Spiritual Forces are Intensified at Christmas

“It is Christmas Eve, my son. I wonder how many there are in the earth-life who have any idea of the tremendous forces which gather about Christendom at seasons such as this. Of course you know that the inter-action between the earth-sphere and these of the spirit-life is continuous. It varies in intensity, also in ratio to the amount of power yourselves generate by your devotions. In this word I include not only your set prayers, either private or public, but the whole content of sentiment which, at certain seasons, hover about the earth.

At Christmastide it is very great and we are able to respond from our side. The two streams of aspirations and response meet in mean distance, blend, and the resultant is not limited to the sum of their two separate quantities added together. There is another factor enters also into operation: that of generation. The total content consequent on the blending is increased beyond the sum of the two.”[1]

Our collective thoughts, our shared wishes and desires, our directed prayers and meditations tend to coalesce during different times of the year, or upon a great disaster, such as the September 11th terrorist attack, or a natural calamity.

Our thoughts and feelings radiate from our minds, streaming out their contents in all directions. They are picked up in the levels of heaven and by others around us. They penetrate the earth and fly to the corners of the galaxy.

Undetected by most people, they influence our feelings. During Christmas, many ask for specific favors and wishes for others from the spirit realm, either directly to Jesus, or some other spiritual icon. Additionally, people feel happy – they love to give and to demonstrate their devotion to their family and friends.

All of this swirls around the earth, passing through the delicate filters of our mind. We may not consciously detect it, but we feel a certain sense. As this sentiment invades our being, we respond and add to it. Thus, a virtuous feedback loop is created and generates even more goodwill. Hence, prayers and feelings of goodwill create more than their sum, they create an atmosphere which fosters even more righteous feelings.

The high spirit Arnel talked about the heightened spirituality during Christmas season to the mind of the Rev G. Vale Owen. The communication took place on Christmas Eve in 1919. Arnel also exposed another factor, that of the combined force reaching high levels of the spirit realm and then reflected back, at a greater passion. Producing an even higher pitch of devotion and putting people in mind of service to others.

Arnel describes the effect:

“We who bend toward you, my son, are like the crowd of people who descended from the holy City and went forth to meet the throng who came rejoicing from the outlying parts. They joined their forces and the first group were turned about and found that while they came from the holy Shrine where God had set His seat, yet the Lord their Liberator was with those country people also and so, in company, and with Him in the midst they ascended Zionward, and Jerusalem was comprehensive of a greater wealth that day than its burghers or its religious knew.”[2]

The spirit realm, like any good teacher, reinforces the positive. When our collective mindset demonstrates positive and constructive feelings – the same invisible force shines back upon us. Flooding the environment with the gift of serenity and good cheer.

This is why so many people wish the aura of Christmas could last throughout the entire year. Actually, it could, we just need to learn how to generate feelings of love, charity, and kindness every day … not just for special occasions.

Presence of Jesus at Christmas in the Spirit World

“You shall know, my son, that the Christ manifests in all the Spheres, and that with frequency. Each Manifestation is also appropriate, both in character and in setting, to the business in hand. He does not always assume the same form nor yet the same character.”[3]

This is a vital point; Christ comes in presentation as befitting the task and the occasion. Christ is a very high spirit, and as such, He is mostly (or all) composed of energy and is able to will Himself into any form He desires.

Arnel tells us how He chooses to reveal Himself at Christmas:

“At this Holy-tide He comes as Christ the Child, and is in many Spheres manifest at one time. The number matters not; He has that power.”[4]

Jesus is a spirit with unimaginable power, capability, and capacity. He can show Himself to many people, in different locations, and react to each crowd through His will.

Nothing illustrates the concept of the logical structure of the spirit universe better than the ability to replicate oneself. When a spirit is composed of energy, within a structure built upon Universal Fluid, which responds to energy – channeled via a spirit’s thoughts … then everything and anything is possible.

Different levels of heaven may be constructed, temples may rise, mountains may be moved, stars can be born, and one’s personality may be replicated to exist in multiple locations – all the while communicating back to the original entity. Data may be processed and crowd reactions viewed from multiple sources and acted upon in rapid or instantaneous succession.

Ponder upon His magnificence, a spirit so powerful, at one time a humble ignorant soul, who after eons of learning and training, became so noble, so loving, and so caring for us all. We, who are under His tutelage, must count ourselves the luckiest of all creatures. We truly are blessed.

Spirits in heaven and on earth realize this too as they are gifted His presence at Christmas:

“When the multitudes are come together for worship then He is seen to gather visibility before them in such wise Assemblies tonight, and tomorrow night, and through the whole tide of Christmas, many will be wooed from the earth-life in their sleep-time – and a few while waking – and will be taken to that heaven appropriate with their own degree spiritually reckoned. There they will join with their compeers discarnate to worship the Christ their King.”[5]

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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