The Spiral Course of Progress – from Atlantis to the Future of Earth

The spirit Arnel talked to the Rev. G Vale Owen on Friday, March 15, 1918, about the spiral path of human civilization. How the spiral of progress moved as the sun’s meridian hits the earth, over eons. He mentioned the technological progress of Atlantis and Lemuria and the subsequent downfall as representative of the cycle of human achievement.

First Arnel spoke about the principal of the spiral which is set in motion by the Will of God. That progress doesn’t come in straight lines but in an ascending upward movement, with different velocities to maximize the perfection of what is being created. He gives us an example:

“The first motion of sensation is seen in the plant, and there you see clearly illustrated the spiral principle. The bean climbs spirally, as do other climbing plants, some more explicitly and others less perfectly. The veins of the trees also tend to incline from the perpendicular as they traverse the trunk in its length. The plants which climb by tendrils support themselves by a spiral hook. Seeds float afield, or fall to the ground, in a similar curve. All these are consequent on the principle, active as the vibrations proceed through the sun and reach the plant life on earth. These reproduce in miniature this motion along the heavens of space, and, in themselves, mimic the orbits of the constellations.”[i]

Therefore the spiral is a central concept in the creation and evolution of mineral, vegetable, and animal life. It goes even further; we learn in spirals as do the entire human race.

“On the other hand, where man is concerned, the principle is seen operative most in those matters where his individuality is less apparent than is the general guiding Mind of his race. Thus: civilization proceeds from east to west, from time to time encircling the earth. It obeys the lead of earth’s Central Sun. But the sun’s meridian does not travel in a right line along the equator, but inclines, now to north, now to south, as earth leans one way or other. This motion of earth is a remnant of the ancient rule, and shows earth’s origin from the nebular state, wherein the same spiral movement, obtains. Even so, the path of civilization, encircling earth, never crosses over the same region twice in succession. By the time the civilizing wave reaches the point of longitude which marks its former revolution earth has inclined itself at its poles, the north southward and the south northward, some degrees. As the path of the impact of the sun’s radiation upon the earth is thus varied, so also is the path of the onward march of civilization, which, by the way, is but another way of saying ‘revelation.’ If you think of the location of Lemuria and Atlantis, and their successors in the progress of human experience, you will see my meaning.”[ii]

In Spiritist literature there is also mention of the Atlantis and Lemuria civilizations. I have read where Atlantis reached an advanced stats of technological understanding. Unfortunately, the level of technology did not meet the level of spiritual progress; therefore, the spirit realm reset the base of knowledge for the human race.

A similar occurrence, but on a smaller scale, happened to Rome. Whereby, the institutions of Rome were unequal in their organization and effectiveness, Roman society was bent on conquest and enslaving populations, not enlightening them. Therefore the collective citizenry of Rome were sent back to the fields to toil in the Dark Ages, to find their connection with nature and to set the stage for a spiritual re-awakening.

If we march back from where Arnel talked about the wave of civilization, from Europe in the north, then to the Mediterranean, owned by Rome, backwards in time to Mesopotamia, India, China, and Egypt. One can detect a slight northwards step to the dominate civilization. Hence, if one takes India, Egypt, and China as the lowest point in our ancient history – then Atlantis and Lemuria were probably located closer to the equator.

Arnel explains that each civilization reached an apogee and then could go no further, due to their lack of spiritual advancement. He supplies an example:

“The utilization of the molecules of ether for the service of mankind is illustrative of this. You will note that the present advanced state of this branch of science was worked up to very gradually. We will start with the process of combustion by which gas was liberated, heat was generated, and, from this heat, steam was produced. This was followed by the application of this same gas, but discarding the intervening medium of steam. Then a finer system of etheric vibrations was pressed into service, and electricity now is fast supplanting steam. But another step forward has been taken, and what you call wireless waves are beginning to be found more potent still.

Now, all this has been done before, in varying degrees of perfection, by scientists of those long ago civilizations, which have to you become almost a mythical memory.”[iii]

Historians strive to explain the bitter downfall of the Roman civilization and all of the learning that was lost with it. In our modern world, we think we are immune to such a fate. We have great industry, computers, and a world-wide web connecting everyone on the planet.

Arnel even foresees the overall installation and use of electricity and the utilization of radio waves for more than communication.  And yet, Arnel tells us, in 1919, that all of this has been done before. Arnel is speaking to us in eons, not merely in thousands of years.

What would we find if we ever dug deep enough in the lost continent of Atlantis? What marvels of technology would be unearthed, destroying our conceit that only our level of sophistication could have produced the gas engine, radio, television, and cell phones.

This demonstrates the power of the spirit realm, to take collective humanity of earth to where they must be in order to learn to first become spiritually civilized.

What comes next is truly astonishing:

“The next step is also seen ahead. It is the substitution of mental waves for the etheric waves. This also some few of the highest and most progressed of those your forerunners compassed in their science. They were not allowed to give forth their knowledge to their fellow-men, who were not progressed enough morally to use it aright. Nor will it be given to the present race of men to perfect this as an exact science until they have further progressed in spiritual competency. Otherwise harm would accrue to the race, and not benefit.”[iv]

Again we are told that we shall only be allowed that which we can morally handle. This was the message in 1919. Then in 1969, men went to the moon.

A Brazilian program, Data Limites, on YouTube, details a prophecy for earth by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier.[v] Chico spoke about this prophecy to his friends and on a Brazilian television program. He relayed what he was told by the spirit realm to warn mankind. I will summarize:


In 1969 when astronaut’s first landed on the moon. The coming meeting of “The Community of Pure Spirits” as promised by Emmanuel, in the book, On the Way to the Light, in 1939[vi], occurred. This was the third meeting, the first at the formation of the solar system and the second when Jesus came to earth.

They met because they were worried about men traveling to the moon, while our spiritual growth was lacking. At a time when the world was on the constant brink of a nuclear war, the Community of Pure Spirits wanted to take the earth back to another dark age to allow time for our collective spiritual maturity to take hold.

Jesus interceded and asked for time. It was decided to give the earth fifty years. Hence, if the earth didn’t have any nuclear war for fifty years we would be allowed to continue to progress. The end date is July, 2019.

Dark Age

If nuclear war occurred during this time period, the devastation would be immense. Besides the nuclear fallout, the earth itself would rise up and pay back for all of the harm done to it over the centuries. The Northern Hemisphere would be devastated. Most land would be uninhabitable and the military of the surviving countries would invade the Southern Hemisphere in order to have arable land. For instance, the US would invade Latin America, as would China and Europe. Brazil itself would be broken up into parts, shared by the occupying powers. I provided more details of the “Dark Age” from other videos I have seen.

New Age

If the world manages to reach 2019 without nuclear conflict then wonderful events will unfold. Aliens will come to earth and help promote dramatic improvements in medicine and technology. These aliens have been nervously watching earth for some time. They have the capability to transport themselves through great distances.

What has not been known to us is that conflict on our planet sends out destructive negative waves which affect the entire galaxy. Hence, more advanced races are watching our progress.

The aliens are cognizant of the power of the spirit world and they work with the spirit realm in their endeavors. Just like us, the aliens are immortal souls, who reincarnate, perish, and reincarnate again. In fact, some of the aliens may have had a life on earth in human form in the distant past.

The Present

In 1919 Arnel ended his message to G. Vale Owen with this:

“But the present cycle of progress will, in this matter, go beyond that of the cycle last preceding, for at this point in those days they stopped and went no further. Their decline set in, and what they had come by gradually became absorbed into the spiritual spheres, to be conserved there until the next race had been prepared and brought to such a state of perfection as should qualify them to receive it back again with added momentum inspired into it by its guardians during the ages in which it has rested quiescent in their charge. Call the spiritual spheres interior, and the earth sphere external, and you have the same principle of movement reproduced which we have already attached to the atom of ether.”[vii]

Therefore, we have a choice, we can move forward into a land of technology from aliens and of harnessing mental rays, or we can be forced to repeat a whole grade … all of humanity. The entire world set back a couple of levels so we may rethink our intransigent stance, that our wants, our selfishness always outweighs love, charity, and fraternity.

Arnel notifies us that our destiny is in our hands. Our collective actions and character determine our future. If we demonstrate responsible government, formulate peaceful solutions between countries, and live to care for our fellow humans, we shall be deemed worthy of graduating to the next level.

The reward for all of us is to become a planet of regeneration. Where there is peace between all nations, people are led by those who have shown superior morality, and the Golden Rule is mainly followed by all races and cultures.

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