What Happened to Judas?

judasJudas Iscariot has been a pariah for thousands of years, but if Jesus is truly love – wouldn’t he forgive Judas? Of course he would and we are told what happened.

On December 17, 1917, a group of spirits (residing on the tenth level of heaven), with Kathleen as the spirit who spoke directly to the Rev G. Vale Owen, told him about their visit to a temple on the tenth level.

The group of spirits, who were working with the Rev. G. Vale Owen, went together to the Temple of the Holy Mount on the tenth level of heaven. It is a place where spirits from higher levels travel, so they can reside in an atmosphere closer to their own level, while enabling spirits from the tenth level to remain comfortable in their own environment.

As one of its attributes, the Temple is meant as a place for face to face communication between spirits of different spheres. Facilitating learning is constantly emphasized in the spirit realm.

The group approached the Temple and were allowed in. They were greeted at the door by a glowing spirit. There were no planned ceremonies that day, which made the small group relaxed, since the presence of very high spirits radiates intense light in all directions and make seeing and movement difficult for inferior souls.

The group walked into the Temple and there:

 “We found we were in a long colonnade, and, on either side, the pillars supported a beam running from the porch to the bowels of the Temple itself. But above us there was no roof, but the void of infinity itself – the vault of the heavens, as you say. The pillars were of great diameter acropolisand height, and the beam atop much decorated in its plinth and façade, but with symbols which we were unable to unravel. Only one factor of the pattern could I personally recognize, and that was the tendril and leaf of the vine, but of fruit there was none, which to me seemed quite right in such a place which was but the passageway as was the whole of the Temple from one sphere into another, and was not a place of fruition. At the end of this long and wide passage curtains were hung, and we were halted before them while our guide went further, and then returned to bid us enter. Even when we had passed through into the place beyond, we found we were in no wise within the great hall itself, but only in an ante-chamber. This ran across our path and we entered it, not at one of its ends but in its side-length. It was of very large size in area and also in height, a square of the roof open in the middle before the door where we entered. But all the other part was covered with roof.”[i]

Their guide bid them to stay in front of a throne and asked them to wait for a Seer, who will speak with them about their mission. As the guide finished, the Seer walked to the group:

“He was taller than our guide, and around him as he moved there seemed to be a mist of blue and gold, set with sapphires. He came forward and took each of us by the hand, and as we touched his fingers we became aware (as we told one the other afterwards) of the proximity of a sphere, within the Sphere Ten, which was a concentrated essence of its condition, so that, entering within the circumference of that inner sphere, we were in touch with all that was going forward in the whole of that wide realm and in all its parts.”[ii]

Imagine walking along a street – strolling on a sidewalk – feeling the sounds, the hustle and bustle of the city. Then a person comes up to you and your sense of the city expands exponentially, whereby you feel each person living their life, each car whizzing by, each door opening and closing, and you know the volume of water being used by each household at that particular moment.

Such is the power and omnipresence of the spirit realm … each higher level filled with unimaginable supremacy. Each of us is being prepared for ascending into this land of completeness and connectedness. This blissful state whereupon you feel part of the whole, but at the same instant are yourself … a distinct personality, with characteristics only you could bring to make the whole greater and more perfect. This is heaven. This is what you are working for on earth. This is worth the price of toiling to make yourself a loving and caring creature.

Jesus on the Cross

Jesus-Christ-Carrying-CrossThe Seer talked to the group about issues – issues they were unable to describe to G. Vale Owen; but then he told them about Jesus, while he was on the crucifix and that Judas was there, watching Jesus slowly dying on the cross. The Seer told them that Judas:

“He could not bring himself to keep away and stood not very near, but near enough to see the features of the dying Man, the Man of Sorrows. The Crown had been removed, but the blood-drops were upon His forehead and His hair was here and there stained with blood. And as the betrayer looked upon the face and form of Him, there came into his soul a voice which mocked and said, ‘As you would have gone with Him into His kingdom and there have taken high place of power, go now into the Kingdom of His adversary: there you may have power for the asking. He has failed you. Go now where He will not be at hand to reward you as you have served Him.’

So voices came about him, and he strove to believe them and to look into the face of the One on the Cross. He was eager and yet in feat of those eyes into which he never had been able to look with comfort at any time. But the sight of the dying Christ was all too dim and He did not see Judah [Judas Iscariot] there. And still the voices hummed on and taunted him and cajoled him more gently, and at length, in the gloom about the place, he rushed away and let out his life in a place where he found solitude and a tree. He took off his girdle and hung himself to death on a tree. So they two died on a tree both on the same day, and the light of earth went out for them both at the same hour.

When they entered the spirit-spheres both were conscious, and they met there once again. But neither spoke then – only as He had looked on Peter, so He looked on Judah now, and left him for a time in his sorrow and anguish till that should do its work when He might come again with pardon.

As He did with Simon, when He went forth into the night to weep, so He did now with Judah, who turned and stumbled away from Him with his hands to his eyes into the night of the hells.

And as He did with Simon in his penitence and sorrow and his sore need, so He did with the one who had failed Him in his loneliness, as Simon also did. He did not leave him comfortless all his days, but sought him out and gave to him the blessing of His pardon in the bitter anguish of his sorrow.”[iii]

Jesus loves and forgives us all, for He knows how weak and frail we are. He knows because He too has Spirit-101-Front-smalltravelled the hard and rocky road to perfection that we are all on. We fail every day, but that isn’t important to Jesus or the spirit world – what is imperative is that we learn from our mistakes and continue to improve.

From what I have heard from Spiritists in Brazil and from talks in Portuguese posted on YouTube, is that Judas was selected to be one of the apostles, while he was still in the spirit world. His friends urged him not to try to perform this arduous mission, but he insisted. Jesus, being a superior spirit, saw what would happen and therefore used Judas to lead His tormentors to Him, so his death on the cross could occur.

Judas, wishing to atone for his mistakes, took various lives, but the most historic character in which he returned to earth, is Joan of Arc. Judas volunteered to come back to earth, to set in place the boundaries and territories between England and France, knowing full well, he would be doomed to die – burned alive at the stake.

Hence, there is no grand mistake that we can’t atone for. Everyone has a path to return to the light, no matter how terrible they had been in the past. This is why some people live tragic lives … for they 7Tenets-Front-smallare facing – head on – what they have done and are seeking redemption for their deeds.

We are on earth to redeem past debts and to learn to balance ourselves. We have been given a course of events in our life to accumulate that which we need to acquire. I talk about how my life has been prepared in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Read how you too are being led by wise guardians and how the hardest parts of your life can sometimes be the most rewarding.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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