our eventual growth. The spirit realm knows full well we must be permitted to live through the hells of our own making until we eventually determine the correct path – the road of light and love.

Even with his megalomaniac desire for conquest, Napoleon did finally guarantee the territory of France and he left the Napoleonic code which has survived until this day as the cornerstone of French civil and criminal law.

The Napoleonic code enshrined the ideals of equality before justice. It was not only adopted by France, but many other countries as well. Even after the fall of Napoleon, Italy, a collection of city-states before Napoleon, prospered under the fair rule of the Napoleonic code:

“Most of the new nations were abolished and returned to prewar owners in 1814. However, Artz emphasises the benefits the Italians gained from the French Revolution:

For nearly two decades the Italians had the excellent codes of law, a fair system of taxation, a better economic situation, and more religious and intellectual toleration than they had known for centuries… Everywhere old physical, economic, and intellectual barriers had been thrown down and the Italians had begun to be aware of a common nationality.”[vii]

Hence Napoleon partially succeeded. Who knows what other lives Napoleon lived, what other moments in history he played a vital role, what other victories and failures he had had over the course of many incarnations.

The same for the spirit Shonar. He was presented with one difficult trial after another. Born into periods of calamity and uncertainty … he was one of the people responsible to pull wherever he was raised out of the darkness and into a state where progress could be built upon the ruins.

The sacrifices made by spirits like these are great and should be admired. Many don’t have to come to earth … for they have earned the right to go beyond our dismal planet. They chose to come to help us. They chose to put aside all personal comfort and descend into a land of immature spirits – where a large percentage still lacked the basic qualities of love, charity, kindness, and honesty.

Difficulty of a High Spirit on Earth

There is an interesting section in a translated communication titled The life of Jesus. It was reportedly a communication from spirit Jesus to a medium in France in the 19th century. The medium was only known as Medium X. The book was translated into Italian, then Spanish, then into English. It was not completed until a second medium took up the work in the 20th century. We are told in the “About” section:

“The Spanish translator was also a medium who received the dictation of the second part in the 20th Century. His name was Ovidio Rebaudi, born in Paraguay, but lived in Buenos Aires. At first he was reluctant to translate this book into Spanish, because he himself had lost faith in Jesus, believing him to be a myth. But a series of apparently unconnected occurrences happened which made him change his mind and he set forth on the difficult task of translating the book. It seems he was a very special person and highly spiritual indeed as he was then used by the Light Forces to transmit the second part Jesus had in mind. He is referred to in the book as Medium XX.”[viii]

One must always be careful with purported communications, especially from famous names, since many spirits will use a false title to bring more weight to their message. Interestingly, in the communication itself is a warning that we should tread carefully because one should verify messages from the spirit word.

Still, The Life of Jesus is an interesting document and explores aspects of Jesus’ life that haven’t been exposed anywhere else. But since, I am not sure about the authenticity, I have chosen not to write about that; I suggest the reader look at the message and decide for oneself. But, I did find an intriguing section which spoke about the difficulties of a spirit in the flesh, which echoed and provided greater detail than what Socrates said about the thousand distractions of life in a body. And it is pertinent in understanding the great mental trials that a spirit such as Shonar must also have felt.

In summary, Socrates told us that wisdom is unattainable as long as we live in a physical body … only after leaving our flesh will we be able to think without waves of emotional distractions handicapping our ability to focus our thoughts.

Now to the point, why it’s not easy to be a high spirit, is explored in what was disclosed in Chapter 11. This is what we were told:

“The Spirit oppressed by a science that exceeds the power of comprehension of those who surround him, often diverts his eyes from the bright horizons and lets combinations of a material


order invade his thoughts to associate different forces towards a specified goal, if not glorious immediately, at least usable for a future glory. The Spirit honored in the past by productive partnerships, with visions and realities full of promises in the present hour, walks with sure steps, especially in the midst of difficulties, deceits and revolts that are set up against him by the ignorant and the wicked. Then the Spirit weakens and does not recover his courage but convulsively, and throws himself into the vagaries of the ideas in accordance with the views of men and transforms the torchlight that he possesses into an incendiary torch. So did the Spirit of Jesus proceed in the last years of his life as Messiah.”[ix]

The insight above that stands out is the innate knowledge of a more perfect world by a mature spirit and the effect of the obstacles (and maybe the dawning realization of the impossibility) which stand in the way from achieving that goal. The plain truth of the general frailness of humanity weakens that resolve, and then an incarnate of a more mature spirit rebels against the hopelessness with a force that is not attuned to the circumstances.

There is an example of that in the same chapter, when Jesus was experiencing his last days in Jerusalem, he reportedly said, “All men are equal and must divide the goods of the earth between them.”  While this has not been passed down to us from the Bible or history books, the spirit Jesus points out that this message was at the wrong time, it was a vision of life in the spirit world or life in an advanced world, but not one possible on earth. Not two thousand years ago, not today … due to the state of maturity of mankind.

We have seen this in purported leaders who wished to achieve a new world, but ended up eliminating anyone who didn’t conform.  From Lenin, to Mao, to Castro; all saw a world of equality, but finished with a corrupt regime, killing, in some cases, millions of innocents, due to their crime of being a normal human, who had desires. This same blindness as to what spirit-vision policies can lead to plagues us today. Politicians and pundits spout unrealistic goals and then condemn everyone but themselves when basic human nature corrupts the process.

To believe in the fraternal and equality driven future is noble … but to miss the un-readiness of society to respond is negligent.  After the volcanic eruption in response to the fruitless act of trying to improve life for everyone on the planet, the more mature spirit may spiral off into a misguided need for direct action. Action that can’t possibly work, except to make the person feel like they have done something, anything to move the dial forward.

Hence, for those toiling toward justice in the world, I urge restraint. It is a fine thing to push for a better world, but we must acknowledge that we work with the tools we have and the truth is we have immature spirits about and amongst us. Invariably, they will work out the best path to please themselves. We must follow the Divine Law and allow free will. Humans must be free to choose selfishness, even though it seems so wrong. But only by letting mistakes be made, can many learn the true path, the path of light and love. Therefore, a less than perfect world is perfect for our planet of atonement. There is greed, chaos, and danger – all important items to supply the lessons we need to learn.

This state will not last forever. The spirit realm is guiding us to a better world. Through the incarnations of spirits such as Shonar, we shall evolve to be planet where good spirits dominate, where selfishness, envy, and hate are seldom encountered. We should all do our part, but only with love and respect, not with yelling, name-calling, or violence.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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