To Create One Must Think in Spirals – Education in the 10th Sphere of Heaven

In the impressive city of learning – the University of the Five Towers, there was a manifestation by Jesus. He brought with Him examples of creation from planets throughout the universe. As if by magic, an entire convention floor opened up and presented wide avenues and paths for the students to explore the act of creation from many points of view and of systems throughout our universe.

On March 11, 1918, the spirit Arnel told the Rev. G. Vale Owen, about the pleasure of visiting the Creative Hierarchies, which appeared during the Manifestation in the Crown Hall:

“With a company of fellow-students, I essayed into the scenes around us, and at once I found that all had been arranged for our convenience in gathering knowledge such as would be helpful to us. All was planned out orderly. Broad avenues of great length, fading into the distance, were laid between the great orders of Creation. But, inasmuch as none of these were entirely separate one from another, these avenues were not merely divisions, nor roads for traverse, but were in themselves departments blending those on either hand.

As we walked down these we were struck with the fact that certain principles were evident, as observed by all the Creative Princes loyally. And these principles were essentially the same whether they were applied to mineral or vegetable or animal life. This is but reason when you remember that all the glamour of the diversity, so rich in wisdom and ingenuity, as displayed in those departments most evolved, had grown out of the first simple aggregation of elements, through long ages of progress, first in a few apparently trivial departures from the simple into the complex, until at length we have the richness of flamboyant display as we see it today.”[i]

These student angels, who have toiled so diligently, through hard lives, difficult missions, and countless hours of study in the first ten levels of heaven were ecstatic to see the fruits of what they have been taught. For they too, would one day exhibit their creations to curious students.

The Theme of the Spiral

As the spirit Arnel walked through the celestial booths and viewed creations modest and intricate, he noticed a central theme of how creation builds upon a base and becomes more complex. He told G. Vale Owen:

“We saw, as we went down one avenue, how worlds were made. On the left hand, as we went, we saw how the thought of God, vibrating and pulsing outward, became, by degrees, of denser element, until it issued into what you call ether. Here we were able to notice the nature of the movement, and we saw that it was spiral, but that, as any certain wave reached the top of the spiral, it continued its course by a descent, also of spiral form, but now within the atom of ether. So that the inner spiral, having a more constricted space to work in, the descent was of greater speed than that of the outer spiral. Emerging from the lower end of the atom at a greatly increased velocity the vibrations were able, of their own momentum, to continue again their outer course upward, but at a rate of movement ever a little slower, until the top was reached, and the descent begun anew interiorly, and with ever-gathering velocity.

These atoms were not round, nor were they true oval, but, by reason of the ceaseless movement within themselves, elliptic. The motive power of their self-contained motion was a gravitational pressure exerted from without, and, if we could have chased it to its source, I think that we should have found that the dynamo from which it proceeded was the Mind of God. You will note that I use the words ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, ‘up’ and ‘down,’ for convenience only. There is no top nor bottom to an atom of ether.”[ii]

Hence, via a spiral elliptical motion, with different speeds of rotation within a tiny building block, Arnel saw the power of God. And what was the source of the gravitational pressure to maintain the spinning of the element? Was it God or was it the thought or will of a high spirit? Could that be one of the methods of how high creative spirits mold and keep in place their momentous creations?

There are many questions one could ask to delve deeper into what Arnel saw, but we should realize, we won’t be spoon-fed scientific breakthroughs – that is our task to discern the secrets of our natural laws.

On the other hand, we can compare what was told to G. Vale Owen to what we know today.

The Atom As We Know It

It is difficult to adequately summarize what is known about the atom and it’s cycling of electrons around a nucleus (made up of neutrons and protons), without diving into too much detail. Suffice to say, that originally it was thought, by Bohrs and others that electrons orbited around a nucleus in a circular manner but it is now thought to be more of an elliptical journey, just like our earth is around the sun.

Additionally, it is surmised that the elements orbiting on the outside of the atom travel slower than the elements (with a greater atomic number) closer to the center.

Bohrs and Rutherford first came up with their theory in 1913, subsequent theories since then about atoms and their respective neutrons, protons, and electrons have seen these elements broken down into even smaller sub-atomic particles.

All of the above is only important in context as to what Arnel told G. Vale Owen about his observations of creation in 1918. Therefore, what was revealed wasn’t a new theory, but one can be certain that only a small coterie of people knew about the theory when G. Vale Owen received his communications. And, Arnel specifically described an elliptical path as opposed to a circular orbit.

Building Upon the Spiral

Arnel next took the basic design of the ethereal atom and compared it to what we have in our physical universe:

“Now I have described this to you in order that it may form a model for you when you pursue the atom of ether into other substances of denser sort. When we came to those atoms which form the gases of your earth atmosphere we found that they also had a like motion. Each circulated upon itself in precisely the same way as the atom of ether. There were minor differences: the spiral was, in some cases, elongated, in others compressed; the movement was of greater speed or less. But all these movements were spiral, both without and within the atom.

When we came to the atom of the mineral we found the same principle to hold.

And what is true in the single atom obtains also in the atom in aggregate. The movement of the atoms of a planet is spiral. But here it is much retarded by reason of the grossness of the matter which goes to form a planet.

The same is also true of the movement of satellites, and of planets about suns, and of suns about their center.

But both the mass and also the density of a unit affect the rate of velocity. The speed of the movement of their atoms is slower in those planets which have attained to more density than in others. But even in these the rule holds good that the interior movement is quicker than that on their outer surface, which drags after it very slowly, as if reluctant to move at all. But move it does, and that movement is in the form of a spiral about its axis.”[iii]

We live in a dense universe, we live on a planet of atonement. As we pass over to the spirit world we become less dense and as we ascend we become more energy and less matter. But our planet remains the same; but does it?

Arnel hints that a whole world’s density could be less than other worlds. Does he mean the difference between the Earth and the planet Jupiter (a gas giant versus our planet with a crust and a molten core)? Or does he refer to a different state altogether of a planet? Hence, could it be implied there are degrees of density in planets in other dimensions? As the earth moves to a planet of regeneration will the entire planet become less dense? The Spirits Book tells us that as souls are incarnated on higher level planets (happy worlds), humans are lighter and glide as much as walk. It may be that not only our spirit that is transformed by ascending to another level, but the planet will also be transformed.

Examine what we are told of happy worlds, the level after a planet of regeneration. Two steps up from where we reside. On happy worlds, we still retain our human form, although the senses are more acute. The body changes, as described in The Gospel According to Spiritism, “The specific lightness of the body enables rapid and easy locomotion; instead of dragging itself laboriously over the ground, it glides – so to speak – over the surface or sails through  the air with no other effort than that of the will, in the way in which angels are portrayed.”[iv] With the improvement in our bodies, the years of infancy and adolescent are shorter, while the average lifespan is much longer than on earth today.

All of this points to a less density in ourselves, the atmosphere, and given what was told to G. Vale Owen, in the planet itself.

Not only is matter transformed but the culture and society. Politically on such worlds, “relationships between nations are always friendly and are never disturbed by the ambition of dominating their neighbor, or by war, which is its consequence. There are no masters, slaves or privileges of birth; only moral and intellectual ascendancy establish the differences of conditions and confer supremacy. Authority is always respected, for it is conferred only on those who have merit and it is always exercised with justice.”[v]

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The Origin of All

Arnel next described what he found out when he was able to learn about the beginning of the spirit universe.

“We found that the great Lords of Creation begin their work farther back than the etheric atom, and nearer the origin of all. Still, those who deal with the etheric evolution, and onward, are very great and ancient Lords. We therefore went forward to study these vibrations of thought-power where they were more retarded by the density of the material in which they moved. And we found that one of the most difficult tasks we students had ahead of us was to think and to will in the proper way. For to deal with matter creatively the first thing to master is to think in spirals. I cannot further explain that to you. But it is a most difficult habit to achieve: to think spirally.”[vi]

 The Big Bang theory postulates that everything in our universe could be traced back to a single point – a point of an extremely high energy density. Which is comparable to what Arnel said, “They were retarded by the density of the material in which they moved.” Did the great Lords of Creation use that homogenous material to create all other matter in the universe? From the description given by Arnel, it seems they did.

What is even more interesting is the necessity to think spirally. What does this mean? How does one apply spiral thinking? Most of us think in a problem solving context. We analyze a problem, think of a solution and then devise a path to get to our objective.

To understand spiral thinking, it may be helpful to consider software. Applications aren’t an end to itself. Software applications are a process, a procedure to get you what or where you wish to go. Software starts out with defects, but over time the defects are repaired and the entire process flows more smoothly, more efficiently.

Hence, I believe, that what Arnel meant by spiral thinking, is the setting up a self-repairing process, or a self-generating process – that makes forward motion – advancement toward a goal – then circles back to fix any errors in the attainment of that objective. This system could go on and on.

Spiral thinking could explain all of our discovered natural laws. We live in a cosmos of self-generating life, where planets form and are destroyed, then form again out of the resulting cosmic dust, where life depends upon the destruction of other lives. Where we travel through one life, only to be cleansed of our defects in the next life.

Truly, the system created by God is amazing.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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