Stillborn Children – Raised in the Spirit Realm

All life is sacred and precious to the spirit world. Spiritism tells us that upon conception, the merger of spirit to flesh occurs. A distinct spirit gestates in the mother’s womb. While some pregnancies are terminated naturally or unnaturally the question answered by the spirit Arnel to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, is what happens to babies who have never taken a breath of fresh air?

Arnel tells us about the children who are raised in the spirit world. In addition, Spiritist literature relates there are different paths that could be taken when a pregnancy is aborted.

Some spirits are taken from the fetus and put back into their original spirit body. They may have been originally assigned to a particular mother, and if an abortion occurs, they may wait until the next opportunity. This may be the case where the spirit waiting to be born has a connection with the mother that needs to be played out in a mother to child relationship.

Damaged Perispirit

Nevertheless, the majority of babies that die either soon after birth or are stillborn do so for a reason. The purpose lies in the relationship of the spirit and the perispirit and the perispirit to the body. The perispirit connects the body to the spirit. The perispirit can influence the body as it is forming and even during life. When a person harms their own body through a drastic event, such as a suicide, they not only harm the physical vessel but the perispirit too.

If a person threw themselves in front of a train, or causes a similar devastation of a corporeal body, the injuries to the perispirit – which is influenced by the form of the body, is immense. Only a reset of the perispirit to a normal human form can ensure a safe birth.

In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, an instructor tells a group of spirits how a person who had severe injuries must go through certain steps in order to attain a successful birth and reincarnation:

“Unfortunately, they will reincarnate just as they are! Nothing can be done for them except return them to the flesh. That is the therapy imposed on them to correct the overall imbalance of their vibrations, thus creating a sort of ‘trial run’ for new attempts at growth in the future. This therapy, made easier to bear by the prayers that are ministered to them daily in sympathetic, gentle and beneficial currents emitted from here on their behalf, is all that these poor brothers and sisters can receive for the time being, despite our great desire to see them serene and happy!”[1]

“Trial run” means a union of the spirit to the body via the perispirit. This may mean a still birth or just a brief time alive outside the mother’s womb. This short episode is enough to reform the perispirit to the intended structure of a human body.

It is as if a cast was made for a statute that was imperfect. The metal was poured into a broken mold, then when the mold was removed the statue was flawed. The mold would be replaced by the corrected version and the metal would be re-melted and re-poured into the mold thereby creating a perfect statue. The perispirit must be perfect to create a healthy human. Hence some type of birth event must be used to repair the extensive damage.

The Problems of a Stillborn

“We speak of childbirth into these realms of those who come forth from the earth sphere but have not been endowed with a separate individuality therein. These children come here asleep, and you will realize that their first awakening is that process here which answers to birth on earth. They have never breathed the atmosphere, nor seen the light, nor heard any of the sounds of earth. In brief, none of their bodily senses have been exercised in the way for which they were prepared by their natural formation. The organs of these senses are, therefore, nearly, but not quite, perfect in their structure. Moreover, the brain has never been called upon to interpret their messages. And so the child of earth lacks earthly qualities empirically, while have them potentially. These conditions do not apply to a child who has been actually born into earth life, even though he have but a few moments, or even less, of life before he pass on hitherward.”[2]

Arnel tells us why the spirit world must take special care of a stillborn, but he leaves unanswered as to why does the spirit realm spends so much time and effort in raising a spirit, from before their natural term in the womb all the way to spirit adulthood. Wouldn’t it be better just to let the spirit return to their damaged form and wait for the next opportunity?

I have not yet seen the answer to this question in any Spiritist literature I have read to date … but I have a theory. I believe, that in the infinite wisdom and love that the spirit realm has for us, that for spirits who have suffered so much in life and came to an ignoble end, most probably after repeated lifetimes of failures, that these spirits are given a radical reset. A chance to completely retool their character. They are re-raised in the spirit realm, surrounded by love to give them a chance to return to a normal path of ascendancy in their spirit quest to become a pure spirit.

Without, this boost, this major operation on their character and personality, out right failure could persist for eons, which would be a tragedy for the aspiring spirit and for the many loving spirits who have tried to assist.

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The Nurturing Process

The spirit Arnel then explains what must be done to prepare the stillborn for life in the spirit realm:

“The problem, therefore, which they have to solve who take these children in hand is not a small one; for it is necessary both that the organs be dealt with so that a natural progress may attend the child, and also that the brain receives its lesson. In the case of an infant a few minutes old this connection between the brain and the organs of sense has been established and can be used in the maturing of those faculties dependent for their exercise on those organs. But a stillborn child brings not that connection, and it has to be made on this side. Once that is done, the progress is merely a matter of orderly development, on the same lines as that of ordinary children.”[3]

Arnel explains the preferred method to complete the connection from the baby’s spirit to his perispirit to the spirit remnants of his physical body. The first method is to expose the child, in spirit, to the spirit of his mother. This is accomplished while the mother is asleep and free to wander the spirit world. When the baby and mother are brought together, a type of birth is experienced by the baby. Only after that, does the child feel to be a separate entity.

The bond between a mother and her child is stronger than you may believe. The process of a normal birth and childhood is revealed in the book, Missionaries of the Light, inspired by Dr. Andre Luiz, psychographed by Chico Xavier. The process of building a body up for full independence in a new reincarnation takes seven years. From the time of birth to the seventh birthday, a child will have a guardian spirit constantly looking out for them.

Andre Luiz’s mentor explains thusly:

“You are aware that the human body has its vegetative activities per se, but you may not yet know that the perispiritual body, which gives form to the cellular elements, is strongly rooted in the blood. In the fetal organization, the blood elements are a gift from the mother’s body. Soon after rebirth, a period of a different assimilation of organic energies takes place, where the reincarnated ‘self’ rehearses the consolidation of its new experiences. In this new cycle of physical life, it is only at age seven that it can begin to preside on its own over the blood formation process, which is the basic element for the equilibrium of the perispiritual body or pre-existent form. Blood, therefore, can be regarded as the divine fluid that underpins our activities on the physical plane, and through its continual flow within the physiological organism, it furnishes us with a symbol of the eternal movement of the sublime energies of the Infinite Creation.”[4]

Hence, a child’s body is still forming to its spiritual outline until around seven years of age. Mother’s out there reading this, the cutting of the umbilical cord is just a symbol … your vital energies (love, of course is always there!) still assists your child years after their birth.

Imagine, the care for a child jettisoned from their mother prematurely. The mother’s spirit is still tied to that child, visiting their loved one at night and giving love and comfort so the child may restart building their personality in the spirit world. Throughout the childhood of the stillborn, they are, if possible, kept in contact with their physical mother. Thus supplying them an anchor of love from the earthly sphere.

Arnel tells us there are differences between children who never reached the earth alive:

“There is always some little difference between such children and those others who have been born on earth. They are lacking in some of the sterner virtues; and, on the other hand, they are more spiritual in their personality and outlook. But as earth-born children progress in spiritual development, and the stillborn children develop their knowledge of earth by contact with their mothers, and later with their other relatives, so the differences is minimized until they are able to associate on quasi-equal terms of loving friendship, and to help in the mutual giving of what each lacks.

So the earthborn are mellowed in sweetness, and the others are strengthened in character, and, both being included in a community, infuse an element of variety which is pleasurable as it is of profit.”[5]

Arnel states that the association with the parents of the spirit child is vital for the child’s development. All of this goes on in the mist of dreams for the parents. Unknowingly, the mother and father are responsible for raising a young spirit – and all they have are fleeting remnants of dreams.

Tragically, if the parents are of a wicked disposition, the child must be separated from the mother and father, until the child is mature enough to understand the circumstances. Often, the child will assist the parents from the spirit world to follow the path of the light.

Motherhood and fatherhood is more than the birth of a child, it is also the conception of the child. Life is precious and it serves a purpose. We, our children, seen and unseen, are on this planet and in the surrounding spheres so we may learn to become mature and civilized spirits. So we may become a productive member of the spirit realm and contribute the force of our will to the creation of worlds and life to promote even more spirits.

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Brian Foster grew up with a vague sense of God and a higher power, but only through events he could not explain did he discover that there is indeed a world beyond ours, an “other side” as the Druids called it. It was this catalyst that led him to discover the Doctrine of Spiritism.

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